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.925Suneera Fine Jewelry

.925Suneera Fine Jewelry (Est. 2017) is a brand launched by a mother and daughter design team. The pieces are a combination of the new and old and both elegant and edgy. The collections are a mix of bold and modern pieces designed for everyday wear.

Designed for both women and men, the creation process follows a philosophy that produces jewelry for everyday elegance. Experimenting with sterling silver and 14k gold, the two women have created signature textures and finishes. The craftsmanship of each piece effortlessly blends modern silhouettes with old world manufacturing.

With a belief grounded in creating finely crafted, timeless jewelry, .925Suneera has a piece for every occasion -from petite every-day wear to bold creative statements. It is designed to be layered and mixed together to express a uniquely personal style. The collections are elegant and romantic and convey a sense of glamour designed to last a lifetime.

The brand’s official website says that when Suneera was growing up, she recalls seeing her mother Kamal and Aunt Santosh redesigning family heirlooms by adding personal style. As a young girl, Suneera fell in love with the tradition of owning something special that could be passed on from generation to generation.

After fifteen years of designing and manufacturing for private labels in L.A., Suneera launched a namesake brand in 2010. Today, joined by her daughter Ana, Suneera continues the tradition of creating special pieces that evoke nostalgia while remaining highly relatable to contemporary women.

Anubhuti (Ana) Swarup’s title is Designer and Vice President of .925Suneera Fine Jewelry. Ana studied Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After working for a major New York fashion house, she joined her mother Suneera’s LA design studio. Ana began traveling extensively to stores nationwide and discovered her talent for styling clients.

In 2017, the mother-daughter design team launched .925SUNEERA to create accessible and easy to style jewelry for men and women. It was promoted as, “Vintage Elegance meets Urban Swag.” Experimenting with sterling silver and 14k gold, they created signature textures and finishes.

The cosmopolitan look of Ana’s designs reflects her love of LA and New York- two cities that have deeply informed her artistic sensibilities. Architectural constructions and menswear patterns are clear inspirations for her signature textures and clean silhouettes.

Ana is passionate about the process of making jewelry. It is her dedication to quality and detail that has led to an enthusiastic reception of the line by stores and press alike. She is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemology Degree at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

All pieces are made in the mother-daughter team's downtown Los Angeles studio. Suneera thrives in the process of creating jewelry and personally oversees all manufacturing, ensuring quality and maintaining the integrity of each piece. The aesthetic of the collection reflects craftsmanship as it blends modern, state-of-the-art technology with old world manufacturing.

The duo’s studio maintains traditional techniques that date back centuries like hand pavé and milgrain detail. The optical play of symmetry and the multi-layer construction of each design conveys movement and create a dynamic impact.

With a commitment to honor the best conscientious practices, reclaimed gold is used to create new jewels. All gemstones are hand selected for their brilliance and unusual characteristics after being ethically sourced.

The entire collection blends industrial and delicate elements designed to be UNISEX. Signature textures evoke classic menswear patterns while embodying modern versatility. Buyers can mix and match to create a personal stack.

The brand’s current collections include Charm, Candy, Esha, Zinny, and Bridal rings and bands. Most collections are comprised of rings, bands, earrings, and necklaces. Signature textures evoke classic menswear patterns while embodying modern versatility.

In November 2018, the website Jewelry Logic wrote, “While its primary collection is crafted in 18k gold with opulent gemstones and diamonds, the brand has recently introduced … highly wearable pieces in sterling silver and 14k gold.”

In March 2020, Forbes quoted Ana: “Our influences in our designs are constantly evolving. Mom is influenced by her travels, nature, heirlooms and natural gemstones. I am drawn to architecture, textiles and fashion. But our number one inspiration is always the women for whom we are designing and the dynamic lifestyles that call for fine and precious yet approachable and wearable for everyday jewelry.”

In the same article, Suneera continued where her daughter left off. Said Suneera, “Jewelry has always been important in our family. My mother redesigned the pieces that were passed on to her. Each piece of jewelry has a story, meaning and so much heart. We want to do the same for our clients, and that’s why we also continue to do a lot of custom work.”

Whether the duo is designing collection or custom pieces, they consider more than just the beauty of the piece. They focus on aspects such as functionality; where the bale is placed; adjustability of the chain; and how will it stack with other pieces clients already own.

Ana continued, “… as long as we have been working together, my mom has always welcomed my opinions and my input. When I went to work full time, I loved learning the needs of clients. I gradually started developing a spin off –‘daughter line,’ that filled a void in the market for casual luxury. In 2017 .925SUNEERA was born.

“Mom and I continue to work in the same studio space and our influence on each other’s work is highly collaborative. Her gold collection focuses on delicate stacking bands, rings and gemstones. My collection is bold, edgy more monochromatic. They are both perfect for today’s lifestyle and meet different needs, can be worn by the same woman or different demographics.”

The official .925Suneera site concludes, “... [Our collection] embodies casual luxury. Worn with your favorite pair of jeans during the day and stacked with your diamond tennis bracelet going out at night, our jewelry is designed for a dynamic lifestyle. The collection experiments with classic metals like sterling silver and gold to create unique and iconic textures. Brilliant and rustic diamonds are re-imagined set side by side. Contemporary silhouettes are paired with old-world and fine craftsmanship to create a sophisticated and effortless look.”

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