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Henri Daussi

Henri Daussi (1932 – ????) was born Henri Daussi Loots in Antwerp, Belgium a city that has been at the center of the world’s diamond trade for over five centuries and continues to be known today as the diamond capital of the world. Diamonds and creating the finest jewelry is a Loots family tradition.

Daussi, grandfather to Jeff and Kristiaan Loots (who currently lead the family business), was taught the art of diamond cutting at a young age by his father who had learned the diamond trade from his father. Henri became a respected master diamond cutter and worked for other diamond manufacturers to cut only their most unique and significant diamonds. Years of experience taught Henri how to place different facets onto a rough diamond turning it into a beautiful brilliant gem. His expertise gave him the ability to design and create one of a kind jewels that present the diamond at its most beautiful.

Henri Daussi is the master of the cushion cut diamond. Every Signature Henri Daussi is a unique variation of the traditional cushion cut diamond and is cut to appear 10% to 30% larger. Henri Daussi’s cutting makes the diamonds more brilliant than ordinary cushion cut diamonds. All HD diamonds are cut and polished by the company in Belgium.

Over the course of his career, Henri became a respected diamond cutter and built an international reputation. Specializing in large and valuable diamonds, Henri was commissioned to study and cut diamonds for many of the world’s most acclaimed jewelry brands. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and can only be cut by using other diamonds. Before Daussi, no one had ever managed to cut into a diamond to place facets onto it.

Henri believed cutting and placing facets into a diamond was possible and made it his purpose. It opened up a new spectrum of potential diamond shapes. After years of work, Henri designed a special and unique diamond polishing wheel, called a ‘scaif’ that let him add cut facets into a diamond. Using this new groundbreaking tool, he cut the first perfect heart-shaped diamond.

Henri went on to create many more astounding diamond shapes and sculptures, many of which are on display in museums around the world. Henri passed his knowledge, experience, and fascination for diamonds to his sons Jef and Dirk Loots who continued to grow their father’s legacy.

Each of the Henri Daussi diamonds can be enhanced with a Henri Daussi setting. While most rings are usually sold complete, buyers can have their own diamond set in a Henri Daussi ring.

Today Henri Daussi is led by Bart, Jeff, and Kristiaan Loots, grandsons of Henri. One of the greatest appeals of Henri Daussi’s wedding bands is their singularity. Using different colored metals and precious stones to craft spectacular rings, the brand stays ahead of trends and provides some of the most innovative designs for the modern bride.

Their collections include engagement rings for her and him, the Fancy Color Collection (decadent silhouettes featuring signature Daussi Cushion Cut Yellow Diamonds), Daussi Jewels (halo earrings and pendants that sparkle with sophistication), and wedding bands.

The Henri Daussi Fancy Colors Collection ranges from dainty to 10ct showstoppers and is an extensive collection of fancy colored diamonds with an emphasis on gorgeous, affordable, sunshine-like yellow diamonds. The yellow gold diamonds in Henri Daussi engagement rings are set with yellow gold baskets underneath to accentuate their color.

From simple pavé stackable wedding bands to a rose gold band set with natural pink diamonds or an 8 row pavé masterpiece, Henri Daussi offers diamond bands for everyone. If a potential buyer wants more than one band, they can also be worn in fashion stacks.

Today, Henri Daussi is also headquartered in New York City and its creations are available at only the finest jewelry retailers across the US and Canada.The Henri Daussi brand also practices philanthropy. It proudly supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) with the 14k rose gold diamond and pink sapphire band available with diamonds in halfway (R26-7H) or eternity styles (R26-7E).

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