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Andréa Candela

Andréa Candela (Est.: Early 20th Century) Branding is among the most important marketing strategies for any company and, while the Candela Jewelry house has operated for more than nine decades, it is its signature designs more than its name that aficionados remember. Inspired by Spain’s beauty and heritage, Candela jewelry is identifiable by its unique Armadillo finish and rope edge design trademarks.

Andréa Candela incorporates sterling silver, 18kt gold, exotic genuine gemstones and fine quality diamonds into its creations. Every stone used in the Andrea Candela Collections is carefully selected to provide vibrant color to the piece.

Candela jewelry was founded in Valencia, Spain – in an area located between the distant Valencia Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea – by the three Candela brothers. The company was originally called, Candela Hermanos (“Candela Brothers”) and quickly became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of karat gold jewelry in the region. For several generations the Candela family remained at the forefront of European jewelry design and manufacturing. It is also highly regarded for its master jewelry-making skills and long history of creating exquisite gold heirlooms.

In 1979, Candela Hermanos expanded to the United States under the name Candela Jewelry Inc. One daughter, Andréa, remained involved in the family business but passed design responsibility to the team in the United States that also analyzed worldwide markets.

The Andréa Candela official website states, “With this heritage, it is no wonder that … Andréa Candela, was inspired to create her own collection of fine jewelry in late 2004 to be marketed in North America and the Caribbean.

“Andrea was joined by award-winning fine jewelry designer Andrea Carnasciali-Ventura, who had already worked for Candela Jewelry starting in 1995, to create and develop the Andréa Candela line. Carnasciali-Ventura embraced Candela’s time honored traditions and brought to life exquisite collections receiving great acclaim for her passion for detail, technique and color. She continues to design for the [firm] to this day.”

The Andrea Candela Collection showcases fine craftsmanship and signature styling. Identifiable by its unique armadillo finish and rope edge design styling that have become trademarks of the collections, each piece has a luxurious “old world” feel. Using brilliantly colored stones and rich, textured precious metals, Andrea Candela jewelry makes bold style statements for fashion-conscious women.

The various Andréa Candela lines are collections of jewelry that incorporate 18kt gold & sterling silver with genuine gemstones and diamonds. Color resonates from each handpicked gemstone and diamond that decorate the pieces.

The firm’s most impressive collections include (among many others) the following:

Andalucia: From the architectural archway designs to the intricate filigree patterns on the walls of cathedrals to the color and vibrancy of the Spanish region itself, the Andalucia collection is derived from many inspirations and presents strong determination and passion for life.

Andrea II: The Company created this collection as an introduction to the beauty and value of Andrea Candela. This collection is promoted as one that every person can afford. Intricate craftsmanship and pavé diamonds are the staple of the collection making it classy and easy-to-wear.

Divino: A collection that emphasizes the gold look.

Eco: The Eco Collection was inspired by repetitions in nature such as the reflection of sound waves. Eco’s thin ropes reverberate in a hypnotizing pattern that captures attention. Sporting a classy look that is polished and chic, it is known for its versatility.

Espiral: Nature has an affinity for spirals from galaxies to seashells. Spirals are also known to symbolize evolution and awareness. The Espiral Collection pays tribute to the mystery of spirals in nature.

Fleur de Lis: This collection embraces the history of Spain. Every piece is engraved with the symbol of Andrea Candela while the Flower Power collection has flared styles with intricate cut out’s and shimmering diamonds that shine through alluring blooms.

La Corona: Louis XIV is known as a king of couture and this collection draws inspiration not only from the opulent and luxurious garments worn during his reign but also from the rich details found in his Château de Versailles.

Lucero is a collection with special cut Spanish stones. Like a kaleidoscope, these pieces refract light that attracts the eye.

Multimedia is comprised of a combination of different patterns including the trademark Andréa Candela armadillo design, rope, bead work, and polished surfaces. The result is a harmonious, modern mix and match.

Nudo De Amor: Knots have been a symbol of love, friendship and affection dating back to antiquity. This collection is a take on the classic love knot.

Pasion De Plata: Pure silver is the selling point of this all-silver collection.

Serpentina: The elegant movement of dancing streamers during carnival festivities is the inspiration behind the Serpentina pieces. Graceful delicate designs and simple lines are the staple of this collection.

Toledo: 18kt gold and diamonds bookend these wheat-linked toggle bracelets named after the “City of Three Cultures” nestled south of Madrid.

In December, 2016, The Augusta Chronicle featured the company’s latest creations including stackable bangle bracelets and a casual necklace whose main feature is an object that appears to be intertwined rings encrusted with the buyer’s choice of diamonds or colored gemstones.

Andréa continues to bring modern focus and desired perspective to the timeless traditions created by her family during its long history. Today, Andréa Candela brings customers beautiful jewelry that is acknowledged to be among the fines and most innovative available.

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