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Allison Kaufman

Allison-Kaufman (Est. 1920) One of the oldest company of diamond jewelry artisans in the United States, Allison-Kaufman was founded nearly one hundred years ago by Irving Kaufman and Jack Allison in downtown Los Angeles. It remains a family owned and operated manufacturer of fine diamond jewelry that offers high-end, quality merchandise out of Los Angeles.

According to a June 2012 article that appeared in Southern Jewelry News, Irving’s son, Bart Kaufman, is president and CEO. He is especially involved in diamond buying, credit, as well as all quality-related decisions. Scott Kaufman, a third-generation jeweler serves as the brand’s vice president and principal. He works with his parents, Bart and Roberta, and his brother Ryan.

Ryan shares diamond buying responsibilities with his father and also oversees new areas of technology. The sons’ mother, Roberta, has styling among her many responsibilities. She also oversees customer services, special orders, and customer contact.

In the article, Scott said, “She’s there making sure our employees are taking good care of our customers. Her main function is to make sure styling stays current as well as to make sure customers are happy.

“My mother and I oversee the direction of new collections. [We’ve moved] forward with an extensive sapphire bridal collection. We started a rose gold collection last year [2011]. We decide what collections we want to highlight. We come up with the styling, make sure we’re making a quality product.”

In addition to direct customer sales, the firm also sells to more than thirteen hundred independent retailers across the United States. The firm has very few sales outside the country but sells to all 50 states. Since the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century, the firm has added some colored diamonds as well as black diamond and yellow diamond collections. As of 2012, the company has stayed away from silver and remains in higher-end bridal and fashion jewelry.

Since the beginning of the new century the company has expanded its fashion jewelry collections to include fashion earrings. It introduces 500 to 700 new styles per year. Creations are tailored to different parts of the country because what sells in California may not sell in Kansas and Alabama.

According to the firm’s official website, “The production of an Allison-Kaufman piece begins with the selection of the most brilliant diamonds and gems to be hand crafted into beautifully styled designs. Only after a meticulous team of jewelers inspects for quality and craftsmanship does a piece become Allison-Kaufman jewelry and receive the distinct ‘AK’ trademark.”

Allison-Kaufman offers a wide range of diamond jewelry including bridal and fashion jewelry. Collections include rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

Aside from its long history, several aspects make Allison Kaufman engagement rings special: The Company is renowned for its attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Every ring Allison Kaufman produces is inspected by a team of expert jewelers to insure it lives up to the firm’s rigorous standards.

Another aspect that sets Allison Kaufman apart is the diamonds they use. Diamonds set into Allison-Kaufman rings are all hand-selected and guaranteed to be among the finest gems available. Lastly, the designers at Allison-Kaufman have a keen eye for creating rings that are truly one of a kind.

Collections now include 2-piece sets, 3-piece sets, gentlemen’s wedding, guards & enhancers, and ladies wedding & anniversary items. The company also offers special holiday designs, crosses, hearts, onyx, studs, and more.

“We’re very much a family-oriented business,” says Scott Kaufman. “You can call and get any one of us, any of the Kaufmans, on the phone immediately for any reason. We’re very involved in the business, very involved in the relationships with our customers. We have customers who we’ve sold to for generations and some who we’ve sold to for just a few years. We establish and maintain long relationships with our customers.”

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