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SimonG. (Est. 1980) arrived in America as Simon Ghanimian and, according to the SimonG. official website,”… had $200 in my pocket and a dream of going to college to be an engineer. But when I tried to sign up for classes in New York, they were thousands of dollars! I couldn’t afford that. Luckily, I had a relative working in the diamond district who invited me to work there and save up for school. I started setting diamonds, and soon fell in love with the process, artistry, and details of jewelry making.”

He started by knocking on doors with a small briefcase of jewelry, a sense of humor and humility, and also brought a passion for quality. Simon and his wife Silvia emigrated from Beirut after having been raised in an Armenian community that placed value on hard work. When he appeared at the courthouse in Los Angeles to get his business license, the clerk told him that his last name was way too long. That was the moment Simon Ghanimian became Simon G.

The SimonG. brand is now well known for fine jewelry, particularly using colored gemstones and diamonds. SimonG. engagement and wedding rings represent the core of the line. From relatively simple and classic to elaborately fancy, there are SimonG. rings to suit every taste.

By building his business from the ground up, Simon learned the secrets to success and regularly imparts his insights to his clients and other interested parties. One of Simon’s favorite sayings is, “Inspiration is not something you find, it finds YOU.”

He has a great story about how the inspiration for his Mosaic Collection found him in the Louvre in Paris. As he moved around the museum, he did not look at the masterworks housed there but looked down at the tile floor and noticed how the pieces fit together. Inspired by that idea, he translated the experience into an innovative jewelry design concept and a distinctive SimonG, jewelry look was born.

Another of Simon’s favorite sayings is, “No detail in the making of fine jewelry is small enough to be ignored. So we don’t!”

Skilled artisans and specialists working within a multi-level quality control system insure that every piece is finished to perfection. A lifetime warranty protects against manufacturing defects. Every SimonG. ring has a unique serial number inscribed on it.

SimonG. collections include Buckle, Classic Romance, Delicate, Garden, Mens, Midnight, Modern Enchantment, Mosaic, Natures Prime, Nocturnal, Organic Allure, Paisley, Passion, Solitaire, Tropical, Vintage Explorer, and Virtue.

The Classic Romance collection is one of the most popular. Featuring slender bands with broad stones available in a variety of cuts, the rings in this collection offer a unique, yet undeniably classy look. It is achieved through the use of geometric patterns that give the rings a more contemporary look. Each Classic Romance ring is available in 18K white gold, with some designs also available in 18k rose gold or 18k yellow gold. 

The Garden collection offers elegant, feminine designs inspired by interwoven vines and floral designs. The Passion collection contains more traditional, classic style engagement rings. These classic rings comprise one of the largest collections of SimonG. rings and are available in a multitude of styles.

The Passion collection rings come in a wide variety of diamond cuts, band widths, and many feature stunning side stones. The variety in this collection offer the opportunity to find the perfect ring to suit specific needs.

The Modern Enchantment collection features bold designs. The rings in this collection feature contemporary twists on classic designs.

The Vintage Explorer collection brings to life elements of styles from the past for those with an appreciation for the classics.

Pieces in the various collections are also comprised of some that celebrate anniversaries as well as bangles, brooches, color bracelets, gent bracelets, cuff links, color earrings, hoop earrings, men’s rings, necklaces, color, cross, and heart pendants, right hand rings, and color rings.

Metals are alloyed in-house to ensure enduring hardiness and perfectly matching color tones. Details are celebrated in delicate beadwork, filigree, and engraving. All pieces are polished not only on the top surface, but on the back, interior, and underneath the stones to create the most light-reflecting surfaces.

All diamonds are hand set, then inspected under microscopes by seasoned artisans who work within one of three disciplines: pavé, channel, or prong settings. This ensures that all diamonds are securely fastened and that they reflect light exactly as conceptualized. Unlike many who use glue to set diamonds or set them using only two prongs, SimonG. goes a step further and uses four prongs to protect diamonds and prevent stones becoming dislodged. All Simon Set pieces use patented technology to replicate the look of invisible settings while providing security and protection for the diamonds.

Every piece features only ethically sourced diamonds with GH or higher color and SI or higher clarity. SimonG. platinum is alloyed with iridium, which prevents the development of a gunmetal color appearing over time.

SimonG. 18K white gold is alloyed with palladium to ensure that the jewelry retains a crisp white color and requires less rhodium plating over time. The brand’s white gold contains only trace amounts of nickel which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Creating alloys in-house ensures that the rose and yellow gold will always be the same color tone.

SimonG. classic styling moves with the busy modern woman. From the casualness of comfortable sweats to the understated elegance of a strapless black dress, their high quality hand-engraved platinum and 18k gold jewelry has a timeless heirloom quality that lasts for years.

Always aware of fashion trends, this year Simon G. features platinum and white gold, often touched with a 18k yellow gold accent. SimonG. is renowned for mixing precious metals and natural, fancy-colored diamonds and winning many design awards over the years.

SimonG. pieces are available at over 900 authorized locations across North America. The brand is most well-known for its ornate, captivating engagement ring designs. Simon’s works of art come in solitaire engagement rings, three-stone engagement rings, bezel set engagement rings, vintage-inspired engagement rings, and more.

On the official SimonG. website, Simon writes that, “As proud as I am of what we’ve accomplished, I still get my biggest thrill from creating a new piece. Sitting down and sketching out an idea is as magical to me now as it was the very first time I did it, whether it’s a traditional wedding ring or a bracelet with multicolored gemstones.”

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