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Samira 13 Jewelry

Samira 13 Jewelry (Est. 2008) As her brand, Samira 13 Jewelry celebrates its tenth year of operation, Los Angeles based designer and sculptor Samira Sizdahkhani continues to create stunning jewelry most notably with pearls and chains that are trendy and undeniably feminine. Customers who have fallen in love with Samira’s work, often request that she make special pieces in custom combinations. These are amalgams of stackable beauty that have been described as fun, playful, and a joy to wear.

The brand borrows from its founder’s Persian background and offers distinct, whimsical collections that fuse unlikely materials with precious sea pearls and raw gemstones. The label is also known for primitive and nomadic styles crafted from distressed leathers and tattered silks. The look is almost tribal with its claw pendants and pearl-skull necklaces that are, assuredly, statement jewelry. Bridal pieces, rings, pendants, Fringe creations (in bracelets, chokers, and necklaces), earrings, other bracelets and necklaces are among the firm’s numerous offerings.

Born into a fashion family with roots on the east coast, Samira started designing at age 12 in the workshop of her mother’s famed Washington, D.C. designer boutique, Tabandeh. After completing university, Samira briefly worked as a fashion stylist in Los Angeles until she became inspired by Tahitian South Sea pearls.

Fascinated by their mythical significance that harness elements of primitivism, tribal cultures, monasticism, and dreams of ancient Persian nomadic treks, they became Samira’s obsession. The ultra-rare black pearl has significance in many cultures. It has long represented fertility and life cycles, and in ancient texts it symbolized a universal guiding spirit on the path toward individual enlightenment.

This harmony has become the cornerstone of the Samira 13 collection. Continually exploring the tension between refined vs. rough and old mixed with modern, Samira hand selects each pearl and stone used in every piece of jewelry she creates. This imbues each of her custom made designs with both beauty and meaning.

In August, 2017, the blog, “THE BLONDE & THE BRUNETTE” wrote, “One of our favorite pearl designers who is a trailblazer in the industry [is] Samira Sizdahkhani … Her new take on the classic pearl is a breath of fresh air and making waves in the jewelry and fashion world. You can check out and shop some of her amazing pieces at any Barney’s New York, or if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can pop in her showroom storefront on Sunset Plaza, it’s full of treasures!”

Samira’s freestanding boutique in Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood is where she strives to strike a perfect balance between casual and formal.

Her jewelry has caught the eye of some of Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Kate Beckinsale, Amanda Righetti, Christina Ricci, and the singer Christina Perri each of whom has worn her stunning pieces on the red carpet. Samira 13 Jewelry is also available at L’Eclaireur, Luisa Via Roma, and many other fine boutiques around the world.

Samira combines unorthodox materials including distressed metals, tattered silks, raw leathers, and uncut, un-polished diamonds in her uniquely exquisite designs.

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