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Sethi Couture

Sethi Couture (Est. 2009) According to the Company’s profile on Linked In, “Sethi Couture is defined by the philosophy of elevating everyday life … jewelry is meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated, not be tucked away in a box. Each of our designs is purposefully imagined [to] embody heirloom quality that can be cherished and passed down for generations to come. Sethi Couture is designed using the intrigue of natural color diamonds, alongside beautiful white rose, briolette, and old mine cuts. Elegant jewels are created with lively hues and unexpected cuts that delight the eye and capture emotion. Our signature style depicts an old world charm yet contemporary glamour … Set upon the backdrop of 18kt gold, the captivating pieces transcend time, place, and occasion.”

Based in San Francisco, Sethi Couture (formerly known as Manak) is designed by Pratima Sethi of the Manak Family. Since its inception, Manak pioneered the use of natural fancy cuts and color diamonds.

This practice, largely informed by family elders, especially her parents, is a reflection of designer Pratima Sethi’s childhood. She spent days sifting through her parents’ rare collection of gems and playing with her mother’s jewelry box filled with vintage finds. It set in motion a love for fine objects that inspires Pratima’s work today.

Following many travels during her MBA, further study in France, and a career at LVMH, Pratima’s love of fine jewels was put to work. From her natural ease of handpicking stones to sketching elaborate jewelry designs, her formative experiences illustrate how the past influenced her journey.

In 2010, Pratima’s sister, Prerna, joined her as the two built their namesake brand. With a passion for design that came to the fore while she was a student of Architecture at U.C. Berkeley, Prerna developed a love for creating beautiful renderings and ornate objects. She pursued her passion for design that began with a fashion world career but her desire to create a lifestyle jewelry line with her best friend and sister using the diamonds the sisters grew up admiring prevailed.

With their contrasting, yet complementing personalities, Pratima and Prerna share a mutual appreciation for travel, history, and architecture. Originally, Pratima and Prerna Sethi had no intention of designing and making jewelry. Pratima was an IT consultant with an MBA. Prerna worked in the apparel industry after graduating from college.

The sister’s career choices almost mirror those of their parents. When their parents came from India more than four decades ago, their father worked as an engineer and their mother worked with a diamond company. Helping their mother at trade shows on summer breaks during high school and weekends as college students, the sisters developed their passion and knowledge of gemstones.

The two began to collaborate on designs they thought close friends would enjoy owning and wearing and that would easily go from work during the day to play at night. This seamless transition of redefining couture jewelry for everyday wear was the heart of the sisters’ business and designing philosophies.

Equally important was the business approach of women designing jewelry for other women. Pratima and Prerna Sethi view jewelry as a “simple yet significant luxury in one’s wardrobe that is meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated.”

The sisters have a fondness for older diamond cuts and fancy colored diamonds. “Old mine cuts have a fire and brilliance to it more apparent than a full cut diamond. In addition, these diamonds are not cut perfectly making it more intriguing and with personality,” says Pratima. “Rose Cuts have a more subtle appeal making it great for everyday jewelry and again giving our designs that Old World charm and feel. In addition, our affinity for rose cut and old mine cut diamonds lends nicely to a vintage aesthetic which we are able to modernize with the use of different color metals and shades of color diamonds.”

Diamond colors used in Sethi Couture jewelry include champagne, cognac, burnt orange, golden yellow, olive green, and pink.

In an article published by In Store Magazine in November 2017, Prerna told the periodical that stacking bands are the foundation to the Sethi Couture brand. “Our stacking rings are timeless pieces that tell a story with an elegant nod to the past. We believe in loving your jewelry box. If there is something that hasn’t been worn for years or is feeling tired, we encourage clients to bring these pieces to [one of our] stack band parties where we can style it with our … diamond bands to create a renewed relevance. Each stack we create is carefully considered, with our foundational pieces such as the white diamond bezel band and the black diamond pave band ….”

Designed in 18k Gold using natural color diamonds, alongside beautiful white rose, briolette, and old mine cuts, the sisters create elegant jewels with lively hues and unexpected cuts. The brand’s named collections are comprised of rings in stacks, bands, signature, and cocktail styles; pendants, and necklaces that include signature, statement pieces, chains, and earrings: designed as studs, drops, chandeliers, and hoops, plus bangles, and bracelets.

Current collections include:

Your Favorite Bands that offers endless possibilities giving collectors, fashionistas, and brides-to-be the freedom to showcase their style.

In the Enchanted Garden Collection, flowers are in full bloom and are inspired by botanicals and their palette for delicate, feminine and highly wearable pieces.

The Simple Elegance Collection is an eye-catching bit of casual luxury for a layering and stacking statement of refined glamour while the Heritage Collection is inspired by a passage to India and finding beauty in the flaws and imperfections of a century old courtyard home. This collection tells the story of the past, as a story of heritage. Unique shapes of old mine and rose cut diamonds and the selection of one of a kind stones influence the collection’s designs.

The Silhouette Collection uses geometric frameworks that incorporate antique elements with contemporary details. The Art Deco Collection is a sophisticated and bold reinterpretation of the linear lines and geometric forms found in the Art Deco period.

The Vintage Collection is inspired by the imperial quality and subtle elegance of old world nobility and European Crown Jewels while the True Romance Collection is influenced by period jewelry that evokes a romantic language with scalloped borders. The rose cut center diamonds respect a sentimentality for what has been worn and passed down through generations.

Finally, in the Bridal Collection potential buyers find a marriage of old world craftsmanship combined with today’s bride’s passion for personalization.

Each design in Sethi Couture’s collections begins with a simple sketch. The sisters often brainstorm together and create pieces that speak to their individual styles.

With only two short years in business, Sethi Couture received the 2010 JQ Retailer’s Choice Award for ‘Best in Colored Diamond Jewelry,’ for the second consecutive year. At the time, Pratima Sethi said, “Color is my inspiration. The natural colored diamonds and different colors of gold I pair together constantly move me and lend to my signature design aesthetic.”

Set upon the backdrop of 18kt gold, the brand’s pieces transcend time, place, and occasion. Today as a team, Prerna applies her approach to the creative direction of the Sethi Couture brand. Pratima synthesizes these ideas to translate them into Sethi Couture signature styles. Together this sister act continues to evolve Sethi Couture, creating exciting designs and a lifestyle that elevates the everyday.

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