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Rego Designs

Rego Designs (Est. 1973) is a family owned jewelry design and manufacturer based in Ohio. According to the firm’s official website, “Rego Designs was founded by Ray and Claudia Kincaid in 1973 on strong conservative values and principles, and it is on these principles that [the] company continues to thrive.” Its advertising tagline is, “Focused on Your Success."

Every piece of bridal and fashion jewelry produced by Rego is subjected to a thorough inspection to ensure it meets stringent standards of gem procurement, jewelry production, and quality control. It’s one reason why the company has found a home in many independent jewelry retailers across America. Rego’s creations include diamond rings, colored stones, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bridal sets, and jackets.

Among the strengths of the brand is the variety of the jewelry. Many pieces reflect the tastes and trends in modern jewelry, but the company also loves to do the unusual and unexpected. One example is a ring with a rose gold setting and chocolate diamond accents.

Other highlights include a vintage inspired white and blue diamond ring. Another is a zircon inspired piece that has almost as much sparkle as diamonds and is why man-made cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute. The spice zircon ring is a natural gem and looks perfect in rose gold with diamonds around it.

Also amazing is a pendant set with blue and white diamonds. Other rings of distinction include the Rose & White Gold Wedding Sets. Both of these wedding sets are available in a variety of gold options - they can be all white, rose, or yellow or buyers can choose the two tone option.

The range of pieces from Rego Designs include Bridal (engagement rings), anniversary bands, wraps and jackets, diamond fashion (rings), diamond pendants and earrings, bracelets, diamond studs, stackables. The Gems of Distinction collection is comprised of rings, pendants, necklaces, and more. Their gem offerings include rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pink, yellow, purple, lavender, and peach sapphires, plus garnets, opals, and pearls.

Rego Designs respects the process of manufacturing fine jewelry and ensures that its creations are the finest. They have extremely high standards when it comes to craftsmanship, and every piece of jewelry undergoes extensive inspection and quality control before it's polished and shipped to showrooms.

Also advertised on the firm’s website is Ray Kincaid’s most recent book, “Reflections on the River of Life.” According to Amazon, “As a young newlywed, Kincaid was relatively new to the Christian faith and possessed very little spiritual maturity or depth. And instead of listening to the wise words of his wife, Claudia, Kincaid pressed forward and purchased a jewelry business that ultimately ended up failing.”

Amazon continues, “Christians who happen to be entrepreneurs, Dr. Ray L. Kincaid and his wife, Claudia, have spent a good portion of their lives developing businesses. The greater portion of their time and energy, however, has been devoted to serving God, his church, and other types of Christian ministry … Dr. and Mrs. Kincaid [continue] to encourage and motivate the hearts of countless friends and business associates. They have been married fifty-nine years, and have four children, twelve grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren.”

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