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Hearts On Fire (HOF)

Hearts On Fire (HOF) (Est. 1996) Founded by Glenn and Susan Rothman, the Hearts On Fire Company, LLC, branded as Hearts On Fire, is a privately held diamond jewelry design and manufacturing company established in 1996. The company originated when, on a trip to Belgium, Glenn saw a round brilliant cut diamond displaying a hearts and fire burst pattern created by its perfectly symmetrical and geometrically optimized cut. Rothman dubbed the diamond “Hearts On Fire” and began selling under the registered trademark, “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.”

He returned to the United States to begin the company that would soon become a globally recognized diamond jeweler. Glenn and his wife Susan first started a diamond wholesale business in 1978. During a 1998 trip, Rothman’s established the new company’s presence in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean. The next year, the company launched its first collection of diamond jewelry, creating diamond rings and earrings using its own diamonds.

Hearts On Fire diamonds have a distinct difference prospective purchasers can actually see. According to the brand’s official website, “Hearts On Fire became the world’s first branded diamond, the only diamond in the entire world whose diamond is deemed perfectly cut every single time. Hearts On Fire diamonds have a brilliant difference … a perfection seen nowhere else in the world.”

In 2002, after two years and testing 30 different models, the Rothmans perfected and patented the Dream diamond bringing the same Hearts On Fire brilliance and intensity to a square-cut diamond. Also in 2002, Hearts On Fire supplied diamonds to fashion designer Anne Bowen to create a diamond dress for the 74th Academy Awards ceremony. The gown was worn on the red carpet by E! Entertainment Television anchor Jules Asner and was estimated to cost over $5M.

In 2006, the company supplied diamonds to lingerie company Victoria’s Secret to create one of the world’s most expensive bras, the Victoria’s Secret Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra, valued at $6.5 million.

The next year, the company supplied diamonds to Godiva Chocolatier for a Valentine’s Day prize of over $1M in diamond jewelry, the largest prize in the history of either company.

In 2008, upon the launch of its Architectural Collection, a jewelry line inspired by architectural structures the world over, the company created a diamond chandelier to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Emmy Awards. The chandelier was made using more than 3,300 diamonds weighing over 1,000 carats and was valued at $10M. The chandelier was featured in the award show’s green room in a partnership with Architectural Digest.

Also in 2008, the first Hearts On Fire retail store in the U.S. opened at the Shoppes at the Water Club, the Borgata’s premium hotel in Atlantic City. By 2010, Hearts On Fire had begun selling jewelry online through and had authorized Hearts On Fire retailer websites.

In 2012, Hearts On Fire launched a new retail, standalone boutique store, Hearts On Fire in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The year 2012 is also notable for Hearts On Fire hiring a new Design Director, Ilaria Lanzoni, an Italian native with years of jewelry design experience most notably working with Stephen Webster in London.

For her first 18 years, Ilaria lived in S. Daniele del Friuli, a small town in Northeast Italy that is about one and a half hours from Venice. From there, she moved to Rome to study jewelry design for several years before spending time in both Florence and Turinhas.

Before joining Hearts On Fire, Ilaria was the Senior Designer for Garrads Fine Jewelry in London where she worked closely with Stephen Webster on a variety of design projects. Prior to Garrads, Ilaria designed for Asprey Fine Jewelry also in London and helped launch a multitude of their collections.

Ilaria established two hit collections in her first year at Hearts On Fire – Copley and Illa – both of which display her distinctive inspirations. Ilaria created the Copley Collection from her experiences during her first weeks as a new Boston resident (HOF’s headquarters) where she was enthralled by the city’s unique architecture and ironwork. The Illa Collection, which she named after herself, was inspired by the love she developed as a young child for the nighttime sky in Italy. Her eponymous collection features beautiful constellation and star themed designs.

In 2013, Ilaria added two additional collections – Atlantico and Lorelei which continued to integrate modern design elements into the brand. Both of these collections extend Hearts On Fire’s goal of marrying diamonds with current fashion trends including bold yellow and rose gold metals and providing women with the ability to layer different Hearts On Fire necklaces, bracelets and more across the various collections.

In 2014, Ilaria added a fifth designer line, the Aerial Collection. This collection reflects elements of nature that originate from or live in the air, including snowflakes, butterflies, suns, raindrops, and more. This collection uses optical illusions using only Hearts On Fire round diamonds to create the impression of other diamond shapes, such as marquise and pear shapes.

HOF diamonds sparkle magnificently because of the way in which the brand crafts each piece. Less than one tenth of 1% of the world’s rough diamonds are considered useable for their special jewelry. Its signature feature is a one-of-a-kind flawless ring of 8 hearts at the base and a perfectly crafted symmetrical flame of fire bursting at the top. No other diamond in the world has this signature feature.

The Dream Diamond, perfected in 2002, is a masterpiece because of its square cut. It was a modern take on the traditional cut, but it stayed true to Hearts on Fire quality, bursting with brilliance and beauty.

Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut in a special process that their skilled craftsmen utilize in a proprietary way of cutting diamonds to make them outshine the rest. This method is kept secret from other of the world’s diamond cutters.

