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JRS (Est. 2017) According to his official website, when Julien Riad Sahyoun established his JRS brand in 2017 he not only used his initials, he was driven by his passion to develop his knowledge of gemology, design, and practical skills. Working with leading industry experts, Julien translated his love of stones, artistry, and exceptional craftsmanship into wearable masterpieces.

Julien was born in Casablanca, Morocco, of French, Italian and Lebanese descent. He always had an affinity for nature and was fascinated by mysteries hidden in the Earth. He collected gems, rocks, fossils and minerals from a young age. His adventurous spirit took him to New York and California where he enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), known for providing the finest gem and jewelry education in the world.

In December 2017, the noted jewelry critic, Katerina Perez wrote on her website, “Every collection by the young designer has embodied some kind of idea or hidden message shrouded in gold and diamonds. His work is very easy to wear. … I have never seen the designer use colored precious stones to realize his jewelry concepts. His necklace and earrings made with emeralds and diamonds were something of an experiment and yet a total success!

“To strike a contrast with a glittering snow-white palette of colorless diamonds, Julien used three magnificent Colombian emeralds. Each of them are investment grade stones, particularly the 2 carat pear-cut emerald in the center of the necklace. Its uniqueness lies not only in its possession of a flawless green color, but also in its supreme natural beauty.”

JRS launched during London Fashion Week 2017 with the Just collection that included three styles: the Just Revolution Skin, the Just Rebel Star, and the Just Radiant Sun. The collections were deemed elegant as well as edgy, blending bold precious metals and subtle styling.

Julien also created an opulent giraffe mask, embellished with gold leaf, named Inho. “Elegance is key to all of my designs and there is no animal more elegant than the giraffe” said Julien. “The mask has been inspired by one of my latest jewelry collections, Just Revolution Skin, which communicates the solidarity of love and unity of all cultures. This vision echoes the group The Elephant Family whose mission is to protect … nature’s greatest masterpieces.”

Julien’s love for elephants as well as giraffes developed from childhood when he began to recognize impressive landscapes and wildlife. Julien works with ‘The Elephant Family’ and overtly supports its meaningful cause.

During Julien’s initial presentation, he added several pieces to his Skin Collection including ultra-delicate white and rose gold bracelets with textured finishes. These can be worn on the wrist either separately or together. He also created three new earring designs for his signature Star collection, two of them made in the shape of wide diamond hoops. The third was ear pendants.

More recently launched collections and pieces include 3Ternity designed to highlight three essential values: love, friendship, and soul symbolized by the power of infinity. Next is Babylon which employs the passion of basic and primitive instincts described in the words, ‘love’ and ‘kill’ and uses ancient symbolic writing.

JRS also offers a collection of Skinny Stacking Rings and what Julien named, The BulletPeace. His website describes that creation as, “… a tribute to my beloved friend Leila Alaoui as a symbol of hope in these turbulent times. Through her remarkable and captivating photographic work, Leila showed to the world her true humanist values. … As an anti-terrorism symbol, I have damaged the bullet, [and] the word ‘Peace’ is engraved at the point in the eight most commonly spoken languages. Leila’s initials and the date that has shaken our lives [are] inscribed at the base.”

In January 2018, as part of the brand’s one year anniversary celebration, JRS unveiled its first high jewelry pieces: the Infinity necklace and earrings made of highest quality Colombian emeralds and D/IF pear shaped diamonds.

The center emerald in the necklace is around 2ct and has beautiful natural color not subjected to any treatment. One hundred and six internally flawless pear shaped diamonds are arranged in pairs to form infinity signs. The earrings have different lengths mirrored in the asymmetric lines of the necklace.

Today, Julien continues to travel the world searching for inspiration. Exquisite, entrancing, and elemental, each piece of his jewelry is motivated by organic forms of nature.

Julien’s pieces are created with integrity, intuition, and instinct. Each piece of JRS jewelry bears the hallmarks of their creator. Delicately detailed and imagined in finely wrought craftsmanship, his work delivers a heartfelt message.

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