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Paul Morelli

Paul Morelli (Est. 1982) According to Morelli’s official website, “The Fine Jewelry House of Paul Morelli was born from a culturally vibrant and artistic family tradition of theatre and handmade costumes. Founded in the early 20th century, in what was then the Philadelphia Theatre District, the Morellis became the premier company across the country for handmade, high quality and one-of-a-kind theatre garments.

“In the late 70’s, the family’s heir apparent Paul Morelli, followed his passion for art, intricate detail, fine jewels and metallurgy and transformed the family operation into a fine jewelry business. The Fine Jewelry House of Paul Morelli still operates in the same building where the Morelli family’s cultural influence dates back over a century.

“Today the House of Paul Morelli, under creative director Paul Morelli, designs and creates a unique and broad range of luxury fine jewelry from made-to-order, to timeless classics, to signature pieces reflecting current influences.”

Paul Morelli’s first memories of creating beauty were by helping his parents, theatrical costume designers, put together elaborate costumes. He credits his mother, wife and two daughters whose sense of fashion have had a strong impact on his creations.

He began designing jewelry in the ‘70s after pursuing a college education in art. He began by displaying his works in small galleries, but, at the same time, also sent his more prominent pieces to art galleries in Boston and New York.

Paul Morelli built his career as one of America’s pre-eminent jewelry designers with his reputation for creating modern design with intense attention to detail and delicacy. Each of his pieces is handmade and reflects his dedication to superior craftsmanship and artistic curiosity. His business is a family operation still based in Philadelphia. Paul credits fashion as a primary influence in his work. His first foray into jewelry design was a collaboration with Giorgio Sant’Angelo.

Paul produces all his jewelry on-site, by hand, and in his own workshops from conception to completion. In the tradition of European masters, Morelli creates the refined and intricate jewelry that, nonetheless, appears contemporary and clean of line.

The history of Paul Morelli jewelry is an American success story. It began in the early 20th century when the Morelli Family established itself as one of the most renowned tailors and theater costume couturiers in the world. Leveraging the Morelli Family’s impressive network of craftsman, artisans and experts, Paul united his love for fashion, art history and sculpture to design and produce one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. In the late 1970’s, as the family’s heir apparent, Paul Morelli opened his eponymous business under the same roof as his family.

Handcrafted at the House of Paul Morelli in Philadelphia, PA, each piece of jewelry is intricately designed and hand-finished by Paul and his team of skilled artisans and use many of the principles Paul learned observing his father. Paul’s unique pieces of jewelry combine his signature, playful, and edgy appeal. Typically featuring a unique combination of precious metals, stone types and sizes, Paul’s pieces are further enhanced by his three-dimensional approach to designing jewelry. He views each piece as a work of art to be appreciated from all perspectives with the front facing side as equally exquisite to look upon as the skin side.

Each Paul Morelli original design begins with an idea culled from Paul’s imagination. From concept to finished piece, each step in the process takes place under the discerning eye of the Morelli family. The House of Paul Morelli consists of teams of artisans and craftsman who bring Paul’s ideas to physical life with collaborative expertise, in hand craftsmanship and modern technology. Each Paul Morelli piece of jewelry is made by hand in the US, one at a time.

Paul’s original concepts encompass both the visible (front facing) and the back (skin facing) side of the jewelry; a Morelli hallmark. Concepts are hand sketched, then translated into detailed drawings and renderings. Based on the design elements, the models can be both hand modeled and 3D printed.

Each piece is hand finished and scrutinized for details. Completed models are cast in silver. The hand finishing process includes: pouring of precious metals, assembly, pre polish, stones setting, and final polish.

All Morelli designs come from the original casts that are made by hand at the Morelli atelier. The completed piece is reviewed by department heads and Paul. Any slight imperfections can send the piece back into any number of refinement stages including melting it back to its source materials. If the finished piece meets all quality control criterion, it receives a House of Paul Morelli Certification.

Embodying the breadth of Paul Morelli’s creativity in art and fine jewelry, the Morelli Diamond collection is a master study in design and technique. Adorned and adored by noteworthy patrons and discerning collectors, each piece is a testament to devotion and commitment.

Inspired by ancient amulets, Morelli Meditation Bells have risen to iconic stature and gained an avid following. Each bell rings with its own unique tone and comes in a variety of sizes, precious stones, and metals.

The eternal elegance of the Unity Collection was influenced by industrial chic and the rapture of love. A token of devotion for more than two decades, the timeless Unity Collection is available in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Celebrating eternal love, the Confetti collection marries asymmetry in design with aesthetic balance. Varying round diamond sizes and colors bring Confetti to a sparkling life that dazzles the eye.

Stellanise is a constellation of stones that bring light to any circumstance. It elevates the alliance of oval and round stones to modern iconic status.

The Pebble Collection is a symphony of stones, shapes, and gold that gives each piece a singular point of view. Washed organic forms reveal its sentiment. The Pebble Collection is composed of four gold colors: yellow, white, pink and black, and each individual pebble is a different shape. No two pieces are alike.

Pieces in the collections include bells, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

The House of Paul Morelli also offers the opportunity to create unique and one of a kind jewelry in direct consultation with Paul. The art of collaborating with individuals to create singular and exceptional pieces has been a brand signature since its inception. Each collaboration and design is kept in complete privacy.

Employing exceptionally rare designs and materials, the House of Paul Morelli creates singular works of art for the discerning collector. The Morelli high jewelry collection includes classics and recent creations within a broad range of techniques, precious stones, and metals.

After years of being one of America’s best kept fine jewelry secrets, Morelli has an e-commerce platform and has opened a luxurious Madison Avenue boutique.

The new Paul Morelli boutique opened on Madison Avenue at 72nd Street, a significant block for luxury retail. The 2,000 square foot boutique is the brand’s first-ever free standing boutique and offers clientele a wide range of designs from Paul’s classic collections to his limited edition creations and bespoke design services. The boutique itself boasts a contemporary design.

Morelli’s recent ad campaign, designed in partnership with creative agency DMA United, is emblematic of American luxury and strong, independent women who are a source of inspiration for Paul. The first ad in the five-image series revealed a woman’s forearm, her wrist stacked with Paul Morelli diamond bracelets and a magnificent emerald ring. Through the ads, Paul demonstrates that the ‘Paul Morelli Woman’ creates her own definitions, makes her own choices, knows what she wants, and how to get it.

It is this spirit of independence coupled with the brand’s aesthetic that has garnered the attention of many high-profile celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Sarah Jessica Parker. In 2014, Rihanna stunned the 2014 CFDA Awards by accessorizing her gown with a pair of Paul Morelli moonstone and diamond earrings.

The CFDA is formally known as The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. is a not-for-profit trade association whose membership consists of more than 500 of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry, and accessory designers; Paul Morelli among them.

Paul Morelli fine jewelry is the quintessential American Luxury brand.

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