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CrownRing (Est. 1999) When longtime friends Theirry Bellisha and Haimy Mann established CrownRing in 1999, their intention was to offer celebratory jewelry to be used for special life moments and milestones. Their first effort created collections of spectacular bridal jewelry.

To insure that their creations could fit any individual’s unique taste, their pieces were made from various durable and precious metals. One of their notable firsts, in fact, the first in the world, was to manufacture a diamond-like carbon coating for cobalt wedding bands. This carbon coating insured the quality of the ring to prevent it from breaking, shattering, or chipping. In addition, the ring’s color would never fade.

On its official website, the company states, “CrownRing designs matrimonial jewelry collections offering both men’s and women’s wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands and more … The CrownRing brand currently boasts eight collections, each unique in design and style, ensuring … [offering] rings for all tastes; from our Torque Innovative Metals collection, which offers extremely durable men’s wedding band styles in metals like tungsten, black ceramic and cobalt, to our Noam Carver Bridal line that offers exquisite engagement rings in over a hundred styles.”

Even with its many varieties and styles, CrownRing wedding bands maintain craftsmanship, design, and a level of lifelong comfort unmatched and unparalleled within the world of fine ceremonial jewelry. Pieces are one-of-a-kind men and women’s wedding bands that are reasonably priced. The creations are recognized for combining characteristically unique translations of modern bridal jewelry aesthetics with innovative design methods that utilize the highest-quality materials including palladium, platinum, and titanium.

The array of CrownRing wedding band collections include the subtle, yet straightforward and confident bands in the CrownRing Classic collection; the stylish and comfortable pieces in the CrownRing Carved collection, and the white and black diamond-adorned, pave, bezel, and channel-set pieces of CrownRing’s Diamond wedding band collection.

These innovative metal rings are created to perfectly fit a man’s finger and are distinguished by the intricate and subtle details that make each one unique. CrownRing’s wedding bands for men range from simple, classic rings to diamond encrusted, carved and hand woven creations.

The hand woven bands are distinctly original and trademarked. In these rings old world artistry meets modernized styles and patterns resulting in a ring that is sophisticated, detailed, fashionable, and elegant.

The fashionable rings from the Torque Collection are made from strong metals that boast a range of different complimenting characteristics, from scratch resistant to shatter proof to extremely durable. These are rings for those who don’t want to worry about their accessory being delicate and easy to damage especially when worn every day for routine and other activities.

One of the greatest achievements of the brand is in the range of luxury wedding rings inspired by the concept of high-watches. The Carlex Collection was launched in 2008 and attracted attention both nationally and internationally. It has also won in the category of “Platinum Wedding Band” at the Platinum Innovation Awards JCK 2011.

CrownRing was the first wedding ring manufacturer to offer a diamond-like carbon coating on its cobalt rings. Cobalt provides incredible resistance to scratching and wear. The color does not fade and lets CrownRing offer a lifetime warranty. In addition, in 2002, CrownRing was one of the first companies in Canada to manufacture a collection of titanium wedding rings which is a cheaper alternative, lighter than gold or platinum jewelry.

Other collections offered by CrownRing include Noam Carver and Bleu Royale.

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