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Carelle (Est.1977) Award winning jewelry designer Chana Regev’s family has been a leader in the world’s colored gemstone industry for more than a century. As the 4th generation in her family’s business, Chana became the first and only female in the family’s history to launch her own collections of designer jewelry.

Chana grew up immersed in the legacy of beautiful gemstones. She spent years collaborating with the world’s most prestigious jewelers and fashion houses. When she created the Carelle brand, it was a logical extension of her lifelong infatuation with brilliant colored stones and her desire to reveal their beauty in new ways. She gave the company a French name because the word means, “Because of Her” and her designs are a celebration of today’s independent and exuberant woman.


The family-owned Carelle began in 1977 and Chana is the brand’s designer. She started the company in midtown Manhattan with $200 and a dream. In an era when the industry was composed almost predominantly by men, Regev decided to strike out on her own to fulfill her concept of making jewelry that would last for generations.

The brand’s official website states, “Carelle Jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in New York City using the world’s finest materials. In the New York design studio, skilled artisans meticulously handcraft the collections. Every piece begins and ends with the stone that inspires the creation. Crystallized over millions of years deep within bedrock, precious gems have a light and life of their own, and Carelle prides itself in showcasing their personalities and attributes.”

A signature leaf motif is incorporated into every design. Each piece is laser-inscribed with the weight of the stone and the company’s logo. Carelle jewelry is known to meet the industry’s most rigorous standards.

An article in the February 2016 issue of Forbes Magazine reported, “The brand creates jewelry that ranges from $600 stackable rings to $20,000 gem set necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to bespoke and custom couture pieces. Carelle has already received a number of accolades from jewelry industry organizations, including from the Responsible Jewelry Council, the American Gem Society, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Additionally, Carelle, in partnership with the Women’s Jewelry Association, has established a grant to help promising women in the industry achieve their dreams.”

The grant was established in honor of the brand’s [late] marketing director, Brooke Tivoli McGrath who died when she was just twenty-eight. The leaf motif on every piece of Carelle jewelry is in honor of her memory.

The brand’s most popular collections include Whirl inspired by NYC’s energy and rhythm to navigate every day twists and turns. Its Brushstroke Collection derives from the freedom and spontaneity of modern art. Brushstroke brings a painterly perspective to the art of accessorizing.

Disco Dots is a nod to the famous NYC club, Studio 54 and the inspiration for the collection’s decadent designs and anything goes attitude. In this collection glistening gold discs are combined into edgy designs.

The Soleil Collection boasts solar inspired statement pieces bursting with energy and radiance. Luminous gold is drenched in pavé diamonds that surround vivid precious gemstones. In the Knot Collection timeless designs are tied together in elegant in rings, pendants, and bangles.

The Bespoke pieces transform irresistible artifacts into wearable art. Through craftsmanship and ingenuity, emeralds, tourmalines, sapphires, and spinels come together in intricate designs using Carelle’s gem setting techniques. The creations blend sculptural forms with nature’s femininity.

For the Brooke Leaf Collection, gentle interwoven curves form beautiful leaf motif designs. Moderne is inspired by the 1930’s Streamline Moderne Movement. Its pieces are works of sleek curves and horizontal lines that are sculpted into architecturally sophisticated adornments and come in rings, bangles, necklaces, and earrings.

The Pixels Collection is crafted from gold and Asscher-cut diamonds and is offered in necklace, pendant, and earring designs. Carelle also offers a line called, the Carelle Zodiac, while its Florette Collection channels the glamour of 1940’s film noir, and the Interlinks Collection displays graceful designs in satin gold and lotus leaf designs,

There is also a collection of Stackables which are rings, earrings, and pendants designed to be worn together.

Carelle is particular about its resources and buys recycled metals and does not purchase stones from conflict zones. Besides being a member of AGS, JBT and the standard jewelry organizations, the brand is also certified by the RJC as a responsible manufacturer. The brand invites emerging designers to contact it if the designers are experiencing difficulties with the manufacturing process.

In February 2015 New York’s Mayor De Blasio pledged a $15 million investment into new programs to support the city’s design, manufacturing and educational sectors. The announcement, made during fashion week, was followed by a call to companies to complete a preliminary application for the Made in NY status.

The “Made in NY” concept was created and implemented by the City of New York and Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and intended to support the city’s locally manufactured fashion and accessories industry with emphasis on promoting the highest standards of design, quality, creativity and craftsmanship by companies fully based in the Big Apple. Having the “Made in NY” certification enables a brand to use the logo to promote its prestige status.

Since the concept’s launch, the City and the Economic Development Corporation have implemented a number of initiatives, including a creating City-wide marketing campaign to build awareness of certain fashion brands, forming a partnership with Barneys New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFD) to curate a New York Collection and also holding a Made in NY Fashion Award presentation. Carelle is among the brands authorized to promote its “Made in NY” designer certification and use the “Made in NY” logo to generate visibility and cachet.

“Made in NY” celebrated Carelle’s certification during 2016.

“We [remain] very honored to receive the “Made in NY” certification and we hope through it to raise awareness about the efforts we make as a company to meet the highest standards of quality,” said Regev, upon the announcement of the certification.

“The only way for [Carelle] to assure [we live up to] these standards … is … to do so in New York, in our own factory, where we can be directly involved with every step of the process.”

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