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Tacori (Est. 1972) The Tacori designer jewelry story makes its first, significant start in 1969 when the Armenian, Haig Tacorian, settled in California with his wife, Gilda. Many Armenians who fled the genocidal war waged by the Ottoman Empire in 1915, escaped to Eastern European countries like Romania. Haig and Gilda fled from there with their family when it was ruled by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

A seasoned jewelry salesman, Tacorian paid for his college tuition with money he earned from sales. He soon realized that his passion for jewelry ran much deeper than simply selling it. He also found that he was making more in a week selling jewelry than his father was making in a month.

Tacorian decided that selling jewelry full-time was much more appealing than college. Before long, he decided he also wanted to sell his own product. The Tacori brand came on the market in 1972.

While now famous for its diamond creations, Tacori’s original lines were pearl jewelry. The once traveling salesman began manufacturing pearl jewelry in Hong Kong and brought it to an eager U.S. market. Meanwhile, in California, Haig and Gilda devoted themselves to creating jewelry that fused distinctive European flair with California’s laidback style.

One of the first designs Tacori released to the US market was a sleek line of handcrafted bridal jewelry. Its crescent design featured diamonds on the inner face of the ring, accented by open, curved designs. Tacorian had no idea that the crescent would end up being the brand’s most sought-after style of engagement ring.

The company expanded into diamonds in the early 1990s. Their unique styling has been what many call their trademark image. Beginning in 1993, the company branched into diamond-heavy pieces all infused with the Tacorian look. By 2005 the Tacori brand was strongly identified with bridal jewelry including engagement rings and bridal wear accessories. Today, almost every Tacori piece features a crescent silhouette.

“It’s our signature,” says the company. As such, not only is the “look” copyrighted, but the company passionately defends it with over 30 lawsuits filed against anyone trying to ‘copy the look’.

As a family owned and operated business, Tacori is deeply steeped in tradition. Its unique platinum and diamond pieces are famous for their signature crescent silhouette styling and each Tacori piece is hand-crafted by expert artisans to fit the individual needs of a customer.

Tacori specializes in the production of high-end platinum and diamond engagement jewelry. Tacori’s headquarters is located in Glendale, California. Their pieces draw inspiration from the California’s diverse, natural beauty.

It all starts with a sketch by the head designer that is then transformed into a three-dimensional model through the use of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. Hours are spent perfecting the design from all 360 degrees to insure its structural and architectural integrity and its beauty from every angle.

The unique 3D image is then used to create a 3D mold. This model is used during casting processes and specific firing techniques to create the design in platinum, gold or silver.

After the liquefied precious metal has been injected into the mold’s design, a goldsmith takes the piece and perfects the exterior of the metal and adds the signature crescent details. The design is then sent to the polishers who increase shine and luster through hand-machine polishing.

While goldsmiths shape and polish the piece, Tacori’s diamond and gemstone team hand selects the appropriately matched stones for shape, color, clarity, and proportion. Some designs require more than 100 diamonds, each individually hand-selected and hand-set.

From there, the design and its accompanying gemstones are passed to a team of gemstone setters, each of whom is specialized in the craft through years of apprenticeship and mastery.

After the design has been cast, polished, set, and finished, the piece receives a final buffing, bringing the piece to showroom quality.

Utilizing the latest equipment, Tacori is the first jewelry company to use an upgraded high-powered CPX machine. In as little as 20 hours, over 500 prototype designs can be produced. This new technologically advanced way of creating jewelry prototypes allows Tacori to make special orders and more high-quality designs.

The Tacori engagement ring line is composed of a number of distinctive collections. Each collection features design elements that create a special look and feel. Every Tacori collection has its own hallmark and style to convey its special appeal.

Blooming Beauties – Like a flower bursting into bloom, the Blooming Beauties collection features a center stone with two rows of pave set accent diamonds arranged in a tiered frame to give the look of unfurling diamonds. The higher layer gives bold sparkle to the ring, while the lower layer creates a solid foundation of diamonds.

Classic Crescent – The iconic Tacori Crescent design set with diamonds lines the inner face of each ring. The valleys between the crescents reflect the brilliance of each diamond whether they adorn the collection’s ribbon bands or straight classic bands.