With each Hearts on Fire purchase, the buyer receives a diamond identity document that includes a detailed description of the piece. It includes a serial number, Kimberly Process Certification, and all other vital statistics. The company also promises that the diamond is protected and registered with a Hearts on Fire Laser inscription.

Among the most popular wedding rings is the Gold Teardrop Bezel Diamond ring that features a design with a delicate motif subtle enough to complement an engagement ring style or decoration. Diamonds of various sizes, displayed in pavé and bezel settings, flash from the simple, elegant band.

The Diamond Classic Double Row ring proves that one can never have too many diamonds. If the wearer’s engagement ring needs a boost, this band of double rowed pavé diamonds brings out the sparkle. These diamonds have a royal-quality with a total gem weight of 1.73 ct.

The Gold Fulfillment Five Round Diamond ring has five main circular diamonds surrounded by halos of small, intricate pavé set diamonds. The design of consecutive circles on one side of the band is imaginative and artistic.

The modern simplicity of the Chic Dream Wedding ring offers contemporary sophistication. It is a chic, modern band pavéd with intricate pristine diamonds.

The concept of the Destiny Twist Infinity Band is that it never ends. Gorgeous spiraling metalwork, inlaid with diamonds each held by its own tiny prongs, make this ring a breathtaking masterpiece of jewelry.

The Hearts On Fire lines also include bracelets and necklaces. Among many bracelet designs are some that are eye-catching, artsy, bold, and that can stand on their own.

The Copley Bracelet is warm and feminine. The swirls of yellow gold and small white diamonds are arranged to accentuate the center of the pattern. The bracelet is comfortable to wear and lovely.

The Illa Constellation Bracelet is named for its star shaped gold frames filled with luminous well-cut diamonds. It is a very valuable piece, set with approximately 70 carats in a seven-inch wide band.

On the Illa Diamond Star Comet Cuff is almost 15 carats of sparkling diamonds that are spangled around this star shaped cuff. This bracelet covers a good bit of the forearm, so it’s best to accessorize it with a sleeveless top or strapless dress. This is a flashy and youthful bracelet style.

The Atlantico Tri-Color Bracelet is designed for true fashion lovers as the bracelet artfully feature mixed metals. Designed for those who like the style of mixed metals and wearing different types of gold, it is a combination of yellow, rose and white gold with the addition of white diamonds.

For those who choose to avoid being flashy but still want to present understated beauty, prospective purchasers can opt for more basic pieces in the Hearts On Fire bracelets collection. There are plenty of minimalized styles that can be stacked on and paired up, or worn individually for those who want a subtle look.

Hearts On Fire Necklaces are loaded with well-cut diamonds specifically shaped to reflect light onto the face and neck. This jewelry collection includes several luxury pieces.

When Rihanna shot the music video for the Calvin Harris hit, “This Is What You Came For,” she wore a Hearts On Fire Necklace in every scene – an especially appropriate choice given the lyrics.

Hearts On Fire necklaces are perfect to wear with a formal gown at a special, fancy event. For example, the Lorelei-Diamond-Collar is 38 carats of perfectly cut white diamonds set into a beautifully sculpted white gold collar necklace.

The Aerial-Elegance Necklace is a fashion-forward piece that holds strands of 18.25-carat diamonds that hang down in a tiered fringe design. Other popular styles include the Atlantico-Diamond-Necklace, a sophisticated 18k White Gold lace collar that is topped off with sparkly white diamonds set at every intersection and the Aeriel Diamond Necklace with its layers of dainty diamond strands and butterfly shapes playfully scattered. The sparkly necklace showcases a total of 17-carat diamonds.

The brand also offers rings for men. Several of the masculine Hearts On Fire wedding rings incorporate small diamonds into the band. Whether the groom wants diamonds or just wants to match the same metal color as his bride, Hearts on Fire Wedding Rings for Him are available in a variety of styles.

In 2016, iconic London-based jeweler Stephen Webster and Hearts On Fire joined together for a new collaboration. It is the first ever partnership between two beloved brands and the first designer collaboration for Hearts On Fire.

The first collection of Hearts On Fire by Stephen Webster is called White Kites taking its inspiration from magnificent birds of prey. The renowned British designer led the design for this high-end, all diamond collection – a first for Webster – which uses only Hearts On Fire diamonds paired with white and rose gold. The result is a powerful collection that has bold Stephen Webster style, yet seamlessly displays the timeless beauty of Hearts On Fire diamonds.

The White Kites collection includes diamond collars, sparkling cocktail rings, statement cuffs, chandelier earrings and feminine ear cuffs, as well as delicate bracelets and necklaces. The collection is available at Hearts On Fire and Stephen Webster retail boutiques worldwide, as well as select department stores.

Celebrities who have worn the HOF brand with pride include Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, Courtney Cox, Lupita Nyongo, Hayley Orrantia, and Kortney Kardashian.

Today, Hearts On Fire is sold in 550 retail stores in 34 countries around the world, including 14 Hearts On Fire stores, as well as on and at authorized HOF retailer websites.

The engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, fashion rings, bracelets, and earrings by Hearts on Fire make for some of the most ideal luxury-grade jewelry items perfect for stylish, elegant, and glamorous women.

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