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Erica Molinari Design LLC

Erica Molinari Design, LLC (Est. 2004) is the company Ms. Molinari established after spending eighteen years as a member of the National Luge Team and competing in the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics. She was inspired to go into the jewelry design business when she imagined looks she wanted to buy but could not find.

She learned the fundamentals of style and design and launched her line with the goal of creating pieces that were unique and beautiful but also accessibly priced. Many of Erica’s pieces reflect an Old World Byzantine influence with intricate etchings and Latin sayings inscribed on them. She often pairs oxidized silver with 18k gold, diamonds and other fine gemstones creating a look that’s bold and boasts exquisite detailing.

With her superb eye for design, the silver pieces and the Molinari cross charm have all become well-known and must-have accessories for those who strive to expand their jewelry collection beyond the norm. Inspirational quotes are an empowering emblem that represent inner courage and protection, making pieces like the cross charm a symbol worn like a shield from emotional harm.

Her couture collections respect the integrity of her love for old world style. Erica’s semi-precious colored rings, earrings, and pendants in 18k gold showcase the best in fine jewelry. Every piece is a story waiting to be told, a future heirloom, and a resting place for memories and milestones.

Erica Molinari crafts all her pieces in New York City. Her jewelry designs reflect a passion for creating meaningful works of art that pay homage to the past while embracing the present. Drawing inspiration from powerful ancient symbols, Erica communicates a universal language through her designs and the words she inscribes on every charm. Every piece is beautifully executed and inspiring.

Her work includes a beautiful keepsake double sided charms available in 14k gold, oxidized sterling silver and 18k/sterling, two-tone charms embellished with diamonds and inscribed with inspirational quotes. One example of her work is the Tree of Life pendant with its dominant shape and inspiring meaning. The Italian inscription on the back, "L'amina e eternal," means "The soul is eternal."

The Tree of Life is a gold charm that radiates dimension and warmth. Its unique shape and smaller size adds the right amount of balance and contrast to any collection. It also has an organic shape and hand carved lettering.

Erica is also known for her delicate gold and silver designs and exquisite detailing that offers accessible jewels to a fashion conscious clientele. Very popular are her oxidized silver earrings, rings and bangles that are embellished with 18 kt gold and diamonds. Other big sellers include diamond-studded pearls, blackened silver bangles and twiggy hoops.

Hidden Messages of devotion, friendship and empowerment are all part of Erica Molinari’s recent ring collection that’s based on poetry rings first worn in the 14th century. These period styles pieces are replete with motifs representing love, faith and loyalty engraved on the outside and a verse or saying that is worn close to the skin. Later 18th and 19th century versions were simple bands that spoke volumes in mottos inscribed on the inside.

Bands of varying sized widths with deep floral and scrollwork patterns - chased and highlighted with black enamel on the outside - are among the styles for which Erica is known. Insides are inscribed with Latin or English mottos that hold different meanings depending on the wearer’s life experiences and how they interpret each inscription.

A ring with a small floral design says ‘she flies on her own wings’ while a wider rose bud pattern declares ‘know thyself.’

There are also forget-me-nots that clearly state what they mean and other patterns with inscriptions by writers, playwrights and poets such as “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” (Oscar Wilde) and “Beauty awakens the soul to act” (Dante Alighieri) plus many others.

These rings can also be worn on a chain as pendants or can also work as stackers or wedding bands.

In her distinctive style and with her affinity for jewelry that is deeply entrenched with meaning, Erica has rejuvenated jewelry from the past with a new presence. Her rings are exceptional examples of how to create a modern take on an historical themes. Her designs have been described as, “… gutsier yet still feminine; an edgier take on the classical.”

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