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ArtCarved (Est. 1850) Today, ArtCarved is considered America’s most recognized brand of bridal jewelry. During its long history, however, it was not always known by this name. It was first called, JR Wood & Sons and established in Brooklyn, New York in 1850. According to Jewelry in America – 1600 to 1900 by Martha Gandy Fales, the company’s namesake, James R. Wood, originally devoted himself to the manufacturer of tools used in the jewelry making industry.

In 1975 the company changed its name to ArtCarved. In 2000, the brand was acquired by Frederick Goldman Inc., a jewelry manufacturing company established in 1948. The Goldman Company’s other brands include Diana and Goldman. Under the new owners, ArtCarved has continued its long tradition of designing carved wedding bands for women and men.

James R. Wood’s first diamond engagement ring, created around 1850, was the Victoria. It soon captured the hearts of women and began a heritage helping women celebrate special moments with uniquely beautiful and fine jewelry.

Among the highlights of the firm’s history when it was known as J.R. Wood & Sons is the development of the first soldered seamless wedding rings in the 1890’s to the invention of carved rings designed by skilled artisans in the 1920’s. In 1909, the company produced the first illustrated catalog that gave engaged couples the ability to choose from hundreds of wedding ring styles in the comfort of their homes.

When the company introduced The Serena engagement ring in 1923, it became the most popular solitaire ring style in America. Initially, the company manufactured only wedding rings and bands, however in 1920, the company introduced school class rings to their product lines. By 1930, the company had the ability to introduce “24-Hour Delivery” becoming the first jewelry company to guarantee to convey in-stock jewelry to couples on their wedding day.

As World War II raged during the 1940’s, Congress reduced the production of jewelry so that the metals jewelers used could be redistributed to the war effort. J. R. Wood & Sons became the only jewelry company allowed to continue making wedding rings. Also, during this decade, the company popularized the dual ring ceremony, where each married person received a ring to remind them of their love and commitment – emotions especially under stress during wartime. The ‘double ring ceremony’ remains a tradition that continues to this day.

Using the brand name, ArtCarved, the company joined others incorporating celebrity endorsements in their ads in the 1950s. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood graced the pages of fashion magazines wearing ArtCarved wedding rings. Among these were Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Wyman who, like Queen Victoria, had a passion for diamonds.

In 1950, Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels (and great uncle of Paris and Nicky Hilton), proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with an ArtCarved engagement ring. Though the couple was only married for about a year, ArtCarved created a marketing campaign with Elizabeth Taylor and her father. The campaign called, “Father of the Bride,” echoed the movie in which Taylor appeared. There is little doubt that this helped ArtCarved become one of America’s favorite engagement ring designers.

Every ArtCarved ring is handcrafted and known for its timeless design, intricate details, and selection of ‘comfort-fit’ rings. The company crafts its creations with pristine 14-karat and 18K white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, as well as platinum and palladium to insure that all wedding rings have luxurious sparkle and shine. The large assortment of ArtCarved designer engagement rings include exquisite three stone, side stone, solitaire, and halo styles adorned with beautiful diamonds of all shapes.

Wedding bands come in many choices of metals including gold, tungsten carbide, titanium, and palladium. Palladium is growing in popularity with bridal designers because it is pure and hypoallergenic, yet significantly less expensive than platinum.

The company also offers unisex wedding bands in precious metals like platinum and karat gold, as well as alternative metals like tungsten carbide, black titanium, and palladium. Customers can also find diamond wedding rings to coordinate with engagement rings and eternity bands. Visually interesting details run the gamut from patterned designs to brushed and bright centers, and complementary metal inlays, and more.

For those in search of wedding bands and rings with a vintage flair, ArtCarved has an assortment of pieces that fit into this category and embody an antique feel, attractive to many jewelry buyers looking for rings with classic designs. Vintage ArtCarved wedding rings give wearers the ability to display a piece that looks like it’s been passed down for generations.

In 1996, ArtCarved introduced personalized fashion jewelry collections to augment its selection of wedding bands, wedding rings, and class rings. Today, in addition to its inventory of rings and commitment jewelry, the brand offer personalized pendants, a stackable collection of rings as well as necklaces and bracelets.

In 2014, ArtCarved reached out to millennials with its advertising campaign promoting its Live for the Moments collection. ArtCarved also designed a new vintage collection inspired by designs found in the old J.R. Wood and Sons Catalogs. In 2016, the brand introduced its Floral Collection featuring delicate, diamond enhanced petal motifs.

Today, ArtCarved still pioneers manufacturing techniques that produce some of the most intricate and carved designs found in wedding rings. Quality remains impeccable and distinct from other brands.

The company follows the basic rules of success: It offers desirable products, meets their clients where they are in life, and has a reputation for excellence in the luxury jewelry industry. ArtCarved boasts a long-lasting success story based on love and commitment which is perfect for a bridal jewelry company.

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