Clean Crescent – These rings feature the same signature crescent design of the Classic on the rings’ inner faces, but with smaller and more streamlined detailing. This creates a more diamond-intense look for the band and center stone.

Dantela – Romanian for “lace,” Dantela’s name is as delicate as the rings in this collection. Each ring’s crown features a layer of lace-like diamonds set just below the center stone to create a romantic look.

Full Bloom – Like the pieces in the Blooming Beauties collection, the Full Bloom draws inspiration from floral designs. These rings feature just one row of blooming diamonds, however they’re much larger and give a bolder, more impactful look.

Petite Crescent – This is the smaller, more delicate version of the Classic Crescent design. The Petite Crescent collection features French-cut settings with less metal for more emphasis on the diamonds.

Pretty in Pink – This line features the designer’s most popular designs reimagined in rich rose gold.

Reverse Crescent – In this collection, Tacori turns its stunning artwork on its head with the Classic Crescent inverted. Open arcs on each ring’s inner face creates windows of light that illuminate the diamonds in a lacy effect.

Ribbon – Inspired by the wedding ceremony that merges two lives into one, Tacori’s Ribbon collection offers designs that feature two bands of diamonds intertwined for eternity. Ribbons twist together as their separate diamond pave paths merge and culminate with a brilliant center diamond.

RoyalT – The ultimate luxury, the RoyalT collection is specifically designed for diamonds 2 carats and larger. These settings are handcrafted exclusively in platinum, and all include Tacori’s signature crescent silhouette. These rings are intended to become heirlooms admired for generations.

Sculpted Crescent – With its modern spin, this collection features the signature crescent design sculpted in metal. The result is a more structural take on the design.

Simply Tacori – A collection close to the Tacori family’s heart. This line was inspired by an engagement within the family and introduced a more minimalist, modern look with geometric Tacori touches and creative spins on the crescent design.

Tacori Gold – Like the Pretty in Pink collection, Tacori Gold features the designer’s most popular styles cast in warm yellow gold.

Starlit – The most singular of Tacori’s collections, these rings are instantly recognizable because of how they differ from the other collections. Each center diamond is encompassed by a liquid metal bezel setting with milgrain crescent details that twinkle along the ring’s inner face.

Tacori’s bridal jewelry increased in popularity in the United States after the television series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette began to feature its product lines on their programs. Tacori’s California roots and location keep it close to the celebrity crowd making the brand’s designs a favorite among many Hollywood standouts.

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men wears a Tacori wedding band. Meredith Grey aka Ellen Pompeo has a Tacori Dantela engagement ring featuring a 3 carat emerald cut. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott gift each other Tacori jewelry. Twilight’s Nikki Reed wore a three stone Tacori engagement ring and is among the many celebrities seen wearing Tacori on the red carpet.

In 2013, Tacori was named one of the “Top Five most visible brands” in the category of jewelry by INDESIGN magazine. That same year, Tacori was announced as a finalist for the Communications category of the Jewelers of America’s annual GEM Award in response to its advertisement “Par Chance.” Released in December 2012, the ad campaign was intended to display the design house’s new lines and help associate the brand’s identity with the personality traits of the wearer.

As the Tacori brand has prospered, the next generation of Tacorians have taken the company to new heights. Son Paul and daughter Nadine along with several other family members have moved the company into the future with the same passion for beauty and quality that has been at the heart of the brand Haig founded nearly five decades ago.

In November 2016, Paul Tacorian became CEO of the company. Haig became chairman of its board. Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian, Paul’s sister, became chief operating officer to guide design.

Paul Tacorian joined the family business in 1997 as director of marketing and helped get the brand exposure on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and the Today program. Nadine has been with the business since 1999, when she began as director of production. Haig is still present in the company but not working on operations.

As a wholesaler, Tacori Enterprises Inc. has a vested interest in helping its network of about four hundred North American retailers connect with customers.

The handcrafted wedding bands, engagement rings, as well as Tacori’s men’s and women’s fine jewelry items are all one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces of exquisite elegance, design, and beauty. The items produced by the artisans at Tacori have designs of an unparalleled sparkle, vivacity, and brilliance. Each Tacori item boasts what the company calls, the ‘Tacori Touch.’

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