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Zoltan David Fine Jewelry Design

Zoltan David Fine Jewelry Design (Est. 1980) is the namesake of the only Texas jeweler from his home state to have a jewelry creation placed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. According to the Smithsonian’s official website, “The Iris Necklace [he created] features moonstones and diamonds set in platinum and bronze. Donated and designed by renowned jewelry artist, Zoltan David, and created by Zoltan and goldsmith Brian Kruppenbacher, it took 225 hours to complete. The center gem is a 35.63ct marquise cut cat’s-eye moonstone, set in a platinum and bronze pendant. There are 35 round cabochon cut moonstones in the necklace, each weighing 0.50ct. The blue metal is bronze with a blue patina. Pure platinum is inlaid into the blue bronze in the pendant and on each of the round links of the necklace. The inlaid platinum is hand engraved and formed into spheres, a process called “shaped inlay” that is a patented invention of Zoltan David. The reverse side of the pendant has a palladium backplate that is engraved with the following: ‘By the light of a silvery moon, an ocean of life awaits your magical touch.’ There are 164 ideal-cut diamonds with a total weight of 1.20ct, all D-F in color and VVS to internally flawless in clarity. The Iris Moonstone Necklace was a 2017 American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) award winner.

Moonstone is the most highly prized of feldspar gems and is valued for its beautiful blue sheen, called adularescence. Flawless, clear, or translucent gems exhibiting flashes of blue, as seen in the necklace, are most valuable. Moonstones are typically cut as cabochons to best show off this optical phenomenon. The moonstones in the Iris Necklace are from India.”

Zoltan David, born in 1955, is a Hungarian-American jewelry designer who originally named his business, Zoltan David Precious Metal Art, when he opened it in 1980. His work has focused on individually crafted one-off pieces. On August 27, 1988, he was knighted by the Hungarian nation in honor of his father, Zoltan David I, a highly esteemed hero of the Hungarian Nation. The David family's history dates back to the reign of St. Stephen. The title of Knight is the highest form of secular honor and is accompanied by a code of chivalrous conduct.

Between 1971 and 1979, Sir David received training as a fabricating goldsmith and diamond setter from Swiss and German Master Goldsmiths.

An article in the Texas publication, Austin Monthly, said, “As people discover Zoltan David couture jewelry at the Hill Country Galleria, they are often surprised to see an industry leader and international award-winning designer of his caliber based in Austin. When asked how this could be, he simply says “It is rare to find a designer outside of New York or Los Angeles that has exhibited in Hong Kong, Basel, Monaco and Dubai, had their collections sold in Tokyo, Moscow and London, and have an ongoing exhibit of work in the prestigious GIA Museum.”

Zoltan David is known for his accessibility and affinity for creating special custom pieces that reflect the client’s life. About the work he says, “Artists do not follow trends, they liberate people from them.”

In addition to his Iris collection from which came the celebrated Smithsonian necklace, Sir Zoltan’s other collections include Bronze Age comprised of the Mystic Elfin Pendant, Blue Buddah, Guardian, Blue Sapphire, Mandala, and Fifth Element pieces.

In the Knightsteel – collection the pieces include, Venus, Moonshine, the Celestial Winds Cuff, the Wizard’s Ring, and a piece named, Orion’s Belt.

The Duchess Collection includes a Yellow Beryl Promise Shield, the Fantasy’s Flight, Duchess Bands (ladies bands with the classic Duchess Motif), the Imperial Topaz Pendant, the “Vega” Tanzanite Pendant, and the Reversible Cross.

In the Bridal Collection, interested clients will find an Antique cushion diamond ring, the Firemark Princess Cut Diamond Ring, a suspended Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring, the “Zen” Knightsteel Engagement ring, a Rose Gold and Platinum Engagement ring, and the Blue Sapphire Engagement ring.

Zoltan David has often said, "My work is half engineering and half fantasy". It is in this spirit that Zoltan loves to discover the secrets of metallurgy and the techniques required to fashion various metals and gems into inspirational works of art. The work is a marriage of cutting edge technologies - CAD, 3D printing, laser welding and contemporary material science with age-old goldsmithing techniques that are similar to the forged metal techniques used by swordsmiths.

Every piece that Zoltan makes is a combination of metals. All metals have unique characteristics. For example ferrous and non-ferrous metals cannot be welded together due to their different rates of contraction and expansion while heating and cooling. However, Zoltan David has discovered the secret and employ it in his artistry.

At his Dancing Metals Studio, platinum and high karat gold are forged, hand fabricated, and fashioned with world class gems to exacting specifications.

Only European trained certified Goldsmiths can apply their expertise here. They are part scientist, part engineer and part artist. The four cornerstones of successful design durability, wearability, originality and beauty are embodied in each and every piece of fine jewelry created at Dancing Metals.

It is not a jewelry production factory, but a place of possibilities. Its atmosphere is filled with relation and achievement. Few words are spoken here, for each goldsmith is absorbed in the dedication to excellence.

Zoltan David has fourteen one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in the GIA collection. These are breathtaking expressions of his inspiration and design philosophies. Some of his work reflects the subtle beauty of the natural world while others are free-form avant-garde creations. Brightly colored gemstones are the unifying theme in the collection, revealing the artist's love of contrast and color. Each creation is truly a statement piece. The collection came to GIA courtesy of the late Nancy Feinstein

Zoltan has also won numerous industry accolades, including multiple AGTA Spectrum awards and AGS Excellence Awards. On two occasions he was awarded first-place designation at the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award in the Alternative Metals/Materials category.

At the online site, Farlang, Zoltan said, “Along with numerous collections, I have been designing and making bespoke one of a kind commissions for years and this has revealed something to me: jewelry can be a catalyst for this energy of life to be amplified, magnified, and utilized.

“I tell my craftsmen that they are actually working with light. They manipulate and fashion forms and textures, colors, and materials to send light in a determined way to the observer’s eye, and this mechanism creates internal inspiration to the observer. That is what beauty is, an object that inspires and empowers.”

Zoltan has developed the "holy grail" in black metal, a highly wear and scratch resistant mirror like finish. It is a midnight black that holds its beauty. Zoltan's Knightsteel collection showcases his personal advancements in metallurgy and old-world goldsmithing techniques.

Zoltan David regards his work in jewelry as a calling. He finds himself on a path less traveled and draws his inspiration from the incredible and fascinating people he has met, but also from the materials, the gems, the metals, and techniques he has discovered and uses in his innovative work daily.

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