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Rahaminov Diamonds

Rahaminov Diamonds (Est. 1989) is an internationally recognized diamond house known for its timeless jewelry and extraordinary diamond inventory. The Company offers a variety of classic jewelry collections, designer jewelry collections, and fashion jewelry collection products.

Since the company's early beginnings in Europe to its present location in Los Angeles, California, Rahaminov Diamonds has built a foundation of trust, honesty, and reliability for over 65 years. Current owners Tamara Rahaminov-Goldfiner, daughter of Moshe Rahaminov, and her husband Amir Goldfiner, are dedicated to Rahaminov Diamonds’ European heritage even as the company incorporates exquisite, contemporary, and fashionable jewelry designs.

Tamara was raised in Italy and Israel. Her father was a master diamond cutter who married a woman from a family of Italian fine jewelers. Tamara was well versed in the world of diamonds and jewelry long before she moved to the United States.

Together, Amir and Tamara opened the Los Angeles office of Rahaminov Diamonds in 1989 to continue the family tradition of wholesaling loose diamonds. Headquartered in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Rahaminov Diamonds thrives and continues to strengthen its reputation for superb diamonds and sophisticated jewelry. Today, Rahaminov Diamonds is also known as an international manufacturer of unique jewelry.

Amir has a trained eye for selecting the highest quality cut stones. Each stone is individually chosen for its beauty and is cut to perfection in the Rahaminov Diamond tradition. In her designer role, Tamara hand selects each of the diamonds to bring out the unique beauty of each stone in her jewelry creations.

Rahaminov offers a wide assortment of designs incorporating colored stones and diamonds in platinum and 18k gold in various colors and textures. With a wide range of price points, the brand offers something to appeal to both women and men.

The company has been a trusted provider of top-quality, beautifully cut large and rare diamonds to fine jewelry retailers worldwide. From magnificent engagement rings to bold, event worthy statement necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and rings, each piece from Rahaminov Diamonds is a rare, breathtaking, timeless jewel to be treasured from generation to generation.

Today, a third generation has become an integral part of the business with Amir and Tamara’s daughters Nicol and Melanie Goldfiner, bringing their modern sensibilities to the brand. For Melanie Goldfiner, Director of Business Development at Rahaminov Diamonds, it’s hard for her to imagine not being in the jewelry business. At first she thought she might go into real estate and finance, but realized it wasn’t for her.

In a February 2019 interview, published by the American Gem Society, she said, “I was blessed to have the opportunity to join an established family business. It was a natural transition for me as I grew up loving diamonds and jewelry. I have known many of our clients and friends from the industry since I was a little girl. I am so fortunate to be a part of such a great industry!”

Rahaminov Diamonds is known for their Movál® collection, which features diamonds cut to specific proportions to maximize the gemstone’s beauty, life, and brilliance. “Our Movál cut diamond possesses many characteristics of a timeless marquise cut, with the soft curves of an oval,” says Melanie. “Each piece of jewelry is tailor-made, based on the unique features of the center diamond. No two Movál diamonds are alike, making each piece one of a kind.”

In 2016, Rahaminov won the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award (the grand prize) for the fancy pink Movál. It gave Rahaminov a lot of press coverage and propelled the creation of the Movál collection.

The Movál diamond is cut to specific proportions. The modified, elongated oval diamond possesses many characteristics of a timeless marquise cut, with the soft curves of an oval. Each diamond is sculpted based on the unique features of the rough.

Social media has been another successful way for Rahaminov Diamonds to share their newest designs and pieces with their followers. Followers not only include staff at the brand’s retail partners, but also jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. The firm often receives inquiries about its designs through social media and directs those to its retail partners.

The company’s specialty creations include engagement rings, fine jewelry (comprised of bands, bracelets, earrings, Men’s bands and cufflinks), necklaces, cocktail rings, and fancy colored diamonds in blue, green, pink, and yellow.

It also offers Forevermark Diamonds that are designed by women for women. Rahaminov Diamonds is a leader in the responsible sourcing movement. Hand-selected by De Beers to join the original Forevermark group, Rahaminov champions the cause of sustainability, integrity, preservation, and matchless beauty.

Beyond their proprietary cut and bridal jewelry, Rahaminov Diamonds offers collections of fashion jewelry. The passionate, innovative, bold designs include fashion-forward diamond jewelry in vibrant colors, such as the Kifani Collection, which is designed to make jewelry works of art. This collection incorporates polished rough, fancy colored diamonds with unique hand-made designs set in earthy motifs.

The Ilaria Collection spotlights larger diamonds set in rich, brushed gold. Rahaminov’s signature diamond flowers are produced in white, fancy yellow, black, and Kifani diamond designs. Exciting fashion jewelry includes black diamonds set in various colors of gold, and for those with a taste for contemporary jewelry, there is an innovative twist, the Rose Gold Collection.

For women, the Key Collection features essential and timeless diamond jewelry with modern flair. For men, the Moses Collection is a masculine jewelry line designed for contemporary gentlemen. These collections are basic yet one of a kind, unparalleled creations.

In May 2019, InStore Magazine published a Rahaminov press release that stated in part, “Styled and photographed by an in-house team and shot locally near the brand’s downtown Los Angeles offices, this year’s campaign features … a breath of Rahaminov’s latest statement pieces, diamond classics ‘with a twist’, and more fashion looks than in previous iterations. Line bracelets, chandelier earrings, mega-watt rings and long sautoir necklaces accentuate … beauty; many of the pieces feature the brand’s signature Movál cut diamond.

“We were excited by the thought of something different,” shared Melanie Goldfiner, Rahaminov’s director of business development, about the inspiration for the campaign. “Different faces, different product, showcased in an exciting, seductive, nuanced manner.”

In the new collections are rough diamonds that are partially polished and found in mines with natural colored diamonds. Most rough are cut into standard shapes (round, cushion etc.), then completely polished. Polished rough are cut without changing their basic shape. The faceting is done according to the natural configuration of the stone and often have a minimal amount of facets. The artistic inclusions in many of the stones are arranged in patterns with picturesque scenes reminiscent of modern art or landscaping, adding further to their uniqueness. Each stone is different from one another.

One day, Tamara bought several diamond slices. The free form shapes fascinated her because of the different sizes, colors, and textures. She found that the material aroused her creativity, and the designer created several jewelry pieces which were well received by her friends. Every piece she made available was sold, a process which ultimately evolved into the new line.

These enigmatic natural colored diamonds come in reds, browns, greens, grays and peach translucent and opaque colors. The unusual stones come in a range of cuts which include fancy shapes, rose cuts, beads, and diamond slices (tablets, sometimes called “icy diamonds”), and are transformed into jewelry with handmade designs that resemble each diamonds’ natural state. The result is breathtaking, stylish one-of-a kind jewelry unlike any other.

An important fact to note is that Rahaminov Diamonds sells wholesale to trade only. Each design is made in the United States and made available to select fine jewelers. The brand’s signature motto is, “At Rahaminov Diamonds, the diamond inspires the design.”

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