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Sophia Hargreaves Jewellery

Sophia Hargreaves Jewellery (Est. 2012?) According to Sophia Hargreaves’ official website, she has been designing and creating jewelry in the United Kingdom since 2012 and has worked in the trade for approximately fifteen years. Her specialty was working as a trade jeweler providing services to other jewelers in addition to creating her own collections and undertaking bespoke commissions for worldwide clients.

She practices and is an advocate for ‘ethical’ practices including better social consideration for the miners who work at the beginning of the process. In her business she uses recycled gold and silver from a UK based bullion dealer. Mainly made up of post-consumer gold and silver, her pieces are cast in a UK casting house that refines its own recycled metals. Among her goals is to re-purpose customers’ own gold wherever possible; smelting, poring and casting in house.

The diamonds she uses in her creations are mined in Australia and Canada. Sophia’s gemstones come from a supplier who sources them from ethically and fair trade regulated mines around the world.

A believer in keeping traditional handmade jewelry manufacturing techniques alive, she uses as many as possible in her work.

Sophia’s collections include The Serpent Jewellery Collection that incorporates fine hand engraved snake skin detail, and bright hand cut checkerboard red agate. The stones are cut in India by a small family run business. All pieces are handmade by Sophia in her Yorkshire, England workshop.

The Arbor Rings Collection is made in gold and silver with rose cut diamonds in gold and gemstones in silver. The collection is a celebration of natural imperfection. Every stone is flanked with leaves in the textured wedding rings. The rings are intended as alternative engagement rings showcasing intriguing and individual diamonds. Each one hand selected for its cut, color and inclusions and no two are the same. These rings embrace a rugged and natural finish that evolves over the lifetime of the ring.

The Recycled Gold Ethical Ring Collection uses 100% recycled gold, fair-trade and ethical gemstones and diamonds.

The Blossom Silver Gemstone Collection is comprised of delicate cut out petal detail on the side of the settings to let light flood in and showoff the gemstones. It is a simple every day collection. Each stone is hand selected and carefully set by Sophia in her West Yorkshire Studio.

The Athena Ethical Jewellery Collection has a look of Greek elegance. Every piece has a delicate dimpled texture and most pieces are available with a rich gold vermeil. Its crescents are cast in recycled silver with the silver chain made from approximately 70% recycled silver.

The ‘Rocket In You’ Silver Jewellery Collection is a mini collection cast in the language of universally recognized hand signals that show a hint of a ‘rocker’ or ‘hippie’ persona within them and universally understood.

The Spindrift Ethical Jewellery Collection was named after the foam created when waves lap against the shore. Spindrift is a tactile collection and made with solid silver in a reassuring weight. Designed to be easy and comfortable to wear and to last, each piece is cast using recycled silver on approximately 70% recycled silver chain.

In an interview with the online site, Saloukees, Sophia was asked, “What does priceless mean to you?” She responded by saying, “Something that has so much meaning that money could not buy a replacement.”

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