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Equalli (Est. 2015) announced its launch in a press release that appeared on Newswire in November 2014. The release stated, “Company CEO Trent Anderson has been in the jewelry business for over 14 years and has built up a network of gemologists, master cutters and artisan jewelers who are as passionate about making jewelry as he is.” The team behind Equalli was already in the jewelry business for many years. It had been making and selling rainbow sapphire jewelry online since 2005. Equalli was born out of the desire to specifically serve the LGBTQ community part of its customer base for many years.

In the press release Anderson said, “To have that network of honest, hardworking, intelligent people who are highly interested in putting this together… I don’t know another group of people in the world that can do that.”

It was during the launch that Equalli put forth a high end line of gay and lesbian engagement and wedding rings made with rainbow sapphires arranged as a pride flag. After being in the rainbow sapphire jewelry business for over a decade, the people behind the company had received many requests from gay and lesbian customers to re-arrange the gems to form a pride flag. The Equalli brand was born out of desire to better serve the LGBTQ community.

All of the brand’s jewelry is hand crafted and uses only fine, ethically mined, conflict-free sapphires and gemstones. The company independently sources its sapphires directly from twenty-four mining locations around the world and the profits from the stones purchased go back to community projects at the source.

On its official website, the firm writes. “The rainbow has always been the perfect symbol for equality and diversity, not just for the LGBT community, but for humanity. To us, equality is not about sameness, conforming to old traditions, or trying to fit inside the box with everyone else. It’s about having the same rights, while celebrating diversity and proudly showing your colors.”

The brand’s most notable pieces include rings, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, and necklaces that the firm offers in its many collections. Among these is, most prominently, the Rainbow Pride Collection.

LGBTQ Pride jewelry is the cornerstone collection. This collection of LGBTQ pride rings offers customers an ideal way to recognize gay and lesbian weddings as well as ways to commemorate anniversaries and other milestones.

Each of the rings uses rainbow sapphires to demonstrate gay and lesbian pride in wedding rings and every day wear. Other collections, including the Stackable Rings Collection, also incorporate rainbow sapphires to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

The LGBT Pride Collection embodies what the brand stands for in one comprehensive collection. The LGBT pride rings are created from rainbow sapphire stones, diamonds and precious metals. The culmination of the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality in 2015 made the collection of gay and lesbian wedding rings something more than the brand’s original premise and promise.

In the Matching Rings Collection, the firm endeavored to move beyond the notion that engagement rings were a way to show a woman was taken. The company’s male engagement rings boast a number of gemstones while the complementary men’s wedding ring is more subtle and in line with classic wedding band styles. The men’s engagement ring is a simple piece while the wedding band features a perfectly set gemstone.

Options for men’s engagement rings and classic wedding bands bring together beautiful gemstones and precious metals that result in a variety of styles. These include classic, sleek, iconic looks as well as styles that embrace new fashion and approaches to design.

The Equalli At Night Collection incorporates pride into a jewelry collection that doesn’t necessarily include rainbow sapphires. This collection offers pieces created with classic beauty for those who want something a bit different while still supporting the LGBTQ community.

The pieces are simple in design and color. The rings, for example, are designed to be used as gay and lesbian wedding rings that offer gender-free appeal. The black wedding rings have a masculine touch but are not intended only for men. Any of the brand’s black spinel jewelry pieces can be paired with more colorful options from the Equalli line for those who want to diversify their jewelry wardrobe.

The Equalli at Night collection features black spinel gemstones that boast a deep, rich color. Some pieces can also be upgraded to use a black diamond. As in the company’s other collections, each piece of black diamond or black spinel jewelry is independently examined and verified for authenticity by a third-party expert in gemstones. Each piece is also backed by a free lifetime guarantee that covers the workmanship of the jewelry.

The Equalli Stack Collection features rings and earrings that can be worn singly or in sets to create the color and vibrancy the wearer wants to show on any given day. Both the stack rings and earrings come in every color of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, and black. This lets the owner combine colors to be a piece of a pride jewelry collection or to create the colors of the owner’s favorite sports team, hometown school colors or just about anything else.

Stack rings are sold in sets of three with colors of the buyer’s choosing letting the customer build the collection over time or all at once. The same is true for earrings that are sold as individual sets but can be used to create a full spectrum for those who have multiple piercings.

The Equalli Pink Collection was, according to the brand’s official website, “…specifically developed with femmes and queens in mind.”

This collection is made up of several different ring styles including a pink triangle ring for LGBTQ pride as well as queen and lesbian engagement rings that can be easily paired with bands. As with the rest of the collections, the Pink Collection’s stones are part of its appeal.

Each tourmaline is unique which means no two pieces are ever identical. Each stone has its own unique set of “fingerprints”, small lines and features that set it apart. These lines are not cracks though they can appear to be at first glance. They are what makes each stone unique, special, and beautiful. Their coloring also varies, ranging from a light pink to bright magenta and into the deepest burgundy. The diversity of each stone’s fingerprints and its natural coloring options make each ring unique.

Equalli also offers the Xerxes Collection, the Las Vegas Collection, and the Spectrum Collection as well as Matching Couples rings.

Equalli’s Special Collection brings together the best of the best in gemstone brilliance, artistic quality, and overall beauty. This collection features the highest-end jewelry that Equalli offers including tanzanite, emerald, diamond, tsavorite green garnet, and sapphire options with settings that enhance the gemstone’s natural beauty.

The Equalli team is especially proud of the diamond and emerald necklace, bracelet, and earring set options that are part of the Special Collection. Each piece is made to order giving clients the opportunity to customize their options and assuring that its creation is made created with the specific customer in mind. Each piece is examined by an independent gemstone expert and packaged with its own third-party certificate of authenticity.

Equalli jewelry celebrates love and beauty in all its forms and the brand’s impeccable attention to detail produces perfectly crafted, one of a kind pieces designed to mark the milestones life and last a lifetime.

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