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Jye’s International, Inc.

Jye’s International, Inc. (Est. 1979) For nearly four decades, Jye’s International Inc. has evolved from a major provider of fine south sea and cultured pearls to a high-end designer/manufacturer of classic and contemporary diamond and precious gemstone jewelry in 950 platinum and 18 karat gold. Based in San Francisco, founder and designer Jennifer Chang, M.A., M.B.A., and husband Charles Ueng; Geologist, Ph.D., bring design and production expertise to collections that feature rings and earrings. JYE International has earned a reputation for innovative designs of exemplary craftsmanship that showcase incomparable precious gemstones and metals. The result is distinctive lines balancing timelessness with couture fashion.

The creations use only GS/V+premium cut diamonds and fine gems to achieve beautiful pieces of artwork.

Some of their best known and best-selling pieces include the Tipton ring which has become a classic. It is made with G/VS round diamonds and G/VVS baguette diamonds set on a tapered 18K/platinum band. The ring was named after Kathy Tipton, a brand ambassador and friend of the founders.

The complementary Robinson prong earrings were named after Susan Robinson after she sold several pairs of the brand’s special hoops in the first year they were introduced. Unlike traditional hoops where the diamonds can only be seen from the front, the unique twist in shape of these earrings allows the diamonds to be seen from any angle.

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) that hosts the AGTA GemFair in Tucson, Arizona describes the firm’s products as cultured pearls, South Sea and black cultured pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

As jewelry manufacturers, the brand specializes in gem-set jewelry, platinum, diamond and cultured pearls. The creations often incorporate Jade, Jadeite, Opal, and fine cultured pearls in the Akoya Chinese, Akoya Japanese, Freshwater White, and Tahitian Black varieties.

At the 2017 Tucson Show, Jye’s presented 36-inch-long necklaces with rose-cut sapphires. “The younger generation loves to mix up their wardrobes with functional pieces,” said founder Jennifer Chang. The brand also featured an aquamarine and diamond pendant which was a new addition to Jye’s Luxury Collection.

JYE won the 2013 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award for Best Bracelet Design. Editor-in-chief of Indesign Magazine, Trace Sheldon took notice of this award-winning piece and was astounded by its intricate design. He was so impressed with the rest of the line that he handpicked Jye’s to grace the magazine’s June 2013 cover.

In July 2016, Jennifer Chang developed a multi-chain clasp in 18k gold that holds up to five necklaces at a time. It gives customers the opportunity to buy any lengths they desire and wear them simultaneously without risk of tangling.

In June 2017, JCK’s “Showoff” issue featured JYE’s flower brooch on the cover. The brooch was made in 18K white gold with 4.39ct round diamonds, 1.4ct baguette diamonds, and 0.98ct marquise diamonds. The June 2017 issue also had a spotlight on period pieces that included JYE’s Victorian inspired ring, a 4.48ct Sri Lankan sapphire with 1.43ct round diamonds and 1.28ct baguette diamonds.

Jye’s creates award winning jewelry that is timeless and worn by people around the world. What sets JYE apart from the rest is the breathtaking collections of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, jades, and iridescent opals. Whether set in earrings, rings, or necklaces, each creation showcases every unique and opulent aspect of these timeless gemstones. Jye’s has won multiple industry design awards for their signature “Susie” diamond hoop earrings that frame a woman’s face with sparkle and light.

Today, Jye’s is recognized for their diamond and precious gemstone jewelry as well as their revolutionary shared-prong design that sports the unique twist shape in some of their hoop earrings and allow a perfect view of all diamonds from any angle.

With exceptional quality and backed by the AGS Society, Jye’s jewelry can be passed down for generations.

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