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Vivat & Co/Alon Vivat

Vivat & Co/Alon Vivat (Est. 1996?) Just over twenty years ago, in May 1998, the website reported that, “Oren and Alon Vivat and Walter Feinblum announced a technological achievement they hope will provide a new way of creating invisible settings that are more precise, less expensive, and more sturdy. The new system, called the Millennium Collection, is the product of several years of research resulting in a high-tech computer application that significantly improves the quality of invisible settings and allows for secure sizing.”

“The Millennium Collection’s invisible setting will revolutionize this aspect of the jewelry industry,” said Feinblum. ”

In addition to its goal of reducing the cost per carat, the new setting was said to have such increased precision that it would allow the jeweler to offer a lifetime conditional guarantee that the stones will stay in place.

The Collection was a joint venture of C.K. Gumpert, a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer and Alon and Oren Vivat, who engineered the patent.

Alon Vivat is also an award-winning jewelry designer known for his signature bracelet designs. In addition, he was involved in building the brands of other jewelry companies.

Oren Vivat has been associated with three companies according to public records. The companies were formed over a seventeen year period with the most recent being incorporated seven years ago in March of 2011. One of the companies is still active while the remaining two are now listed as inactive.

One of Alon’s most popular designs is the Trophy Bracelet. It is the only bracelet in which each and every one of its links is designed as a trophy with a diamond set on top. The smaller surface base of each link makes the trophy bracelet a unique piece of jewelry. When the diamonds are set that way, it appears as if the diamonds are floating in air. It is different from tennis or line bracelets because between each link lies a secret space that carries about 30% less diamond weight with a more artistic look.

With its patented invisible setting, the item includes a gemstone region formed with a recess. A gemstone setting piece has at least two walls defining an open ended groove for slidably receiving at least one gemstone.

The gemstone setting piece is dimensioned in order to be receivable within the recess and provide an invisible gemstone setting. The method includes the steps of providing a gemstone region with a recess, providing a gemstone setting piece with at least two walls for defining an open ended groove, sliding at least one gemstone into the open ended groove, inserting the gemstone setting piece into the recess, and securing the gemstone setting piece within the gemstone region.

Currently president of the Los Angeles based jewelry business, called, Prime Baguette, Inc., Alon says the company primarily operates in the Diamonds (Gems) business/industry within the Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods sector. The organization has been operating for approximately 22 years. Prime Baguette employs approximately 4 people at this location.

One of these employees is Gila Vivat who has over two decades of experience in the jewelry industry. She is known as the queen of engagement rings providing engaged couples with rings that become a unique expression of their love.

Gila is known to possess a sharp eye for aesthetics and sophistication. She has a computer software and hardware background that helps her to fuse aspects of technology and art together.

In its promotional material for the 2019 JCK LAS VEGAS Show, the listing for Alon Vivat/Vivat & CO by Alon highlights The Trophy Collection that includes the Trophy Bracelet that won the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award in 2018.

Among other items, the brand will also have The Trophy Band with Prongs Trophy Setting and the Trophy Band with Bezel Trophy Setting on display.

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