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Gregg Ruth

Gregg Ruth (????) The name Gregg Ruth is known for classic designs with a contemporary twist that are world-renowned and sought after. It is also a brand that has solidified its place among the jewelry industry’s elite.

With his keen eye for unique aesthetics and a mastery of rare jewels, Ruth is among the best of the best in fashion jewelry. His designs are often described as “a triumph,” “a tour de force,” and perfect for those seeking high quality pieces of astounding design and timeless character.

The son of jewelry store owners, Ruth grew up surrounded by gemstones and fine jewelry that, from an early age, began Ruth’s love of beautiful jewelry. At his parent’s store he was in an environment where gold, diamonds, and colored gems were everywhere. Around the dinner table, he learned the business and inflamed his passion to be involved in all aspects of the jewelry industry.

In 1977, he opened his first store in Tennessee and by 1981, had launched a new venture importing luxury gold jewelry from Italy.

In 1987, Ruth moved his company to Malibu, California and in the 90’s, he went from importing gold jewelry to creating his own diamond jewelry designs. His classic, fashionable styles developed a loyal following. Today his designs are revered for their unusual diamond cuts, fancy colored diamonds, and setting techniques.

Ruth marries pink and yellow diamonds with his patented setting technique to offer creations imbued with elegance and sophistication. Gregg Ruth’s important jewels are a dazzling collection of high prestige jewelry.

Pieces contain important center stones, clusters and briolette diamonds and offer a look found only in Gregg Ruth creations. His patented setting process surrounds the center stone with smaller diamonds angled so that the tables reflect into and intensify the center stone. Multiple glimmering gemstones come together to create a unified, mesmerizing showpiece.

In 1995, the company began to focus their design aesthetic around the use of Fancy Color Diamonds and Important Colored Stones. The company quickly became known as an industry leader in Yellow and Pink Diamond center stone pieces that helped to popularize these rare diamonds.

It then expanded its world of color into the hues of Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. A Gregg Ruth colored stone piece, whether it is pendant valued at $1,000.00 or a necklace valued at $150,000, is instantly recognizable by its bright and highly saturated gemstones.

Gregg Ruth & Co. remained a privately owned, Malibu, California-based jewelry design and manufacturing company from 1981 until it was purchased by the KGK Group, a business with interests and expertise ranging from global manufacture of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry to infrastructure and real estate development. By 2014, KGK had acquired worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights for the USA brands, Martin Flyer and Gregg Ruth.

With over 600 bench jewelers and 750 new styles per year, CEO Gregg Ruth developed a defining vision and synergy for diamond, gemstone and bridal collections of couture quality. His strong focus on craftsmanship and detail proved essential for the company’s elegant, sophisticated styles, which incorporate unusual diamond cuts including one that uses melee small diamonds to make the center diamond appear larger and improves color saturation.

In December 2015, multiple publications reported that founder and CEO, Gregg Ruth had left the Malibu, California based jewelry company that bears his name and was replaced. A release from company owner KGK said Ruth was leaving to “pursue other business opportunities” after founding the company in 1981.

Sanjay Kothari, a KGK vice chairman, said, “I have nothing but the greatest respect for Gregg Ruth and thank him for his leadership and service to the company.”

Even as the company continued to operate in California offering multiple collections of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants, Ruth opened another store based in New York City that continues to create classic designs that stand the test of time.

Today, Gregg Ruth and the company he founded remain true to their namesake’s roots while expanding to include exotic stones and beautifully crafted contemporary, distinctive fashion. The Gregg Ruth Brand remains dedicated to the creation of jewelry which is fashion-forward yet timeless and which can be worn and treasured for decades.

According to Ruth, “At Gregg Ruth, each jewelry piece is created to reflect the … belief that [the] designs are ‘more than ornamentation … They are a statement, an attitude, a lifestyle.”

Every Gregg Ruth design is an exceptional piece of art and a stellar example of fine craftsmanship.

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