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Peter Storm, Inc.

Peter Storm, Inc. (Est. 1989/1993?) has an official website that states, “Peter began his jewelry career in his early 20s, selling high-style, precious jewelry. As the years passed, he began to weave together his imagination with his intimate knowledge of the wants and needs of bridal clients. Piece by piece, he brought his dreams to life.”

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Storm’s fascination with jewelry came at an early age, sorting diamonds for his father at Louis Storm & Sons. Growing up in a family with a long-standing heritage of creating, designing and selling beautiful precious objects, Storm knew that this was his calling.

The website further explains that, “Peter Storm is a family team founded on the principle that every ring sold is a love story. The company, Peter Storm Inc. was born when Peter brought his own love story into his work. Peter and Anne have been married for 30 years. Even after this 30 year partnership, Anne’s personal commitment to her clients makes a powerful combination with Peter’s vision and imagination. Together, their inspirations bring together couples from all over the United States. Where Peter creates his intricate pieces of art, Anne walks new brides and grooms through the marriage journey with their new rings. To this day, if you email Peter Storm Inc., you will get a personal response from Anne, Peter, or their daughter Adi.”

In a recent, though undated interview with Elite Traveler Magazine, Peter says, “This year marks the 26th year since the founding of Peter Storm Inc. and the 32nd anniversary of my marriage. I include both dates in the same sentence because Anne and I are partners in marriage and in business. Peter Storm is very much a family owned and operated business. While it is led by Peter and Anne, each one of our three children have played some part in the development and growth of the company.

“When I started Peter Storm Jewelry it was my mission to create beautiful designs for the bride that were distinct and had a character of their own. To that end I developed my Naked Diamonds collection. Naked Diamonds is a trademarked, revolutionary way to set princess cut diamonds. With the success of this collection I continued to design and develop unique ways of setting stones and have continued using unusual shapes of stones in my designs.”

Peter prides himself on thorough, in-depth market research that precedes every design. By interacting with customers who come to see him at his in-store personal appearances, Storm is able to create the kind of jewelry that women want to wear. This is what makes him one of the most famous jewelry designers working today. When describing his design philosophy, Storm states, “The old philosophy that jewelry is only for special occasions is antiquated and passé. Jewelry should be worn every day portraying sensuality and elegance.”

Peter’s cutting edge designs have earned a unique place in the jewelry world. On the one hand, Peter and Anne’s commitment to their clients makes Peter Storm an intimate company where clients work directly with the designer. On the other, Peter’s designs are fresh and innovative and let his pieces stand alongside top brand names. Making the experience even more intimate, Peter personally invites clients to play with his pieces and to see which Peter Storm vision suits the customer best.

Engagement ring styles include Cinderella, Diverse Halo, Entrée, Geometry, Geometry/Naked, Diamonds, Large Center Halo, Naked Diamonds, and Opulence. The brand’s Fashion Band Collection is comprised of Large Center Halo, Naked Band, Shadow Band, and Fashion (in bracelets, earrings, and necklaces), plus Blush, Luna, Smoke, and Sunlight.

Julia is a collection with woven silver threads that support floating stones. Fun and easy to wear, it is one of Peter’s favorite collection. The silver thread is light and airy.

The Naked Diamond bridal collection features princess cut diamonds (square shaped diamonds) that are set point to point. This unique technique took Peter two years to master, but the results are stunning: the diamonds appear as if they are floating across the finger, with no visible metal holding them in place. This is how they came to be called, “naked diamonds”. Looking down on these rings, one sees skin peeking between the stones making the diamonds perfectly contrast to the skin.

The brand will also design custom pieces where a client finds a piece and Peter creates a design from or using it. Peter designs rings that can be easily customized and the company offers individual customer service. It claims to be uniquely suited to make custom rings come to life and offers prices upon request.

Metal options include platinum or gold, yellow, rose, white, or combinations of them. Stones can be colored diamonds in white, pink, yellow, black, or brown, as well as blue, pink, yellow, and purple sapphires, or various birthstones. Pieces are also crafted in combinations of Italian chains, faceted stones, and magnetic clasps.

Peter’s most recent collection (as of August 2019) is Rock My World, an intersection of passion with music. Designed for today’s in-touch young bride, Rock My World is a fresh take on tradition.

In the Elite Traveler interview, Peter reveals, “When not at work Anne and I spend lots of time listening to music and enjoying the outdoors. We also take care of our three dogs, and I maintain my tropical fish collection.  I also am involved in philanthropic work and volunteer on boards.”

Peter’s history in the industry runs the gamut from sales to design and learner to teacher. Based upon his extensive understanding of beautiful design and the important relationship between jewelry and the women who wear it, Storm has developed a dedicated following.

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