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Clara Williams (CWC)

Clara Williams Company (CWC) (Est. 2001) Clara Williams took a circuitous route into jewelry design. She attended Harvard where she earned an MBA, then made her first career in the world of tech. Eventually, Clara’s hobby of making jewelry eclipsed her other professional interests and she started her jewelry business putting what she learned in the tech-industry to good use: She developed a unique magnetic mechanism to hold her bracelets and necklaces in place.

Clara’s official website states, “With her Harvard MBA and a career in technology, not only can the left side of [Clara’s] brain design patents for magnetic mechanisms that enable her jewelry to ingeniously interchange in a snap, her right brain makes everything she creates exceptionally exquisite.

“Clara began designing jewelry as a hobby … Her passion for jewelry is influenced by a love for color and raw materials, and inspiration from her surroundings and travels. Clara’s versatile spirit balances being dedicated to her clients and living life to the fullest with her husband and two daughters in Chicago.”

Today, Clara Williams and her company, advertised in the trade also as CWC, have an international following for its distinctive designs and the individuality of each piece. The jewelry relies on bright colors, mixed metals, and 18K gold to achieve its appearance.

Her first breakthrough design was the signature magnetic clasp that enables beautiful necklaces to be worn alone or embellished with a variety of centerpieces that snap into place. The success of this idea combined with Clara’s fascination with technology led her to design other patent-pending adapters that expand the versatility and function of her jewelry. This concept of versatility and ever changing splendor is the principal foundation for each piece designed for Clara’s collections.

Each piece of Clara Williams’ jewelry is also designed to create bold statements, be subtly elegant, or remain classically simple. Collectors can start a collection with a necklace and a pair of earrings then add inter-changeable embellishments and patent pending adapters to easily make CWC jewelry a perfect fit for every occasion.

Each necklace, when worn alone, is beautiful in its own right. Adding different centerpieces on the magnetic clasps allows the owner to create personal designs. For example, the same necklace can display a different centerpiece so it could be worn to both a business meeting and black tie event. The pin adapter converts any of the stunning pins into necklace embellishments and enhances the pins’ versatility. Some necklaces can even be used as handbag straps.

Clara’s earring collection is also versatile. The earrings feature shepherd’s hooks on the back so the owner can choose to wear them alone or add an earring drop to create a new design. All earrings have collapsible posts and clips so that they can be worn by anyone.

From the beginning, Clara Williams’ concept of infinite combinations has been the defining hallmark of her collections. Today, more than ever, her jewelry reflects the individuality and versatility of the brand’s clients. Buyers can choose from the brand’s Signature, Studio, Gunmetal or Earring Collections that feature superior materials including 18K gold, mixed metals, and unusual treasures sourced from around the world.

Collections are formally known as Signature Magnetic, Couture Magnetic, earrings and drops, the affinity charm collection, rings, and accessories,

Each of the pieces in the Clara Williams jewelry collections displays Clara’s artistic gifts. They feature exquisite stones, metals, leather, and more. Clara uses only the best materials in her jewelry.

Her pieces are inspired in part by her travels which makes the jewelry a perfect memento to purchase for a vacation. Each piece is designed to be easily interchangeable by using magnetic clasps, allowing for a change of look in a matter of seconds and customization of a statement piece by using high-end centerpieces, tassels, and tags.

Outstanding examples include a stunning grey dyed freshwater cultured pearl double strand necklace that comes with its signature magnetic clasp.

Another necklace is faceted in beautiful turquoise beaded rhondelle stones. This ten strand necklace is accented in Clara’s signature yellow tone magnetic clasp. It lets the owner fasten a favorite Clara Williams centerpiece to create a dramatic look.

Collections include necklaces, bracelets and earrings all of which have limitless possibilities. One can create their own one-of-a-kind collection. All pieces can be redesigned with interchangeable centerpieces. The necklaces and bracelets come in various materials such as 14kt gold chains, black/brown leather, pearls, and spinel. Adding the centerpieces is easy using the magnetic clasps plus they are easy to put on and take off.

Williams and her jewelry line have received much media attention including numerous newspaper and magazine profiles as well as many television appearances. Her jewelry is highly sought after and a consistent top producer at national and local trunk shows, regional boutiques, and private showings. Williams continues to expand her elegant product line for her ever-increasing clientele.

Customers and experts agree that Clara Williams’ pieces are beautifully crafted jewelry with a magnetic personality!

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