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Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith

Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith (Est. 2015) is the brand founded, owned, and operated by Rosie Whipple-Andrews and her husband Ross Andrews. The company’s earliest beginning coalesced when Rosie and Ross met in Aspen, Colorado in 2004. Their relationship started with adventures that turned into a whirlwind romance that was a combination of artistic forces.

Rosie was born in California and raised to dream big. She knew from an early age that she had a passion for design. As an adult, while working for a boutique fashion designer in Virginia Beach, she met many who encouraged her to move to Aspen and broaden her horizons.

Colorado native Ross found goldsmithing a means to pay his college tuition. He made jewelry out of his Volkswagen Bus and traveled in summer to raise funds. This became a passion and Ross became a master goldsmith who loved working with raw metal. He opened his first store in Del Mar, California and later returned home to open his Aspen store in 1981.

Rosie and Ross began a budding relationship and married in 2009. Since then, their greatest endeavor has been inspiring each other in design, business, and life. Rosie started working hand in hand with Ross early on, learning about jewelry, gems, and the artistic construction of jewelry. Rosie gradually took over the custom design side of the store operation and became a sought out designer in her own right.

In 2015, Rosie began her own venture and debuted her line, Katherine LeGrand. A year later, she opened her first store exclusively for the Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith collections. She continues Ross’ foundations of great service and craftsmanship using her unique style and design aesthetic.

Pieces in her collections include rings, bands, studs, drop and hoop earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets plus bridal and custom inspirations. The pieces are cast in Sterling Silver, 14K White or Yellow Gold, 18K White or Yellow Gold as well as platinum. No piece is less than 14K gold nor is any piece cast in titanium or steel of any type.

Gems incorporated into the pieces are sourced from around the world working with companies that practice eco-friendly policies and fair trade community support. Conflict free diamonds are purchased from Diamonteers, who trade strictly within the Kimberley Process. Metals are purchased from a company that mines in the US and has been awarded SCS certifications for its fine gold and fine silver refining practices.

In 2019, Rosie was included in JCK Magazine's Jeweler's Choice Awards competition for her beautiful Haute Bijoux Red Oro Fino Tourmaline ring. It was a candidate in the Statement Pieces Under $30,000 category.

More recently, Rosie unveiled her Aspen Leaf Collection that’s modeled after the local emblem for Aspen. The collection features soft textures, multi-hued precious metals, and a variety of sizes and combinations. It is great for layering: gold layered over blackened silver creates a dramatic effect, while soft, shimmering silver sets a romantic edge to any outfit. The delicate diamond hoops allow the rich gold Aspen leaves to dance.

These collections were inspired by the brand’s partnership and collaboration with JewelStreet that began in 2017. JewelStreet is an international website dedicated to showcasing some of the world’s best independent designers.

The pieces for the JewelStreet collection were handpicked with the intention of representing all of Rosie’s design aesthetic, i.e., practical and glamorous. While sometimes I focused on clean lines and simple presentations, the pieces often reflect some whimsy and creativity to break through the gems and shine. Regardless of the piece, each one is representative of Rosie’s art story, passion and care for detail.

Among the pieces included in the collection are Constantine Studs. These dainty, stunning studs are inspired by recurring patterns in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ancient wood screens. They’re perfect for either daily wear or a special evening out.

The A’donna Amethyst Ring displays an enchanting mood with blackened sterling silver mixed with the dark beauty of Amethyst. It can be worn with everything from an evening gown to a pair of workout pants.

The Haute Bijou Tanzanite Pendant is emblazoned with old world charm. From the deep blue Tanzanite to the diamond details, this pendant truly needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The Arabian Nights Hoop Charm is perfect for the world traveler. It is a fanciful play on Moorish and Middle Eastern historic designs. It is designed to coordinate with the petite diamond hoops because they can be switched out for a quick look change.

Last but far from least is the Haute Bijoux Ring which sports an extremely rare gem with incredible purplish-red hues. It is uniquely cradled by broad black diamond paisleys and white diamond bubbles.

These products are only a small sample of the pieces offered under the Katherine LeGrand brand. There are also unique pieces that make perfect gifts.

In April 2017, Katherine LeGrand was selected to showcase some of pieces at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Rosie Whipple-Andrews was one of only two fine jewelers invited to display pieces for Museum’s auction. It was an honor to have her work displayed at the only museum in the world that solely recognizes the creative contributions of women. She designed a special piece to commemorate the museum’s 30th anniversary.

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