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Hoover and Strong

Hoover and Strong (Est. 1912) is an eco-friendly refiner and manufacturer of precious metals. Recycling was the firm’s primary business when it was founded in 1912 in Buffalo, New York. The original owners were Jay Hoover and Harry Strong. The company’s original venture was the recovery of platinum from industrial light bulbs, refining the metal and selling it to local platinum artisans. Harry Strong stayed with the company for only three years as the business could not support both partners. Because money was already invested on the company’s sign and stationery, the Hoover and Strong name remained. As sales expanded and the supply of industrial platinum scrap diminished, the company started purchasing platinum and eventually scrap gold jewelry.

Jay’s son, Dudley Hoover, joined the firm in 1927. Over the next several years, Jay and Dudley developed various repair products such as sizing wire, half round, square, and flat wire. As jewelry manufacturers moved from Buffalo in the 1930’s, Hoover & Strong followed their customer base and established a mail order business.

The company struggled through the Depression years selling most of the gold it refined to the United States Mint. Jay passed away in 1947. Five years later Dudley died suddenly and Marie Hoover, Dudley’s widow, took the helm as President.

George Hoover, Dudley’s son, apprenticed in the factory and worked his way up. In 1970, George took over as President.

The company grew steadily and relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 1979. Torrance Hoover, George’s son, started working in the company in 1981 while going to night school. In 2001, Torry was named President and George Hoover CEO.

H&S continued to expand its product lines and continued the firm’s expansion by diversifying into finding products. In 1991, Hoover and Strong purchased the assets of Baker Fendt, one of the largest ring findings manufacturers in the United States. This added die-struck findings to Hoover & Strong’s product line. The company also added a casting division to respond to their customer’s desire for more bridal products, custom casting, and finishing services.

Since then, Hoover & Strong has continued to thrive and grow due to the acquisitions of Keystone Findings in 2009, and Stonewall Silver Company and Performance Contracting in 2011.

Today, Torry’s son T.D. Hoover, who started working at Hoover & Strong in 2016, currently serves as the Jewelry Supervisor for Casting & Toolroom. Most recently, in late 2018, Torry’s daughter Dani Cutler joined the company assuming the role of Customer Service and Marketing Manager.

The company mentors their employees at becoming jewelry experts. This extends from key leaders to the factory floor. Customer service reps receive vigorous training so they can become familiar with the company’s more than 30,000 products, technical specs, and jewelry techniques. Precious metal experts direct all aspects of the Mill, Findings, Castings and Refining divisions. This in-house expertise gives Hoover & Strong customers access to some of the best technical resources in the jewelry industry.

The company relies on its large inventory of wire, solder, tubing and findings along with its ability to manufacture specific size sheets and other special items quickly.

Throughout the Hoover and Strong factory, processes have been instituted that conserve energy and re-use materials. The precious metal refinery is among the greenest in the United States.

Over 15 years ago, the company installed equipment that reduced chemical production by 80 percent. With a zero-discharge wastewater treatment facility its location, nothing goes into sewers and the air is always clean.

Branded in 2008, the Harmony Recycled Precious Metals division at Hoover and Strong includes gold, platinum, palladium, silver that are 100% recycled and are certified recycled by SCS Global Systems.

Hoover and Strong’s metal supply comes entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewelers and other refineries that also recycle scrap metal. These recycled precious metals are paired with conflict-free diamonds, recycled diamonds and, most recently, lab grown diamonds that make up Hoover and Strong's expanding selection of responsible and eco-friendly materials that are part of the Harmony brand of products and services.

Through a second socially-responsible option, Hoover and Strong is a lead supporter of artisanal and small-scale mining and currently partners with Fairmined, Fairtrade and Fair Congo sources to bring artisanal mined metal to the United States.

The company offers many products and services that fall under its Harmony Metals brand including bridal jewelry, findings, mill products, custom casting, and refining. The firm’s diamond services include stone purchasing, stone removal, lab grown diamonds, diamond auctions, and more.

Hoover and Strong also sells wedding bands, solitaires, ear studs, and pendants in finished program trays that are all made in the USA from Harmony Recycled Precious Metals.

All program trays are available in 14K yellow or white gold, and include popular best-sellers all with competitive price points to maximize turnover. These styles help generate sales with minimal investment. Program items come set with the retailer’s choice of natural diamonds or Harmony Lab Grown Diamonds, all of which are high-quality, strictly graded stones, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Recently the company introduced two new diamond auctions that promote the recycling of diamonds. Harmony Diamond Auctions lets jewelers buy and sell recycled diamonds in the marketplace and through a service called, MyAuction. This auction service gives jewelers a platform to consign customers’ diamonds and put them up for auction with no risk or upfront costs to the jeweler. In addition, MyAuction gives jewelry customers a safe and secure opportunity to sell their diamonds online to a large audience of qualified buyers and get the highest prices for their stones. Jewelers, in turn, make a commission on every item sold.

On the Hoover and Strong official website, Torry Hoover writes, “Our mission is to provide…the most innovative, high quality, eco-friendly jewelry products available, along with…exceptional customer service. Like other manufacturers in the jewelry industry in recent years, Hoover and Strong has dealt with our share of various challenges due to the ever-changing economy and metal market fluctuations. We feel however that the future is bright!”

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