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Nadri Jewelry

Nadri Jewelry (Est.1984) has its brick and mortar location in Manhattan’s Jewelry District and its Executive Office location in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The company was established in Korea in 1984 by Founder & CEO Young Tae MacGyver Choi. The firm is a global provider of beautiful, high quality fashion jewelry.

The Nadri brand is synonymous with elegance. Nadri products are manufactured with the same craftsmanship and detailing used in making fine diamond jewelry. The brand’s designs are versatile and range from vintage to modern.

Nadri’s pieces include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, beaded stretch bracelets, medallions, and colored stone pieces. Its Wedding Shop includes, in addition to previously stated pieces, hair accessories.

The brand’s selection of Fine Jewelry includes sterling silver and diamonds plus 14K gold and diamonds. It also offers sentimental gifts that include graduation gifts plus necklaces, pendant necklaces, religious pendants, bracelets, stud and chain earrings, an open heart locket necklace, and a pavé ‘love’ ring. Every piece is held to the highest quality standard, ensuring that the wearer will enjoy it for years to come.

Among Nadri’s collections are NADRI.925 with genuine sterling silver styles that feature carefully selected semi-precious stones such as mother-of-pearl and white topaz that are accented with cubic zirconia. The NADRI.925 collections range from organic to modern styles. Craftsmanship is an essential component of the collection and is present in every piece. Quality is what makes the collection special, from the uniquely faceted stones that are cut by hand to the polishing of each piece to a high luster.

The Celara Collection takes its inspiration from the celestial world and translates it into modern, sophisticated 14K gold and diamond jewelry built around a unique chain. Its innovative and subtle combination creates designs that are comfortable to wear and offer easy elegance.

The collection is comprised of Sterling Silver and Diamond jewelry with a bold attitude. The sterling silver pieces are colored with 18 karat gold and a ground of black ruthenium paved with dusky diamonds. Each piece is hand-finished creating a softened vintage vibe. It appeals to women and men with an unconventional state of mind. This collection can be found online at and

The Adriana Orsini Collection personifies luxury, from the fine pavé settings to the lavish abundance of glistening cubic zirconias. Every Orsini design creates an aura of drama and opulence, making it a fine choice as a show-stopping touch to any ensemble. The fine artisan detailing is evident in richness that begins with the design and is preserved in each finished piece. Thus collection is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Eliot Danori Collection incorporates classic elements to create an aesthetic that is both eye-catching and wearable. Each design exudes classy sophistication that can be worn at social as well as formal occasions. Danori designs are hand crafted using high quality standards.

In 2019, Nadri was a finalist in three categories of the 2019 Jewelers' Choice Awards. The brand’s vision and focus is creating exquisite jewelry that pays close attention to detail and strives for perfection. Consumers searching for the best design and quality available in the industry need only investigate Nadri. Its brands are consistently recognized for having the highest level of quality in the business.

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