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Amy Glaswand Designs, Inc.

Amy Glaswand Designs, Inc. (Est. 2012) has, among its many specialties, Art Deco looking designs that make a surprising, modern use of pearls. Amy’s collections include a wide visual vocabulary that evolved over her many years of experience as a designer. Trained in the fine arts at both the Rhode Island School of Design and the University Of Wisconsin, she began her career developing fabrics for major fashion houses, including Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne. This work was followed by years in her related career as a costume designer for film and television. Glaswand’s research as a costumer informs her deep understanding of historical and multicultural designs.

Amy has had a lifelong love of jewelry. She began exploring metals through classical goldsmithing techniques. She later acquired rendering and model making skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Consequently, she has created both fine jewelry collections and admired freelance designs. Her solo collection is influenced by classical architectural and iconic imagery, as well as her painterly sense of color. Produced in New York City, each piece is in 18k gold or silver, set with high quality diamonds and colored gems. Amy strives to evoke a strong visual statement with her jewelry. Her sense of clean, modern design with a classical twist is evident throughout her collections.

In an April 2016 interview with JCK Insider, she said, “I have always been involved with fine arts. I started my career as a fabric designer on Seventh Ave in New York City. I did that for years and then worked my way into being a stylist/costumer in film and television. Then I had a child, which in a roundabout way prompted me to study classical goldsmithing. Jewelry was always my first fantasy of a career …

“It was a long process. … I took classes in goldsmithing and … in jewelry rendering and painting. This hands-on creating started to evolve into a defined style and into the love of designing. I started putting this collection together three years ago, and launched the website two years ago. I feel that finding your path is never a straight line for anybody.”

In the article, she further described her design philosophy as, “Classic elements in a modern translation.”

She goes on to say her jewelry is influenced by her background. Her designs are not generic. She doesn’t consider jewelry as either only art or only commerce. “While jewelry is an art form, people still have to wear it, she says, “And jewelry should still nod to a statement of who you are as the wearer.”

Over time, it becomes apparent that Amy’s favorite category is: New!

Her pieces invariably exhibit new shapes, new materials, and new colors. For example her enamel collection boasts a range of different styles, from chain necklaces spaced with enamel baguette stations and hexagonal gemstone earrings framed in enamel borders to a selection of shield pendants with enamel, colored gemstones and diamonds.

The shield pendants (collectively named Shield), can be grouped in a charm-like arrangement on a link chain. Worn this way, it has the appearance of a collection of favorite pieces—talismans from eras past—worn together not because they look perfect, but because the arrangement means something special to the wearer.

As for other enamel pieces offered by Glaswand, they include chains and earrings from her Loops and Pop collections. Additional collections include bracelets (comprised of chains and cuffs), necklaces designed as chains pluys chokers and pendants often adorned with diamonds. There are also enamel earrings designed in hoops, statement, and stud configurations, plus rings made with diamonds as stackable or statement pieces.

Amy’s design philosophy, displayed on her official website, says, “Unique in vision… Modern jewels for a unique woman.”

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