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Raymond Mazza Company

Raymond Mazza Company (Est. 1950’s) is the current name of a company whose history dates back almost two centuries in a small town just south of Naples called Torre del Greco. Starting in the 1840’s the Mazza family worked with coral and conch shells which they harvested and hand carved into cameos and sold in Italy. At the turn of the century Louis Mazza left Europe to import gems and carvings to the United States. In the 1950s to 1960s, Louis’ four sons joined the business as it expanded. The third son, William, worked closely with major designers, honing his own creative skills, and in 1970 produced his first collection for I. Magnum & Co. and Bergdorf Goodman under the Mazza name.

The Mazza family jewelry tradition began at the turn of the nineteenth century in Leghorn Italy. Early on, the family established a fleet of coral fishing boats and manufactured exquisite hand carved cameos and coral. After Louis Mazza brought the business to the US around 1909, importing stones and selling them to America’s finest jewelers became the firm’s primary business. It was in the late 1960’s that the company expanded to designing and manufacturing finished jewelry.

Today Raymond and his son, Louis Mazza, carry on the family tradition. Their creations are among the world’s most unique and vibrant jewelry. They pride themselves on the intense and personally selected colored stones from around the world. Their craftsmen produce items in the United States.

The Raymond Mazza Company has one of the most fashionably diverse lines in the jewelry industry, ranging from Safari Enamel to checkerboard colored stones and featuring exceptional gold collections. The Raymond Mazza Company produces distinct, high quality products at affordable prices.

The company delivers 14kt and 18kt designer lines with precious and semi-precious stones accented by diamonds and pearls. The colored stones are handpicked by the owners. The firm’s on staff model makers are employed full time. Their and the company’s goal is to produce new, innovative products on a daily basis to stay in style and ahead of the curve.

The Raymond Mazza Company continues to broaden its designs with its newest collections which all reflect Mazza’s commitment to contemporary design while holding fast to the tradition of the Italian masters. Current collections include Au, Bee, Capri, Catalina, Cavallo, Classica, Firenze, Grotto, Iris, Kiss, Lido, Luna, Murano, Opale, Pompei, Roma, SanRemo, Serendipity, Stacks/Charming, The 54, and Turquoise. Most collections contain bracelets, clasps, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings.

The firm plans to display many of their creations at the Atlanta Jewelry Show – March 7-9, 2020. The Raymond Mazza name is nationally recognized in the industry for quality, and couture design.

During the firm’s long history, Louis Mazza’s grandsons, Raymond and his son Louis carried on the family tradition. Today, his great-grandson, William is joined by his three sons William, Jeffrey, and Steven who continue to practice the fine jewelry techniques passed from generation to generation. The Mazza Company continues to create their unique collections using hand carved gemstones and other special gems in the family’s tradition. The Mazza Company, the formerly unknown supplier of gemstones for many famous jewelry houses, has emerged as a leading creator of 14kt and 18kt fine fashion jewelry.

The Raymond Mazza Company is located in Brightwaters, New York. It primarily operates in the Precious Stones and Metals industry within the Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods sector. This business, as currently constituted, has been operating for approximately 27 years.

The Raymond Mazza Company is estimated to generate $2.3 million in annual revenues and employs approximately 9 people at its single location. The company is also engaged in manufacturing activities at its facility.

Collections can be seen in many of the finest independent stores throughout the US. International distribution spans from Mexico to Canada and the Caribbean.

The Raymond Mazza name is nationally recognized industry wide for quality, and couture design. The Raymond Mazza Company is the latest chapter in the long, successful, and storied Raymond Mazza jewelry legacy.

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