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Triton (Est. 1948?) Triton, one of America’s leading men’s jewelry brands, is a division of Frederick Goldman Inc. of New York. Frederick Goldman is a jewelry manufacturing company that was established in 1948. At its founding Frederick Goldman had just one employee: Frederick. He specialized in wedding bands. Today the Frederick Goldman Company is run by Jonathan and Richard Goldman. Other divisions and brands of Frederick Goldman are ArtCarved, Diana and Goldman.

Triton, (TRI-ton), is a leader in contemporary jewelry for modern men. Combining strength and style into each design, Triton jewelry is designed to stand the test of time. Triton tungsten rings are America’s best-selling wedding bands for active men.

Triton specializes in contemporary metals and designs. It offers a large selection of modern styles in Tungsten Carbide TC.850, Cobalt, Titanium and Sterling Silver. Triton is one of America’s most popular tungsten ring designers and uses its patented TC.850 formula which is protected by seven U.S. patents. This special formulation consists of 85% Tungsten Carbide – the world’s hardest metallic substance – and creates a scratch resistant and polished luster.

Triton crafted wedding bands are designed with rugged elegance and durability. The company claims the wedding band will last a lifetime no matter what kind of hobbies a man does with his hands. The wedding bands are designed to withstand the activities of football to hunting and working on cars to working the grill.

Wedding bands in the Triton collection feature rings crafted from the sleek silver and black carbide tungsten look to camouflage inlay on other designs. Some wedding bands are designed with auto themes that evoke the notion of luxury automobiles.

Triton’s rings also reflect beauty and grace. Some rings are more traditional than camo or auto parts and there are many options. In its collections, Triton includes contemporary metal pieces bracelets, pendants and necklaces. These are also forged by craft masters who hand design with attention to detail.

For women Triton has a range of modern and innovative designs. With a focus on mixed metals, Triton creates directional yet scratch-resistant jewelry that ranges from statement rings to pendant necklaces. Crafted from the materials including platinum and gold, the line of Triton jewelry is decorated with diamonds and stunning engraved details for a luxurious, wearable finish.

Recently, the company launched TritonRAW that combines minimalist design with luxurious materials. Triton’s signature Tungsten Carbide – in its elemental state – forms the foundation of TritonRAW which are shaped in understated style and iconic design. Developed in the company’s Innovation Lab, TritonRAW is aimed at modern, fashion driven men who want to wear distinctive but timeless designs.

Founded in 2000 with forward-thinking vision and technology, the Innovation Lab creates pieces with durability and high-tech/high-touch qualities: Linear, smooth structures in elegant matte finishes that contrast with rich, sensuous accents in an understated, refined collection.

Whether rendered in a clean, uncomplicated band, or simply enhanced with highly polished white or black nano-coating, or opulent yellow, white, or rose 18K gold, the TritonRAW selections offers distinctive style. Complemented by two pendants — classic cross or tag silhouettes, each embedded with an 18K gold bar accent on a rugged sterling silver chain — the collection is rounded out with a leather-banded ID bracelet also embedded with the 18K bar.

Today Triton is the most popular brand of tungsten rings sold worldwide with over 200 styles of tungsten rings. All Triton rings come with a lifetime warranty against cracking, breaking, and diamond and inlay loss.

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