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Valani Atelier

Valani Atelier (Est. 2018) is known for perfecting minimalist, modern, luxury, and fine jewelry design. From creating iconic fine jewelry in NYC’s Diamond District to traveling to mines in Brazil and Colombia in the 1970s, and to collecting gemstones since the 1930s, three generations of Valani Atelier have been involved in journeys, explorations and inventions.

In authentically fine jewelry, the integrity of each component in every piece is essential. Valani Atelier is intimately familiar with every aspect of the jewelry it creates. For over 80 years, the Valani family has built a legacy directly sourcing gemstones from mines around the world and employing artisans who work with traditional techniques perfected over many generations.

Based in New York, Valani Atelier sells 18 Karat gold jewelry set with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls sourced directly from mining centers in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, Mozambique, and Japan. Following the traditions of craftsmanship perfected by generations of Italian goldsmiths, the results are masterfully executed pieces that combine a heritage of artistry and striking design.

The current designer is Heena Shah. Her evolution as a designer has been, like the stories of many modern women, a tale of striving for excellence in every aspect of her life. From her pursuits in the arts to an early career in engineering at Google, she has found herself alongside confident and ambitious women. Trained at the Gemological Institute of America, Heena became the youngest fine jewelry designer to win six prestigious AGTA Spectrum awards, including in the Platinum Guild and Women’s Jewelry Association categories.

Valani Atelier’s deeply rooted connections to families and artisans in the gem world gave her a first-hand education and a love for colored precious gemstones. She’s travelled the world to learn from miners in Brazil, gold experts in Italy, and pearl farmers in Japan, finding materials and forging her relationships.

In pursuit of creating impeccably crafted fine jewelry for discerning women, Valani Atelier hand selects rare gemstones and maintains the highest standards of quality. Working with small family-run workshops lets the studio develop concepts in small batches, keeping each piece unique and true to an uncompromising vision.

Lacking any hint of artifice, the brand’s creations are striking and practical. Valani Atelier's minimalist jewelry tells a story using light, color, and sculptural forms, reflecting the brilliance of the women who wear it. Every piece from the NYC studio is designed with a passion for detail in tune with everyday moments and flashes of luxury often worn by today's women.

Materials of exceptional quality are essential to Valani Atelier’s jewelry. Worked with fine artistry by Italian goldsmiths, using only 18K gold allows the brand to offer a more pure form of the precious metal while fulfilling its vision of remarkable beauty and strength in every piece.

In October 2018, the company added fifteen rose gold styles throughout existing collections. From stunning new aquamarine, pink sapphire, and knife edge bridal designs to high design ear cuffs with fine ruby gemstones, Valani Atelier's rose gold look is refined and distinguishable.

In the same month, an article that appeared on the internet site, said, “For brides looking for "something blue," new aquamarine dangle earrings sweep the neck with soft, seafoam luxury down the aisle. For an alternative engagement ring set, the knife-edge pink sapphire ring and knife edge baguette diamond ring work together for a high-fashion, show-stopping look. In addition, the aquamarine statement ring adds the perfect pop of color to any reception or gala, featuring a 16.94 emerald cut gemstone.

“For the office, a…confident red shows style subtlety in Vi II and Rival ruby ear cuffs. Fitting all sizes, and easily adjustable on the ear lobe, Valani Atelier ear cuffs are practical for the desk while drawing attention from across the room. New Vi diamond ear huggers can be worn alongside multiple piercings or solo, as well as Vi II and Rival diamond ear cuff designs for adaptable fashion.”

In May 2019, Instore Mag wrote, “Reimagining the elegance of stud earrings, Shah has turned them into attention-grabbing statements in their own right with the Hailey Emerald Earrings and the Phoenix Emerald Set. The Hailey earrings feature large cushion cut center stones, surrounded by a dance of diamonds in mixed shapes, adding texture to the design. The Phoenix Emerald Set has stunning drop-shaped emeralds, accented by diamond feathers, reminiscent of the mythical creature. The collection also features the Cleo Emerald Drop Earrings, which juxtapose the orientation of diamond drops and rounds, adding stateliness to elegance.

“The Tidore Emerald and The Cavalieri Emerald Pendant offer contrasting, yet equally provocative necklace looks. The Tidore Emerald features two large emerald-cut emeralds, both haloed by a symmetrical pattern of round diamonds. The larger of the two gems has an added layer of dramatic beauty outside the halo, with east-west set oval diamonds, set with round faceted emeralds in between. Similarly, the Cavalieri Emerald Pendant also has two large emeralds, but the top stone is square-cut, while the bottom features an emerald-cut gem. Surrounded by drop shaped diamonds in varied orientations, this necklace playfully alternates space, with leaf-like diamonds dripping above and below the square-cut gemstone.”

A wearer becomes the center of attention when wearing the bespoke Elsie Emerald Ring, or the Eliza Emerald. The former stuns with its silky color, capturing all in a vivid globe of green. The cabochon sits upon its diamond floral frame, with scalloped round diamonds over marquise cuts, an interplay of shapes on a half-paved band.

The Eliza Emerald is a straight, geometric masterpiece, reminiscent of the rings worn in the roaring 20’s. An emerald-cut stone sits above a display of racing baguettes, drops, and hidden delicate round diamonds in varied sizes, adding sparkle from below.

In June 2019, the online site, Fabfive Lifestules, raved about the brand’s Sedona, Boivin, Bancroft, and Arduin Ruby Bracelets. The Sedona brings 20.41 cts of emerald-cut ruby elegance. Rubies are interspersed with diamond accents in corners and as halos, leaving the fiery reds to command attention.

The Boivin Ruby Bracelet is a classic, elevating the halo by varying diamond marquises with two sizes of diamond rounds, for a timeless look. The Bancroft surprises with round and pear diamond drops in between large ruby cushion-cuts, playing with texture and color. The Arduin offers a thick splash of pear-shaped red luxury to drape across the wrist, with edgy, color blocked diamonds across the space.

Modern and festive, the Denise Ruby pendant is stylish and bold. Vintage-inspired, the Kira Ruby Pendant has a regal air, with a large pear-shaped crimson drop accented by fellow crimson rounds, and ease-west oriented marquise diamonds as well as a dramatic marquise diamond drop.

The brand’s many collections include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, 18 Kt Yellow Gold, and 18 Kt White Gold adorned in sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and pearls.

Valani Atelier is a Supplier Member of Jewelers of America. JA Supplier Members include the finest jewelry design firms, jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers among other jewelry businesses. All commit to JA's Code of Professional Practices to assure buyers of their product's quality and sourcing.

In the FabFive Lifestyle article, Heena Shah said, “Rare rubies in strong silhouettes embrace individuality. Ruby jewels are best suited for the fearless spirit. It is in step with the times, but there is nothing routine about it. I consider them to be the ultimate statement.”

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