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Danhov (Est. 1984) is located in Hollywood, California and is an award-winning designer of unique, handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. It was founded in 1984 by Khajag “Jack” Hovsepian. Danhov is known in the luxury jewelry world for its innovative design philosophy.

Much of Jack’s early inspiration came from watching his father, a prominent haute couture fashion designer. Drawing upon these early influences, Jack’s designs strike a unique balance between the ever-changing trends of fashion and the traditional heritage of bridal jewelry.

At an early age, Jack learned how to marry precision with art. Shadowing his father, he spent his formative years exposed to innovative haute couture. This influence inspired his passion to design each ring with exacting measures and create one of the world’s most exquisite collection of bridal jewelry.

Each Danhov ring begins with a single wire, hand crafted into a masterpiece designed with the highest quality and shaped to perfection by artisan craftspeople in Los Angeles. Unlike many jewelry companies, there are no molds or mass-production assembly lines at Danhov.

In addition to being made in the U.S., the rings produced by the Danhov Company are eco-friendly and avoid the use of harsh chemicals and large machinery commonly used in the traditional molding and manufacturing processes.

Each ring created by Danhov is either handcrafted or hand-assembled by skilled, expert jewelers. This is further exemplified by the precision and individuality for which Danhov is known. This preserves the quality and unique intricacies that only handmade and hand-assembled pieces display.

All Danhov jewelry is protected by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty automatically terminates if any repairs or modifications, beyond setting the center stone, are made by anyone other than Danhov.

Most Danhov designs use diamonds with VS clarity and G color. Part of the appeal of the brand’s designs is that it customizes to a customer’s specific desires and lets the customer choose their own stone. Rings can be fashioned from almost every metal. Nearly all Danhov rings are created in Platinum, 18k and 14k gold, and Palladium.

Danhov’s award winning collections include Abbraccio, Carezza, Classico, Couture, Eleganza, Per Lei, Petalo, Solo Filo, Tubetto, Unito, and Voltaggio. The brand’s fine jewelry collections perfectly complements any wedding gown but is also ideal for daily wear.

The handcrafted Abbraccio Fine Jewelry collection is a natural extension of the unique, handmade Abbraccio collection of engagement rings. Meaning ‘to embrace,’ Abbraccio bridal and fine jewelry is distinguished by the swirls that embrace the center stone.

Throughout history, there have been few traditions more honored than the classic engagement ring. Paying tribute to it, Danhov offers the Classico Collection. Showcasing Danhov’s rich design heritage, each beautiful piece is masterfully crafted to reflect a delicate balance of sophisticated design and timeless luxury. The collection uses only the finest diamonds sourced from around the world.

Just as a groom holds his bride’s hand, the diamonds of the Classico Collection are held steadfast by handmade rings of gold and lustrous platinum. Every bride-to-be has her own discerning and unique taste in rings. Danhov leaves choosing the stone to the couple. This gives brides and grooms the opportunity to choose clarity, cut, size and color and makes the piece one-of-a-kind.

Danhov specializes in custom orders. Custom orders such as custom engagement rings and custom wedding rings often take longer to create and there may be added costs, depending on the specifications of the project.

The turnaround time for special order rings is usually between two and three weeks since it is a custom piece made to the bride’s or couples’ specifications. Authorized Danhov retailers provide any and all pricing information including prices that take into consideration how elaborate the modifications may be.

Among Danhov’s most popular designs are the Floating Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring that features a spectacular round brilliant diamond held in place by a unique tension setting. The ring’s band consists of a simple, swirling line made of 14k rose gold that splits to hold the ring’s round diamond firmly in place. This tension setting creates an illusion that the center diamond is floating atop the finger.

Another popular style is the Engraved Blooming Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, a floral inspired solitaire engagement ring that is elevated by unique, romantic detailing. In it, a round brilliant diamond is enclosed in a fine 14k rose gold setting that’s designed to look like the petals of a blooming flower. The golden bloom is supported by an elegant, petite twisted band.

In the Twisted Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring, delicate details give the ring an ornate feel. This style features a round white diamond and eye-catching band. The ring’s double band is crafted from rose gold and features twisted engravings. The band gently splits to enclose the ring’s center diamond. Pave diamonds adorn the split shank section of the band, adding an extra touch of shimmer to its design.

The Art Deco Halo Diamond Engagement Ring boasts is a round brilliant diamond surrounded by a unique halo setting. This hexagonal diamond halo, which takes its inspiration from the geometric designs of vintage Art Deco and is set with both baguette and round white diamonds. Additional round diamonds accent the ring’s white gold band adding further brilliance.

The Solo Filo engagement ring puts a romantic twist on the halo engagement ring design. It features a unique floating halo setting that is comprised of two overlapping rings of pave diamonds, which together make a soft, abstract shape that supports a breathtaking round brilliant center diamond. This halo setting rests atop a slim diamond set split shank band, which perfectly complements the airy Pop of Color cocktail rings for women.

The brand also creates eye-catching cocktail rings that place a colored gemstone in unique settings. These Pop of Color rings are always in style and are suspended in a floating halo setting.

To commemorate 30 years of creating bridal and fine jewelry, Danhov introduced Trenta in 2015. This fine jewelry collection is an extension of the modern minimalist lines and shapes for which Danhov is known. Italian for thirty, Trenta is perfect for a wedding day or any day.

In 2011, the JCK Jeweler’s Choice Award was given to Danhov’s Abbraccio designs that feature swirly shanks. The collection of handmade rings has specially created shanks which embraced the center stone.

Danhov does not sell directly to the public, however rings can be found at several Authorized Danhov Retailers across the United States. Danhov’s Authorized Retailers are an elite group who offer best-in-class service to their customers.

Today, Danhov is known for its constantly evolving line that includes many different collections for a wide range of tastes; from modern minimalist to baroque romantic with new designs being added monthly. A Los Angeles institution for more than thirty-five years, Danhov creates perfect works of art, fashioned with the latest technology and inspired by the individuality of each of its customers.

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