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Jeff Cooper Designs

Jeff Cooper Designs (Est. 1976) is a line of engagement rings, wedding bands, and commitment jewelry that is easily identifiable by its classic, clean, and elegant designs. Jeff began his career in Manhattan’s Bowery district working at the jeweler’s bench handcrafting his own jewelry. He eventually expanded into sales and began travelling extensively, broadening his experience of the jewelry industry. His commitment to achieving impeccable quality is present in each piece in his collections.

Each ring is designed and manufactured one at a time, by hand, in Long Island, New York. The rings, in most examples, are not overly embellished and come in one and three stone designs. There is also a line of men’s wedding bands that are sleek looking and intended for the modern man.

Cooper also has a line of gay engagement rings and commitment bands. The rings are mostly sold through authorized dealers.

After many years in business, Jeff’s son, David, who graduated from the Gemological Institute of America, joined the family business. Today, David or Jeff inspects each ring before it leaves their workshop.

The brand’s lines include Octoprong, a unique setting for an engagement stone; Lattice, which has flowing lines; and Heirloom, a collection merging the past with the present and one of the firm’s most popular collections. Other collections are named Georgia, Arielle, Fireworks, Classic, Laurel, Nikole. Tandem Halo, Tandem, Eternal, Lumiere (with striking, twisted designs), Grace, Arabesque, Joy, and Trilogy.

Settings are available in a variety of metals, including 14K White Gold, 18K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, and Platinum, and the vast majority can be custom made to fit any center stone. Most pieces are characterized by very sharp lines and extreme precision. From the downward beveled edge to the smooth interior, there is never a rough edge, curvy channel, or poor quality diamond in or on a Jeff Cooper ring. Each ring is hand finished by running a silk ribbon between all the spaces to remove shavings and spurs left behind in the polishing and setting stages.

The brand also offers a wide selection of wedding sets that include an engagement and wedding ring. What makes this unique is that the two rings are designed to fit perfectly next to each other; thus avoiding a ring that is too big for the finger or that looks unnatural. Instead, the rings look like a double band, fitted with a diamond on top, after both have been fitted on the finger.

Jeff Cooper has received numerous awards for its jewelry, including the Platinum Designer of the Year, also called PGI’s, award. The brand specializes in metal settings produced from platinum and gold, and is known for fitting their unique metal settings with gorgeous, distinct diamonds.

The firm is also applauded for excellent customer service. Jeff Cooper stands behind its product and is willing to go above and beyond to meet the client’s needs. From exchanging a white gold solitaire to platinum one, a 1/2 channel set band for a full eternity model, or simply sizing or refinishing the client’s ring, the brand more than exceeds its clients’ expectations.

Jeff Cooper rings are available at various retailers throughout North America, as well as on the brand’s official website.

Today, working in platinum, gold and diamonds, Jeff’s designs radiate with clean lines, elegance and simplicity, and focus on classics that are always in style. Clients can expect delivery within three weeks.

Based on the philosophy that ‘less is more’. Jeff Cooper designs are renowned for their flawless simplicity and timeless elegance. Refusing to follow trends, the brand’s rings are consistent and always easily identifiable as Jeff Cooper rings.

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