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Kimberly (Kim) Collins Colored Gems

Kimberly (Kim) Collins Colored Gems (Est. 2008): In May 2018, Becky Stone, a blogger who describes herself as, “A lady with a love for literature and shiny things [who] discusses books and bling,” met Kim Collins for an interview. Upon meeting, Kim introduced herself as a, “…picky buyer [who] cherry pick[s]. I am not a dealer that buys lots and parcels, I purchase each of my gems one by one. I buy my stones with passion, I ooooh and ahhhh as I am buying. If they move me, I know I will be able to move them. The only problem with buying like this IS I do fall in love…and as exciting as it is to see someone else appreciate and love the gem I selected, sometimes I am sad to let them go.”

According to Kim’s official website, “[She] always had an interest in beautiful things, thanks to [her] mother, a professional artist, and [her] father, a lifelong collector of gems, minerals, and other exotic treasures from around the world.”

Kim received a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University and worked awhile at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the interview with Becky Stone, Kim revealed that she did not originally intend a career in gemstones, but they called to her. When she had the chance to go to Nairobi and learn about the gem business, she never hesitated. As a woman in her 20’s launching a business in the late 90’s, Kim faced many obstacles. These made her more determined and she flew around the world to Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Kenya, and Tanzania to build her business. During this period, she also married and had two children.

While in Nairobi, Kim learned the tanzanite business absorbing everything she could about gems and laying the groundwork for her true life’s work. She moved to San Francisco and formed the Kindy African Gemstone Company in 1995, then changed the name to Collins & Collins Fine Colored Gemstones when she went into partnership with her the man who was her husband during that time.

A 2007 divorce necessitated a restructuring and relaunching of the business. In Kim’s interview with Becky Stone, Kim said, “I had been in the business for 12 years already, but creating a new name, and at the time [also] a newly single mom of a 3 and 7 year old, it was SO tough…and it was the beginning of the recession! That first year of business back on my own, I [sold more] than I had [in] the previous three years with a partner. It was because of the amazing support from clients, suppliers and so many of my friends in the American Gem Trade Association.”

In 2008, Kim opened Kimberly Collins Colored Gems, featuring a continually expanding inventory and adding a finished colored-stone jewelry line. Kim’s passion for individual stones translates into a stellar inventory. Her combination of knowledge, experience, and passion gives her an exceptional eye.

Her business specializes in loose colored gems and also creates several finished jewelry lines. They are comprised of many simple, splendid stackable designs with brightly colored gems in minimalist settings mostly comprised of bezels.

Other gemstones she uses in her creations include Aquamarine, Emeralds, Garnet, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, and Zircon. She designs rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Her collections are named the Aquamarine Suite and Emerald XX.

Writing in her personal blog in December 2016, Kim made predictions for 2017. She wrote, “I believe we will continue to see very strong interest in blushy pink- peach shades, light icy blues to more classic royal blues, icy greens, and blue-greens, lavender and white sapphires [for engagement rings.] … Interest is also developing for Spinel as an alternative bridal option because of its durability as well as its amazing refractive index.”

Regarding metal color, she wrote, “… it seems that all colors of metal are popular right now. White gold and platinum still appeal to a classic bride who might be exploring color, but rose gold continues to be the edgier color… Yellow gold has made a resurgence and I am also seeing a huge mixed metal trend with all of my jewelers.”

According to Becky Stone, “When asked to share her number one piece of advice for anyone considering their first major colored gem purchase, Kim said, “For someone making their first major gem purchase I would always suggest going for quality over size. And remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You need to buy what moves you; what you are passionate about. Buy the gem that speaks to you.”

Kimberly Collins Gems has been a member of the American Gemstone Trade Association (AGTA) for years and recently Kim became an AGTA board member.

On her Linked In profile, Kim states, “As the founder and owner of my business, I have made it my mission to astonish and dazzle jewelers and their clients with some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. I consider it a great privilege to share my knowledge and passion for the very finest in colored gems!”

On her official website, she writes, “I consider it a great privilege to be able to share my expertise, attention to detail, and my dedication with jewelers. I strive to provide them with the very finest in colored gems.”

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