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© 2001 - 2020 National Watch & Diamond Exchange We are a member of: National Pawnbrokers" Association, Philadelphia Jewelers' Row Association, ICTA, ANA & the BBB. Loans are done by Jewelers" Row Money Loan, owner of National Watch and Diamond.

ABOUT US is the online buying site operated by National Watch and Diamond. We are a family owned and operated business located in Center City Philadelphia’s Jewelers’ Row District for the past thirty years with an online presence for over fifteen years.

We buy and sell gold and silver jewelry, antiques, signed creations, diamonds, watches, coins, bullion, fine costume jewelry and other collectible items. We work with customers nationwide and around the world.

We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and can also loan money on these items.

Our large and loyal customer base has grown as a result of our prompt, personal service and honesty.

Many online sites that buy valuables are nothing more than someone in an office accepting packages. We are able to pay substantially more for most items because of the network of buyers we have established over the past quarter century.

Our outstanding reputation is built on years of integrity, trust, and from buying and selling quality items at reasonable and desirable prices.

We are not like most of our competitors. We are honest and quote approximately what your item is worth up front.

Most other buyers quote higher prices, receive your items and then give you reasons why they want to pay less. We tell the truth from the start.

We can estimate what most people paid for an item. Holding on to items for years and assuming they went up in value is usually not true.

Most people have appraisals for their valuables that lead them to believe their items are worth far more than their actual value.

We also are not afraid to tell you that most appraisals are inflated and not the price someone would actually pay you. In fact, most appraisals are written for far more than the actual replacement value.

Here is an example: You purchase an engagement ring from a reputable store for $5,000. They want to make you feel good so they give you an “appraisal” for $6500. What is this figure?

Hogwash! Depending on the store and their profit margin (malls and chain stores usually make more) they paid around $3200 for this ring.

We buy much more than we can sell to our own customers. Therefore, we would offer about $2800 for this ring and sell it to a retailer for $3200. They would inventory it and wait for a buyer.

We work on low profit margins since we buy and sell most items quickly. Many of our buyers sell to end users.

They have to inventory the items, advertise, pay expenses and therefore need to make substantially more profit than us.

Lastly, if you take your item to a store to sell, do NOT ask them what it is worth. Ask them what they will PAY. If they can sense or know that your expectations are unreasonable, many will not quote a price, but simply tell you “what the item is worth” which is meaningless. Or many will say they are not interested.

If reputable stores or buyers make an offer for an item, the quotes should be close to each other. All buyers need to buy and therefore should offer around the same price.

We can pay more because we have been buying for thirty years and have established long term relationships with dealers and customers nationwide.

If you are selling valuables or seeking collaterally based loans for your valuables, will serve and meet your needs. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

BuyMyGold Logo © 2001 - 2020 National Watch & Diamond Exchange We are a member of: National Pawnbrokers' Association, Philadelphia Jewelers' Row Association, ICTA, ANA & the BBB. We are always looking to buy valuables. We are especially interested in estate jewelry, watches, diamonds, antique jewelry and coins.Loans are done by Jewelers’ Row Money Loan, owner of National Watch and Diamond.