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Vahan Jewelry aka Alwand Vahan Jewelry

Vahan Jewelry aka Alwand Vahan Jewelry (Est. 1968) According to admirers, Vahan Jewelry is the perfect mix of classic and elegant. Their bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and chain bracelets draw endless compliments and questions of “where did you get that?”

Vahan Jewelry aka Alwand Vahan Jewelry was founded by Leon Calousdian, known as Sacha, who was born in France and arrived in New York at age nineteen after growing up in Paris. Sacha continued a family history in the jewelry trade that was preceded by two generations of designers. After Sacha graduated from the respected Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie, he was determined to begin a career in the United States.

Sacha’s father, Arsene Der Calousdian had assumed control of his father’s luxury jewelry company in the 1930’s. It was in this factory that Sacha began to explore and experiment with tools used in the jewelry industry. It was during his teenage years when Sacha began attending the Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie and discovered that his interests were not limited to jewelry design. He also pursued architecture, fashion, painting, sculpting, vintage car restoration, and exotic travel.

After he arrived in the United States, Sacha served in the U. S. Armed Forces during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960’s. Afterward he traveled across the country by bus and motorcycle. It was this love of travel and the many experiences he had while touring that ultimately served as inspiration for his jewelry collections.

Sacha’s eldest son, Greg, joined Vahan Jewelry in 2009. Greg had started his career in the fashion industry working for designers that included Louis Vuitton, Brooks Brothers, Juicy Couture, and Marc Jacobs.

Greg’s younger brother, Cedric, is also involved in Vahan’s business operations. Together, the brothers have transformed the company into one that is world-renowned and seemingly irresistible to those familiar with and enamored of luxury jewelry.

Well before Sacha started the company, he designed for David Webb where he created animal designs commissioned by an exclusive clientele that became his specialty. When one of those clients, who owned a large rhino preserve in South Africa, requested a bracelet featuring a rhino for his wife, Sacha’s completed piece truly resembled the animal.

It was difficult for Sacha to gather the necessary information he needed at that time (there was no Internet). Instead, he spent time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) walking around with his sketch book, drawing different shapes inspired by the exhibitions. He also visited the New York Public Library studying old documents with information about the animals he was commissioned to design.

When he started his company, he began creating his own series of animals. His first collections extravagantly depicted entire animals and included a silver jaguar pin that could be worn or displayed as an ornament. His more recent works offer a more subdued representation of the feline that women can wear to display their love for it.

Vahan Jewelry was founded in 1968 by Sacha who traces his family roots in the jewelry business to as early as the 1800s and was started by his grandfather, Manasse. Sacha is the third generation of his family to pursue fashion and jewelry design.

Sacha was born in southern France and raised in Paris. Once he began his own company, he continued with his love of designing animal jewelry. Over time, however, he stuck with the one animal that stood out more than any other for him: the jaguar.

Vahan Jewelry is most frequently recognized for its trademark Moiré Beaded stacking bracelets. First designed by Sacha in 1994 and 1995, these bracelets quickly became the brand’s most widely demanded look.

The detailing of the bracelets allows them to mix and match seamlessly while still allowing each one to stand out. The quality and craftsmanship are immediately apparent. They are subtle enough to be everyday jewelry but beautiful enough to be worn for an evening out. Vahan jewelry is ladylike, sophisticated, and timeless.

With alluring pieces crafted from sterling silver, 14kt gold and crusted in diamonds, the designs manage to be, simultaneously, understated and breathtaking. While Vahan is known for their sterling silver and gold bracelets, their collections also feature show-stopping drop earrings, pendants and statement rings. Each design features modern adornments as well as timeless construction to ensure its lasting appeal.

Vahan Jewelry is attuned to many of today’s trends, especially the stacking trend. Based on a patented process, Vahan’s bracelets are as durable as they are beautiful. This makes wearing a large single bracelet or several stacking bracelets easy. Available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm sizes, open-end or one-touch clasp designs, they make it effortless to accessorize any outfit and can take busy women from work to play seamlessly.

Whether it’s a signature bangle, ring, necklace or pair of earrings, Vahan combines sterling silver with 14-karat yellow gold as part of the brand’s signature look. These days women combine both colors of precious metals. Vahan Jewelry’s two-tone designs bonds this visual appeal and ties multiple pieces of silver, white gold and yellow gold into magnificent ensembles.

Vahan Jewelry’s recent Halo Collection brings together an eclectic range of color combinations. From the rich, deep blues of London Blue Topaz to the lush greens of peridot, the Halo Collection features a profusion of colors. Vahan Jewelry’s Bamboo Collection lets silver’s intrinsic luster shine through with high polished designs that mimics one of nature’s fasting growing renewable resources.

Vahan was a winner of a 2016 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award for its popular Le Cercle bracelet. It placed first and the brand’s gold double Love Knot placed 2nd in their respective categories.

The Le Cercle bracelet debuted in 2015 at JCK Las Vegas, and within a matter of weeks became the company’s best-selling style, a title it continues to hold. It is an example of simplicity combined with elegance, and the collection has grown since its debut.

The all gold Love Knot takes artistic jewelry design to another level. Featuring 1/2 carat of diamonds and a double knot motif, it’s a bold design that is feminine, comfortable, and lightweight.

Vahan bracelets are frequently seen splashed across the pages of top fashion magazines, as well as on the wrists of trend setters such as Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lopez.

Historically, Vahan Jewelry only designed pieces for women. However, in September 2017, the company expanded its offerings to include Homme, its first men’s collection. Included in the collection is a reversible chain link bracelet in Sterling silver and blue enamel, priced at $2,125.

This collection includes rings, pendants and a unique line of reversible bracelets. These diverse pieces highlight the brand’s ability to create aesthetically appealing designs. The new designs include the Pyramid collection, as well as more masculine twists on existing Vahan styles like a Buckle bracelet and Tiger cuff. The Homme Collection starts at $625 and is available at various retailers throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

In October 2017, Vahan introduced the 8 mm Diamond Cluster dome bracelet to its Pavé Bangle Collection for women. It is all 14k gold and covered in 2.71 carats of beautiful diamonds in various sizes. The result is an unrivaled, sparkling look. It is also available in 6 mm gold and silver.

Today, Vahan is still owned and operated by Sacha and his wife, Natalie. Natalie serves as Chief Operating Officer as well as a designer of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Vahan is a world-renowned company that, to this day remains in high demand for celebrities such as Bette Midler, Linda Evans, Carmen Electra, Kelly Osbourne, Terri Hatcher, Paris Hilton, Madeleine Stowe, Kristen Chenowith, Rashida Jones, and Hillary Clinton.

When designing his pieces, Sacha says, “I create jewelry like I would a film set: with mood, drama, and my customers wear the jewelry like actresses. When I design jewelry, I think of women as film stars. I want them to be observed, envied, and admired.”

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