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Suzy Landa New York

Suzy Landa New York (Est. 2004) When she left her first career working in the film industry, Suzy Landa resurrected her childhood passion (inspired by her mother) for making pretty things out of odds and ends and turned it into a business. She first began by metalsmithing and soon discovered that making pretty things does indeed qualify as a “real” job.

In a December 2016 interview with JCK Insider, she said, “I’m an admitted, committed colored-stone junkie. If you saw the contents of my safe, you’d advise me not to buy another gem for the next five years at least. I tend to fall in love with a stone and work backward. I’m attracted to pristine-quality material, and I’m super picky (some would say ridiculously so) about matching. I always want the stones to take center stage—in every way. I want them to be more important than the metal or the setting itself. The details of the setting, though interesting on their own, must always bring attention back to the center.”

On her official website, Suzy writes, “My grandfather’s hardware store was … a treasure chest of interesting shaped bits and pieces to play with. I watched with wonder as my Papa repurposed nails, screws, nuts and bolts into sculptural chess sets; and scrap metal, discarded fittings and random odds and ends into animal figures. I [also] put together pieces and parts to create sculptures, mobiles, or wearable art. And from Papa, my siblings and I received the coolest gift ever: a rock polisher that could transform pieces of broken bottles into gems!

“[At my family’s urgings to use my brain, I enrolled at] U.C. Berkeley where I got a degree in Political Science, learned to research, think critically, and write convincingly, and ultimately chose to pursue a first career in the movie business – developing stories, problem-solving scripts, and finding books and plays for adaptation. For a dozen years I struggled with the relationship between art and commerce: I loved the writers and performers and the storytelling, but didn’t care much for the deal-making that always rendered the creative work secondary. … I craved a genuinely creative outlet.

“At the] end of 2003, I was committed to making pretty things for a living. My initial small collection earned me the label “Rising Star” at my very first trade show, JCK Las Vegas, 2004. The rest, as they say…, is history.”

Suzy Landa creations are one of a kind designs handcrafted in New York City. Her 18k gold, diamond, and gemstone collections are meant to be worn, not stored.

The collections reflect a love of mid-century design, art, and architecture. Symmetric with soft shapes, clean lines, subtle details; they are, paradoxically, statement pieces without attitude. It is jewelry that marries an old world aesthetic with modern flair. The pieces rely on warm gold alloys and satin finishes to highlight the gems rather than the metal.

On her official website, Suzy elaborates on her inspirations and designing process. “Paying homage to the minimalist design and bold colors of my 1960’s-70’s youth, my collections reflect a love of mid-century design. Inspired by modernist structures and sculpture, I play with layers, negative space, movement, and dimension to create pieces that look different when observed from varying angles. … My favorite pieces to design are rings: Whether an unusual engagement ring, a collection of stackers, or a single gemmy ring, rings are pieces the wearer can admire on her own, without looking in the mirror.”

Each of Suzy’s collections contain earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Her Love & Marriage Collection spins the styles into those appropriate for the occasion whether it be a wedding or an anniversary.

Suzy favors curved lines to straight; circles to squares, and form to function. She creates jewelry that is at once bold and understated.

Her interview with JCK Insider offers further insights into her process. “Though I look back on my metalsmithing classes and remember how incompetent I felt on the bench, I’m grateful for my experience because it helped me develop a more discerning eye and attention to detail. I may not feel comfortable with my own ability to translate an idea into a finished piece that satisfies my very high standards, but I can communicate with my model maker and jeweler effectively and examine a piece made … with confidence. I look closely at solder joints, angles at which stones are set, the weight of an earring, how a necklace can lie better.”

Suzy Landa’s notable pieces include a pink tourmaline ring in white gold with diamonds. The pink tourmaline is set in bright white gold and sprinkled all around with bright, white diamonds.

Also of note is a pink tourmaline necklace also set in white gold with diamonds and a pair of pink tourmaline earrings crafted again in white gold with diamonds.

The Suzy Landa jewelry lover is a woman who favors timeless statement pieces over disposable, hot for the moment creations. Suzy is confident in her own sense of style, ignores what everyone else is buying, and knows what she loves the moment she sees it. She expects to love her pieces in 10 years as much as she did on their first day.

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