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Bellarri International

Bellarri International (Est. 1977) Before Bellarri Adleman became known for her inspiring brand of fine jewelry, she was a busy and well respected model involved in the fashion business; work that took her to Toronto and Dallas. Then she tried her hand at designing private label jewelry for high-end department stores. After that successful venture, she decided to start her own brand of jewelry.

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the four decade old company got its start dealing in loose colored gemstones. Because Bellarri developed a reputation for dealing in fine goods, it was a natural progression to begin producing finished jewelry. Pushing boundaries, Bellarri created bold pieces that quickly garnered attention and awards from the gem and jewelry industry. It also brought a loyal following from enthusiasts around the world. In 2008, Bellarri earned the prestigious Town & Country Couture Design Award.

Like many of the jewelry stores that sell her colored stone-set jewelry, the Bellarri brand is a family business. Bellarri Adleman works alongside her husband as well as their son and daughter. She makes many personal appearances each year and is a fixture at red carpet events where leading celebrities wear her jewelry designed with a passion for color.

When she began creating jewelry, Bellarri designed private label jewelry for high-end department stores. After this successful venture, she started her eponymous brand.

According to the brand’s official website, “Bellarri’s designs are an incorporation of her personal inspirations and creativity, with a strong focus on the people who will someday own her pieces. … The … brand is synonymous with luxury, integrity, elegance and cutting edge design. As an award-winning artist, Bellarri’s creations showcase a signature style referred to as an “architectural labyrinth” in design [that is] impossible to emulate.

“Bellarri prides herself in showcasing the natural beauty of the fine gemstones within each creation by paring innovative cutting techniques with regal and rich gemstones. Each piece is exquisitely finished with Bellarri’s signature beautiful gallery work. Intricate channel setting techniques personify the “signature BELLARRI® style” and give the impression that the gemstones grew organically in the setting of the designs. Bellarri never strays far from her internal philosophy: “A true Artist should capture the eyes, the soul, and the heart with every creation.”

The beauty of the collections transcend generations. Bellarri’s signature style results in masterpieces of design.

The website Anvil Fine Wares offers a section on frequently asked questions about Bellarri. When queried about what makes Bellarri pieces special, the answer is, “Let’s be honest…18K gold, whether white, yellow, rose, or some combination thereof, is 18K gold. When it comes to jewelry like this, the real difference is in the design, and the cut and quality of the gemstones. And this is where Bellarri stands out. Every single Bellarri piece is designed by Bellarri herself – there’s no “design by committee” or “design team”. No matter which piece of Bellarri [one buys] you know that it came from her imagination and inspiration.

“Additionally, Bellarri does not outsource their gemstone cutting – they actually own and master the laser cutting machines that allow them to create their designs, and control the quality and beauty of every single gemstone in every single piece. They aren’t subject to the technological or quality-control limitations other designers face when contracting an outside party to supply gemstones. This allows them to be picky about what they’ll use in any given piece of jewelry, and to control output so that their pieces are consistent. … Every gemstone in her 18K gold jewelry is dazzling, and the cuts are always exquisite.”

Bellarri specialties include rings, bracelets, cuffs, silver jewelry, earrings, and pendants that are found in the following collections: Aladdin Nouvea I, Aladdin Nouveau II, Anastasia, Boulevard (Classic), Boulevard (New), Eternal Love, Galaxy of Love, La Bouquet, Madame Butterfly Necklace, Madame Butterfly Collection, Madamoiselle, Magnolia, Malibu, Malibu Blue Topaz, Malibu Waves, Mosaic Nouveau, Poetry In Motion, Rhapsody, Tango, Tuscany, and more.

Bellarri jewelry is set mainly with amethyst, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, and garnets. No other collection in the designer’s repertoire represents these gemstones better than the Mosaic Collection. From women’s rings and earrings to men’s cufflinks, the Mosaic Collection’s signature look is a tic-tac-toe like nine-square formation of square-cut colored gemstones divided by diamond-set cross bars.

The Gigi Collection and the Carmen Collection have the distinctly feminine and dramatic flair of drop style earrings and pendants. These have also inspired complementary ring and bracelet designs that are in keeping with the spirit of the lines but possess unique qualities that make for individual statement making pieces.

White in Bellarri jewelry doesn’t always come from diamonds, as potential customers can see in the designer’s Anastasia Collection. At the heart of these bold jewelry pieces is white onyx.

The contrasting qualities of white onyx set with the rich deep purple hues of amethyst give the Anastasia Collection its rich look. White onyx also looks good on its own in the Baroness Collection, which mainly features checkerboard facetted pieces of white onyx framed in 18-karat rose gold set with white round brilliant diamonds. Additionally, the Mademoiselle Collection features mainly floral-inspired designs using white onyx.

Newer jewelry collections include the Tuscany Collection, jewelry set with colored stones (namely amethyst, citrine, green quarts and blue topaz) cut in six-sided shapes with large, angular facets that demonstrate near bottomless color in every gemstone.

The award-winning Circle of Love Collection has signature round designs with invisible-set gemstones in channels. The Ring Collection is comprised of statement-making dimensions featuring large center-set colored gemstones (including smoky quartz) topped by two rows of rose gold set with diamonds.

The Contessa Collection, launched in 2013, also features invisibly-set colored stones. However, the common thread that binds many of the brand’s jewelry collections is rose gold. Bellarri jewelry is available in white and yellow gold – as well as silver – but new collections are mainly crafted in rose gold.

Bellarri makes colored stone jewelry set in silver, but the core of the designer’s many collections are made in 18-karat gold. Prices for Bellarri gold jewelry start at around $2,000.

August 2018 ushers in the Romantica Collection that features 5.52 carats of untreated pink tourmaline including a flat-tabled, serrated-edged trillion cut center suspended over a curving bridge of baguette tourmalines. Retail on this is said to start at $5245.

Bellarri advises potential customers to only buy her pieces from currently authorized dealers. She says, “One of the things that makes Bellarri jewelry so special is the exclusivity of the cuts. Bellarri owns the patents on most of [our] gemstone cuts, and those cuts are only available on Bellarri creations. Because of this, servicing a piece of Bellarri jewelry isn’t like servicing jewelry from most other designers.

“[If a] Bellarri creation ever suffer an unfortunate impact or accident that causes gemstone damage or loss, your local neighborhood jeweler would not be able to replace that gemstone. Only Bellarri can re-cut replacement stones to match, and Bellarri will only provide such service for pieces which have been purchased from authorized Bellarri dealers, the very same dealers with whom we are partnered.

“If you purchase a piece of Bellarri on eBay, from a jewelry liquidation, or any retail store, make sure that dealer is currently an Authorized Bellarri retailer, AND currently has a relationship that enables them to receive service and support from Bellarri.”

“If my designs elicit images of Romance and Dreams of faraway places, perhaps it is because I am the direct result of a woman following her heart.” – Bellarri

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