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Bayco (Est. 1981) Founded in New York in 1981 by brothers Moris and Giacomo Hadjibay, Bayco jewelry mixes the old and new. Its pieces are often influenced by the Mogul era, jewelry of Indian maharajahs, and classical jewelry. “We make jewelry for kings and queens…”says Giacomo Hadjibay, co-CEO of Bayco Jewels LLC, “… and princes and princesses.”

This is the metaphorical conception of Bayco’s audience. The modern idea of royalty has grown to include everyone who hungers for luxury and who understands that sophistication once enjoyed only by a handful of people in each country has spread to a more generalized — but still elite group – of those who prize and procure luxury.

Though Bayco is a relatively new name in the world of precious gems, the expertise and passion it brings is generations old. Bayco’s roots begin in 1943 when Amir Hadjibay, father of Moris and Giacomo, traveled from Iran to India and started trading fine Persian carpets for precious gemstones. In 1961, Amir moved to Milan, Italy where he set up a business and became known throughout Europe for his unique collection of precious gemstones.

The first Bayco store opened in Milan. With its success, Bayco opened a second store in Valenza. The business then expanded into India and today Bayco caters to European sectors. Its client’s demands for fine jewelry made it natural for Bayco to open a location in the United States.

As Amir traveled, he developed his interest in precious gemstones. Soon he began to visit India’s regal maharajahs, leaving with bits and pieces of their legendary jewelry collections. These included eye-opening diamonds, carved emeralds and fiery rubies, among other gems.

After Amir moved to Italy in 1957, he used his extensive gemstone experience and contacts in the jewelry capitals of the world to take advantage of Italy’s postwar taste for gems and its position as a trade hub. In 1974, Amir acquired the rare Maharaja Belt buckle that centered on a magnificent old-mine cabochon Colombian emerald.

In 1981, Amir’s sons Moris and Giacomo teamed up to work together as co-CEOs at Bayco’s New York location. It didn’t take long for the two brothers to find success that emanated from their years of individual and collective experience adding gorgeous stones to their collection.

Between 1985 and 1992, they acquired The Spirit of the Sea, a superb 215 carat gem quality natural unheated sapphire, the Virdian Splendor emerald necklace (1989), and in 1992 they purchased the Tear of the Sultan sapphire, an exceptionally fine 60 carat pear-shaped royal blue Burma unheated sapphire.

With these acquisitions and others, it was a likely step for the brothers to begin, in 1994, to create their own designs, populating them with cherished gems. Eschewing mass production, the Hadjibay brothers decided from the beginning that they would create only one-of-a-kind pieces so they could devote their resources to the exquisite stones they wanted to showcase.

The brothers design as a team sharing their design vision and taste. Though neither has had any formal training in jewelry design, their instincts and experience guide the creations they produce. These are among the most exceptional in the world: ravishing rubies that scream aesthetic richness, dazzling emeralds to mesmerize the mind, celestial sapphires that capture the sublime, and diamonds that transcend epochs and eras.

According to the firm’s official website, “…Moris remembers asking his father about his greatest regret. Amir told his son about “the one that got away”—a stunning 60-carat pear-shaped sapphire of the deepest blue. It came from the Kashmir mines, Amir told Moris, a source of the world’s most exceptionally blue sapphires, which had been closed for decades. The equal of such a gem would be impossible to find again.

“Years later, Moris came across a sapphire the likes of which he had never seen—a huge, exquisitely perfect gem. He immediately recognized the stone that had eluded his father years before … .Moris bought the gem on the spot.

The perfect sapphire, Amir confirmed, had indeed made its way back to the Hadjibays. Such a regal stone deserved nothing less than an aristocratic home, and the … gem now resides in one of the most important royal collections in the world.”

The Hadjibays recut every gem that passes through their hands to insure that the full beauty shines through. Another aspect of their art is to match stones for their stunning bracelets and necklaces. Because of their encyclopedic knowledge, the brothers can compare a new stone to others in their collection so they can interpolate a sapphire of the exact blue they need to complete a design.

“Matching color depends on taste and experience,” explains Moris. The designs are classic, yet youthful and the stones within are renowned for being the finest in the world.

Bayco’s pursuit of gemstone purity is an example of a commitment that indulges in coveting fine treasures, nurturing the uniqueness of each stone, and creating an emblem of the wearer’s singular appearance. The Hadjibays are always in search of ultimate beauty. The fuel for their passion lies in the faces of people who are in awe when they see one of the family’s creations for the first time.

To add to their ever-growing collection of superb gems, in 1997, Bayco acquired a rare Kashmir Sapphire bracelet signed Cartier. After their first appearance at Baselworld in 1998, the brothers continued to dazzle the jewelry world with additional acquisitions and creations.

For example, in 2006, Bayco created, the Muzo Spectacular emerald necklace with its focus centered upon an exquisite 42 carat emerald cut Colombian emerald. In 2007, Bayco acquired the Gurkhan Ruby, a very rare 15 carat oval Burma unheated ruby.

In 2010, the firm acquired the Sovereign Sapphire, an extremely rare 35 carat emerald cut Burma unheated sapphire. At 2013 Baselworld, dozens of journalists attended a secret unveiling at the Bayco booth where one of the rarest gemstones in the world was presented to the public: a 206 carat gem quality unenhanced Colombian emerald.

In 2014, Bayco created the Crimson Ruby Ring, centered on an extremely rare 12 carat oval Burma unheated ruby.

Family bonds have persisted into the third generation as Moris’s sons Marco and Manuel have joined the company bringing a re-invigorated, youthful enthusiasm, vigor, and commitment to the future.

The brand’s collection can satisfy the most demanding collector: its Burmese pigeon blood rubies weigh more than 5 carats. Ceylon sapphires weigh more than 10 carats and contain spotlessly clean Colombian emeralds of all shapes and sizes. In its works, Bayco uses precious stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds—all with exceptional quality and impressive sizes. The beauty of Bayco jewels is timeless.

The Hadjibay family’s success lies in its cohesion. Each member is responsible for a certain part of the family business. Moris is more involved in the sale while his brother Giacomo is more involved in stone purchase. Marco is in branding and marketing while Manuel works in production. Together they make up one unit, supporting and complimenting each other.

Even the name of the brand demonstrates the Family Code. The first three letters (BAY) are the last three letters in the name Hadjibay and CO stands for “company.”

Today Bayco is one of the leading names in high jewelry providing fabulous jewels to many different markets, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, & Australia. Bayco jewels adorn royalty and the social elite worldwide.

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