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Gioia Fine Jewellery

Gioia Fine Jewellery (Est. 2010) The derivation of the word, “Gioia” is from the Italian. While it translates as the feeling of ‘joy’, it is also a word used to describe precious jewels and gemstone jewelry.

According to the company’s official website, “In Gioia, every precious gemstone is one-of-a-kind… As such, we want our clients to [revel in] the joy of bespoke and customized jewelry by taking care of every detail from the selection of the finest gemstones (i.e. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Spinel, Paraiba Tourmaline), and diamond to the final polishing of the masterpiece jewelry. [This includes] customized jade with gemstones, set as a unique pendant, butterfly jade with fire opal ring,  and custom made Akoya Pearl bracelets”

Cheryl Woon is the brand’s designer and owner of the firm’s flagship store in Singapore. She is a graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a major in ‘Jewellery Design.’ Since 2010, she has devoted her time and career into crafting bespoke jewelry. Cheryl is also accredited by the HRDAntwerp Institute of Gemology as a certified Diamond Grader. Currently Cheryl is pursuing her Gemological Institute of American (GIA) scholarship in advanced colored gemstones.

Again, according to her official website, “Cheryl has always believed that ’You are only confined by the walls you built yourself.’ Through this belief, she always made sure that she stepped out of her comfort zone [because] she believes that that is the only way one is able to learn and grow further.”

She opened her flagship boutique for private bespoke jewelry in July 2016, located in Tanjong Pagar, 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore.

At Gioia Fine Jewellery, clients receive an uncompromised commitment from Cheryl through the entire process from the selection of gemstones to the final piece of customized jewelry. To Cheryl, every creation, has its own story to tell and is a masterpiece for both the client and her.

Gioia’s specialties include bespoke and customized jewelry. At any time in the process of discussion and designing, every fine detail is agreed upon. This includes the setting’s look, wearer’s comfort, and preferences for gold or platinum, color, and style.

Cheryl also customizes engagement rings or wedding bands with colored gemstones and diamonds. Her repertoire of Chinese wedding jewelry encompasses standard pieces to traditional Si Dian Jin.

Si Dian Jin is a custom practiced by the Chinese and means “Four touches of gold.” It usually comprises a set that includes a necklace, bangle, ring, and pair of earrings. It is presented to the bride by the mother of the groom as a betrothal gift and is an integral part of the wedding trousseau.

The custom of Si Dian Jin originated in the Teochew province of China. The architectural design of the houses in the province had four grand curved roofs whose style is incorporated into the jewelry.

Most Teochew families continue the practice of presenting Si Dian Jin to brides on the wedding day. Modern in-laws are flexible and consider the bride’s opinion before choosing the Si Dian Jin jewelry set. With many available options, the bride can choose precious gemstones or pearl jewelry.

The earrings signify the union of the two families. One outstanding design features a pair of classic gold studs with a brilliant diamond at the center. Feminine and heartfelt, this stud earring was intricately crafted to feature the initials of the bride and the groom.

Bearing an auspicious and rich meaning, the gold necklace highlights the happiness of the bride while also symbolizing the union of two souls and their journey of love and happiness. Gold necklaces are a timeless favorite and an especially interesting design is nonetheless perfect for everyday wear. The delicate curve bar is crafted in rose gold. The polished and slim bar is set in a classic cable chain. The gleaming necklace is a timeless and trendy piece.

The bracelet is worn around the wrist and signifies a heart to heart connection. A stunning example with craftsmanship and sophistication is offered in a customized rose gold bracelet that was handcrafted to feature the initials of the two individuals participating in the ceremony. This distinct design along with the customization creates a versatile look and the open-bar style bracelet insures ease of slipping on and off for everyday wear.

Finally, of course, is the customized Si Dian Jin gold ring. One especially exciting example is crafted from plain metal in a customized design. Styled to create a modern look, it displays a design that has been gently curved at the edges for a comfortable feel.

Each gemstone from Gioia Fine Jewellery is sourced from all over the world, carefully curated, and handpicked by Chery who is now an experienced jewelry designer for eight years. Each engagement or wedding ring created by Gioia is custom made.

Her team aims to make customization accessible to everyone, taking budget, preferences, and requirements into careful consideration through the entire process.

According to Cheryl, “Customized wedding jewelry is more than family blessing and tradition practice. It is designed from a sketch, then handcrafted into modern jewelry to be worn for the actual wedding celebration then later as daily wear.”

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