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Do Amore

Do Amore (Est. 2013) is a direct-to-consumer wedding ring company that offers ethical, handcrafted engagement and wedding rings. Every Do Amore ring is made in the United States from recycled precious metals, as well as diamonds and gemstones that are conflict-free and ethically sourced. It focuses its appeal to buyers who, like the brand, are committed to positive social change and ethics.

The sale of each ring gives a portion of the purchase price to provide clean water to a person in need through the company’s partner charity. Founded by young entrepreneur Krish Himmatramka, Do Amore imparts permanent change to communities throughout the developing world, and has already delivered clean water to more than 3,500 people in 14 communities.

Krish Himmatramka trained as an engineer and initially pursued a career in the petroleum industry, working for companies including BP and Shell. As part of his work, he realized that drilling for water was easier than drilling for oil and became aware that the world was facing a clean water crisis.

At the same time, Himmatramka was looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend, familiarizing himself with ethical issues related to the jewelry industry. He recycled gold and diamonds to personally make the ring for his girlfriend.

With this knowledge, Himmatramka founded Do Amore in 2013 as an ethical jewelry company. Proceeds from each ring sold go to fund the drilling of a water well in a developing country. Rings from Do Amore are attractive not because they are shiny but because they contribute to providing water to an underserved area.

During its soft launch period, the company generated $2.2 million in sales and improved the lives of people in communities across Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India and Nepal, providing access to clean and safe water to thousands of people.

Brands like Do Amore that include Vrai, Brilliant Earth, and Clean Origin work with zero to minimal carbon emissions. Their stones are usually made in labs, and the gold or platinum is mostly recycled from old rings to ensure the rings do not hurt the environment.

Many people today look for oval engagement rings available from eco-friendly destinations. Do Amore rings are packed in cases of jarrah wood. It is a unique wood grown in the forests of New Zealand and Australia. These forests promote the biodiversity and soil quality of the local ecosystem.

In Latin, Do Amore means “I give with love”. The brand chose this name because they understood that buyers giving a ring to a loved one would support giving clean water to those in need, with love.

The rings themselves are comprised of Solitaire, Side Stones, Halo Rings, Vintage Inspired, Engagement, Wedding, Women and Men’s including Fingerprint rings. The brands most popular ring styles are Callan, Ashu, Charu, Abila, Lalana, Bekah, Luna, Diana, Unity, and Infinity

The company’s Forever One Moissanite is a 100% colorless gem produced by Charles and Colvard. It is one of the most brilliant and affordable gemstones on the market and is the first colorless moissanite stone produced by Charles and Colvard. One of the most important aspects of Forever One Moissanite is that it is internally colorless without any treatment or enhancement meaning its beauty and brilliance will last forever and won’t disappear overtime.

Moissanite is 10% more brilliant than a diamond and disperses more light (over two times that of a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire). The Forever One Moissanite is certified by Charles and Colvard, the first manufacturer of moissanite and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Prospective buyers can log on to and browse by popular styles and/or fully customize every aspect of the ring, from stone, and style with the site’s proprietary platform. Prices range from $250 and can exceed $50,000.

Interested buyers can consult directly with a Do Amore representative to answer questions on the ring creation process. Buyers will receive their ring within two weeks of placing the order as well as information that discloses the GPS coordinates of the well the purchase helped construct, along with photos of the well itself and the people who received safe water as a result of the purchase.

Himmatramka’s wife, Shipra, is also involved and works part-time for Do Amore. According to an article published by Forbes in April 2017, Krish said, “She’s always thinking of ways to increase our exposure. Her confidence in Do Amore, and desire to help people in need, has been crucial to our success.”

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