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Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry (Est. 2006) When Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer opened her first brick-and-mortar boutique in Caruso’s new Palisades Village by Caruso retail in 2018, her shop was designed to be a 500-square-foot jewel box, appropriate for her gently decorative creations.

In September 2017, she told the LA Times, “I’ve always had in the back of my mind a vision for a store, but I could never find a location that felt right. I grew up in Malibu so I know Pacific Palisades, and when they approached me about opening there, it was a very attractive mix of tenants,” she said.

Meyer began her jewelry business in 2006 and has specialized in small gold jewelry she helped to popularize. The stud and stick earrings, leaf motifs and nameplate necklaces remain very popular although she’s also started to create larger statement pieces with turquoise, lapis and diamonds that can range from $10,000 to $40,000 retail.

Meyer was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977. She is the daughter of Ronald Meyer, who is known for being vice chairman of NBC Universal, and was previously president and CEO of Universal Studios.

Meyer began making jewelry alongside her paternal grandmother Edith Meyer, who taught Jennifer how to make enamel jewelry when she was six years old. Jennifer would spend afternoons making rings and medallions in her grandmother’s tiny Santa Monica apartment, its kitchen crowded with a kiln.

Jennifer studied psychology at Syracuse University. then returned to Los Angeles and worked in public relations with fashion houses Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.

Meyer gravitated to her roots in jewelry making in 2004 when she designed her trademark leaf-shaped 18-karat gold charm, which to her represents and she has referred to as “turn[ing] over a new leaf”

As a result of her father’s career, Jennifer took advantage of her extensive Hollywood connections. Her ex-husband is actor Tobey Maguire. Her jewelry made its national debut when a stylist picked out one of Meyer’s leaf pendants for Jennifer Aniston to wear in “The Break-Up.”

The exposure led to Meyer founding her own company, Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. Her lines of rings, charms, pendants, and necklaces are distributed through many luxury stores including Barneys New York and Worn by Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow, Meyer’s timeless designs make luxurious keepsakes.

According to Jennifer Meyers Jewelry’s official website, “[her brand was] founded on the idea that jewelry could be more than an accessory [and is] designed to become an extension of the woman wearing it – a symbol of luck, celebration & love – a way for every woman to reflect on the important milestones in her life.

“More than a business endeavor, making jewelry has been a part of Jen’s life …” since [she learned] to make pieces from enamel from her grandmother, Edith, a recognized California artist.

“As an adult, Jen made pieces to mark important milestones in her life; to celebrate friends, and remember family. The brand started as a way for Jen to not only reconnect to her roots, but also [to] pay homage to the women who inspired her along the way.”

The website further states that the brand “…began with simple shapes in the best materials, making pieces that shared Jen’s philosophy on life – be authentic, be unique and always sparkle. The label still makes make every piece in [its] Los Angeles studio, with master jewelers who share [a] commitment to quality and … passion for innovation.”

Jennifer Meyer’s delicate jewelry designs feature 18-karat gold, sparkling diamonds and semi-precious stones often worn by many Hollywood celebrities. Her signature pieces include good luck charms, the personalized nameplate necklaces, initial pendants, wishbones, and leaves. Her style is understated, yet luxurious so that many women no matter their lifestyle will find perfect. The jewelry’s beauty is found in the substantial weight of the delicate designs or the unexpected diamond accent in a simple gold bangle.

In a September 2017 article in The New York Times, Meyer’s work was described as, “…simple 18-karat gold pieces [that] often use motifs that are whimsical or talisman-like. Charms in the shape of wishbones and four-leaf clovers that dangle from a slender chain are best sellers, as are a variety of items adorned with a large heart.

“Nothing is fussy, loud or overly large: There are earrings and chain necklaces accented with sleek bars of gold, either plain or filled with diamonds or lapis lazuli, and little earrings in the shape of hearts or arrows. Prices for the most basic pieces start around $200, rising to several thousand for larger or more embellished ones.

“Many items seem [to be designed and intended to be given as] gifts, such as necklaces with white gold discs that are inlaid with diamond pavé initials and mismatched stud earrings with the words “love” and “you.”

“Jewelry pieces by Ms. Meyer start around $200, rising to several thousand for larger or more embellished ones [such as] initial necklaces with inlaid diamonds.”

Production is handled by artisans in downtown Los Angeles. Ms. Meyer and her 10 business and marketing staff members are based in an office in West Los Angeles.

Ms. Meyer’s collection has always had many pieces that cost less than $1,000, including a selection of thin bracelets and stud earrings. She has gradually added higher-priced pieces to her line such as a long necklace of prong-set diamonds that retails for slightly more than $25,000 and a heart-shaped pendant encrusted with pavé diamonds at $6,000.

Even the larger, more expensive pieces feel as if they are intended to display low-key ease rather than traditional Hollywood glamour. “It’s really been important for me for all these years to stay with my aesthetic,” she told The New York Times, “the everyday classic piece that you’re not going to get sick of.”

Meyer has often said that Diane von Furstenberg has been her mentor and given her the greatest advice she’s ever received. Meyer has gone on to say that Diane has become a friend and mother figure. When Meyer has encountered bumps, von Furstenberg has quickly given her solutions.

“Her advice has changed my company. She’s really smart when it comes to the little moments in your company and working with people to help support that. When I’ve had bumps, she’s quick to give me the right answer.”

Recently, Meyer introduced an exclusive sterling silver star necklace inspired by Stand Up To Cancer’s Constellation, the online tribute space where one can launch a star for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis. The sterling silver pendant sports a 16″ silver chain and spring ring clasp.

Meyer was named 2007 Jeweler of the Year in the Us Magazine “Hot Hollywood Style” issue. Her heart-shaped locket adorns the neck of Kirsten Dunst’s character, Mary Jane Watson, as a gift from her boyfriend, Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire, in “Spider-Man 3.”

In 2012 Jennifer Meyer Jewelry received an award from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, and in 2013 Meyer was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessories Design. In 2015 she designed the wedding ring for Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux and the company commemorated its 10-year anniversary collaborating with Barneys on a 12-piece ready-to-wear Fall Collection.

Of her often-copied look, she has said, “I think there’s room in the market for everyone.”

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