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Hammerman Bros.

Hammerman Bros. (Est. 1946) is an American firm founded in New York in 1946 by brothers Benjamin, Hyman and Bernard Hammerman. The three had recently returned from serving during World War II when they decided to go into business together and set up a jewelry manufacturing company. Over time, they built their reputation by making high quality fine jewelry in 18ct gold and platinum and set with beautiful gems.

In the following years, they expanded their business vertically with the introduction of the Kelman Casting Company and the Bermont Diamond Company. This structuring enabled the company to direct much of the process and supply functions in house.

The brothers were astute businessmen and grew their brand into one of the largest and most successful jewelry manufacturers in America supplying many jewelers in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Today the firm remains family run with all jewelry still made in house in their New York, mid-town Manhattan location. In March 2015, Benjamin died and ended the original founders’ active participation as Hyman and Bernard had previously passed. The firm now operates under the direction of their children and grandchildren.

Through several subsequent generations the Hammerman family has served clients who seek crafted and designed jewelry. The business has also been the ‘go-to’ jeweler for many firms that do not have workshop capabilities and artisans on site. These use the Hammerman firm for assistance. Hammerman’s own jewels are stamped with the company’s ‘HB’ maker’s mark.

Among the company’s diverse offerings are the Classic, Hammerman Sport, Hammerman Haute Joaillerie, Royal Pavé, Tavannes, Les Boules, and Royal Ascot lines. Hammerman Sport is youthful, fun, and lively compared to the Haute Joaillerie line that is comprised of extravagant pieces for special occasions and red carpet moments. The H2 Hammerman Collection features versatile pieces ideal for creating a chic look and being reasonably priced. Royal Ascot specializes in sophisticated-looking cufflinks for men who want statement cufflinks for their French cuffs.

Diverting from the current trend of outsourcing production, the brother and sister team of Brett and Darcy Hammerman who now oversee Hammerman, continue to design and fabricate the brand’s jewelry in house. This lets Hammerman maintain strict control over all phases of production, insuring an exceptional level of quality. This meticulous process is behind the House’s guarantee motto: “Hammerman Made – American Made.” In the industry and among its fans, the Hammerman name is recognized as, “the house behind the houses” producing jewelry for prestigious companies such as Tiffany & Co.

Hammerman’s finely wrought pieces combine an artist’s expertise with inventive, eclectic designs in collections that use a vast array of precious materials to bring forth a diverse range of inspiration. Combining their talents, Brett and Darcy conceptualize a piece, sketch out a design, source exceptional stones to bring it to life, construct it to last a lifetime, and interpret it in new and unexpected ways.

The design process can begin from any number of starting points. Sometimes a stone will spark an idea for a one-of-a-kind piece. For example, a stunning ring in the form of a snake provides the slithering animal with a sleek black opal body, whose natural shape suggested the reptilian form to Brett.

A popular collection, the Flowers necklaces cry out to be reinterpreted in different colors of gold and gemstones, and the legendary stained glass windows of Notre Dame Cathedral inspire lacy pendant medallions whose intricate designs demonstrate the quality of its fabrication.

The company’s diverse collections encompass everything from necklaces and earrings to watches and cufflinks, from a $1 million ring to more casual creations that remain refined and elegant. Hammerman’s collections exemplify a comprehensive approach to design.

The Amorphous collection features naturally shaped stones on an oval pave-set background and contains interpretations that range from candy-colored pink tourmaline to reserved yet still opulent field of white diamonds. Les Boules is a line of earrings and necklaces characterized by three-dimensional, rounded, pavé-set teardrop shapes that can be affixed or removed using invisible screws, and therefore providing versatility. Also versatile is a limited edition collection of objets d’art that appear to be miniature Grecian urns, complete with classical scenes in golden relief. The urns can also be worn as brooches.

One aspect of Hammerman’s collections that makes them so popular is the range of options they provide. By interpreting an idea in several different arrays of gemstones and precious metal, the firm offers a range of price points. For example, noting the rise in popularity of pink and blue diamonds – exceptionally rare gems that can sell for millions of dollars per carat – Brett fashioned 100 unique pieces using high-quality aquamarine and kunzite as the central stones. These are investment pieces for the discerning jewelry connoisseur.

Notable pieces include an Opening Flower Brooch made in the shape of a flower that opens and closes to show off stamens made of diamonds that also have diamonds lining the edge of the petals; a Sapphire Floral Pin in 18kt Gold, and a floral pin from the Estate collection in 18kt yellow gold that, while dazzling, can be worn with any outfit.

While primarily known for their rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and Royal Ascot watches and cuff links, the firm has offered a variety of products that include boutique items and is also renowned for cutting diamonds valued at over a million dollars. The firm also accepts commissions and specialty requests to design an individual creation to meet exact specifications.

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