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A.Jaffe (Est. 1892) is one of the only 19th century jewelers still active in New York City. It began as a single shop on New York City’s Maiden Lane in 1892. Abraham Jaffe, an aspiring New Yorker, was a 26-year-old who wanted to make his mark on the bridal jewelry industry. Selling his creations to city dwellers and travelers, the A.JAFFE business became popular for its dedication to excellence. Jaffe later moved his growing business to West 47th Street, a New York area that eventually became the epicenter of the international jewelry world.

What set Jaffe apart from his counterparts was his exceptional ability to create designs that were also stunning works of art. He blended technical innovation with traditional, quality craftsmanship to create his memorable pieces.

Becoming a leader in this field, Jaffe had a clear influence on the evolution of the American engagement ring. He was the driving force behind some of the first luxury solitaire and multi-stone engagement rings sold in the United States. A.JAFFE has become synonymous with refined workmanship, elegance, and sophistication that are seen today in every piece of A.Jaffe jewelry.

His patented, signature shank creates the ultimate balanced ring that allows the diamond to remain centered at all times with subtle squaring. All A.Jaffe rings are hypoallergenic, 100 percent nickel-free, and enriched with 40 percent more palladium than the suggested industry standard. This produces rings with unmatched strength, durability, and luster. Each engagement ring is perfectly crafted and seamlessly combines modern glamour with timeless elegance.

A.Jaffe is especially noted for engagement rings, wedding bands, stackable bands, necklaces, and the Maps by A.Jaffe Collection which is comprised of customized pieces with a map of places customers hold dear and produced as pendants, pins, cuff links, and more.

The brand’s new Quilted Collection is a further reflection of how the firm strives for perfection. With a quilted pattern inside the ring’s band, the collection ensures the ring always fits comfortably and lets the finger breathe without trapping moisture thus avoiding any irritation. The peaks and valleys created by the quilting also reduces spinning to assure the diamond stays front and center.

An A.Jaffe ring is built with beauty and comfort. It begins with master jewelers who possess more than ten years’ experience and who are the recipients of knowledge and skill passed down through generations. It takes up to 80 hours to create a single A.Jaffe ring that can be worn with the same confidence that was put into its creation.

A.Jaffe uses diamonds mined only in those countries fully participating in the Kimberley Process Certification protocol, an international system enacted to eliminate the trade of “conflict diamonds.”

The A.Jaffe hallmark is engraved on the inside of the jewelry that assures quality handcrafted by an expert artisan. A.Jaffe stands behind all products sold through an authorized retailer, and guarantees that an A.Jaffe product is authentic and free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Only a small percentage of diamonds possess the level of quality required to be used in one of the brand’s creations. The gold that the firm uses is 100% nickel free and its 18 karat gold is alloyed with 40% more palladium than that of other jewelers, ensuring that the rings stay bright white for years to come.

A.Jaffe does not provide services such as sizing or cleaning under its warranty. However, several A.Jaffe authorized retail partners offer perks such as complimentary sizing for first time buyers and/or free cleanings.

A.Jaffe also designs, crafts and distributes designer rings without center stones. When that occurs, the A.Jaffe warranty does not apply to the center stone in the event it is lost or damaged. The firm recommends that owners of its jewelry always have an insurance policy in place to protect the center stone. The firm also offers to refine any of its designs to accommodate the shape and size of the chosen center diamond and the precious metal chosen by the buyer.

Its selections of glamorous engagement rings can be found in the Art Deco and Classics collections that are a dazzling display of vintage inspired rings that feature double halos, unique bands, and the occasional rose gold.

For contemporary brides-to-be, the brand offers the Metropolitan collection. Rings in this ultra-chic collection come in a variety of styles including split bands, halos, and paves. There is also the Seasons of Love and Quilted collections. The hypnotic engagement rings in these collections boast three-stone settings and lovely halos.

Another inspiring jewelry innovation is A.Jaffe Maps, that lets customers beautifully commemorate a sentimental moment in a piece of fine jewelry. By plugging in an address, special software creates a detailed map of the location engraved in the piece.

In 2002, the Nirav Modi Company began manufacturing jewelry on a contract basis and acquired A.Jaffe in 2007. With the collapse of his brand, Nirav Modi’s lost a fortune. One of Modi’s companies, A. Jaffe, acquired through his Synergies Corporation, was auctioned in May 2018 and purchased by Parag Diamond.

The A.Jaffe brand is distinguished by its heritage of continuous contribution to the evolution of the American engagement ring. This includes the origination of some of the first luxury solitaire and multi-stone engagement rings sold in the United States. For over 120 years, A.Jaffe has been creating exquisite designs and living up to Abraham Jaffe’s standards.

“Meticulously designed and masterfully crafted, each A.Jaffe engagement ring is customized to represent the woman who wears it. From vintage to modern, antique to contemporary, A.Jaffe diamond engagement rings are designed to be admired from every angle.” —

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