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Carrera y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera (Est. 1885 – ) Ranked as one of the thirty most important jewelers in the world, Spain’s Carrera y Carrera, is headquartered in Madrid. It is home to nearly 60 jewelers whose unique creations are more than art: They are inspired by art and all about Spain.

The company designs and manufactures bridal and men’s jewelry with rings, wedding bands, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, and novelties among its specialties. It offers its products through a network of specialist retailers in Spain as well as internationally. The company was established in 1885 and is a former subsidiary of Lladró S.A.

In 1885, Saturio Esteban Carrera opened a small jewelry workshop in the Barrio de las Letras. While he was an accomplished artist, he never imagined this modest beginning would become a pillar of the Spanish jewelry trade.

His son, José Esteban Carrera, after completing his lapidary studies in Paris in 1920, continued the family’s jewelry tradition in Madrid. Having no sons, José passed the legacy to his four nephews: José, Saturio, Pedro, and, Andrés.

As Spain’s premier jewelry house, the company has designed magnificent jewels and tiaras for aristocracy and celebrities. It attained the company’s first major commissions in the 1950s and in 1960 was commissioned to create a tiara for the royal marriage of King Baudouin I of Belgium and Spanish aristocrat Fabiola of Mora y Aragón. The bride wore a wedding tiara with mounted stones that was created in the Carrera artisan workshop. After this achievement, Carrera y Carrera became one of the most recognizable international luxury brands.

In 1965, Saturio’s great grandson, Manuel Carrera opened his own workshop. According to the firm’s website, he learned the trade from the period’s great jewelers of Madrid. His workshop was located in the old center of Madrid – a location that would serve as inspiration in the decades that followed for the brand’s later styles.

The website also states that, from the beginning, Manuel Carrera was clear [that] he wanted [to make] Carrera y Carrera [an] internationally-recognized brand. His first exhibition was in 1968 at an event organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. During the 1970s, Manuel and another great grandson, Juan José Carrera created the Carrera y Carrera brand.

In addition to exhibiting annually at Iberjoya, the Spanish jewelry trade fair, Carrera y Carrera had their first showing at the third edition of Baselworld, the prestigious international jewelry and watch fair. At current Baselworld exhibition, the showcases its creations in the hall of global brands next to major international jewelry and watch firms. One of the first collections the company presented at the Baselworld was the popular Edén collection inspired by love.

The company’s style, based on the creation of larger pieces with symbolic and figurative components, draws on animal and, above all, human, feminine themes. The animal world is often represented by felines, serpents, and elephants but other animals have formed part of the Carrera y Carrera jewelry menagerie.

The feminine style expresses itself in many collections including Bonadea, the first international success for the brand and also known as the Las Manos (“Hands”) collection.

Carrera y Carrera collections are full of iconic jewels that define the brand as one of the authentic masters of mini-sculpture and as creators of emblems of pure mastery in the art of sculpting gold. Their stylish and sophisticated works capture beauty in exquisite miniatures with every tiny detail conveying vivid, ardent emotions and feelings.

In 1979, the company made its first foray into the American market when it was sold in New York by the Cellini boutique located in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue. Today, Carrera y Carrera creations can still be found in this boutique.

In the 1980s, Carrera y Carrera presented President Ronald Reagan with a gift called, “El Rodeo,” an allegorical sculpture in silver and calcite that can now be seen in the White House Museum.

As the 21st Century began, Carrera y Carrera implemented a new corporate identity, a new retail strategy, and added Miriam of Ungría, Princess of Turnovo, to its design team. This collaboration gave rise to the collection Jardín de Rosas, (“Garden of Roses”) within which the ring Lago de Rosas (“Lake of Roses”) would go on to become one of the best-sellers for the brand.

Most recently Carrera y Carrera launched its Avalon watch with mink straps in four colors – white, green, purple, and pink. As a renowned Spanish jewelry house, Carrera y Carrera often receives the attention of the Spanish Royal Family and is the only brand creating jewelry for them. The company sometimes gets special orders from the president of DeBeers Diamond Company and also produces pieces for the Spanish government.

In May 2015, the publication, Luxury Insider, reported on Carrera y Carrera’s new Alegoría collection. The collection features pieces where butterflies predominate. The collection is comprised of earrings, rings, and necklaces created in a combination of white and yellow gold with pink sapphires and diamonds. The maxi ring is in white and yellow gold with diamonds and the pink sapphires and consists of an arm that simulates the branch of a tree where a butterfly embraces flowers with its antennae.

The earrings are also in yellow and white gold with diamonds and feature a design where the Carrera y Carrera artists reinvented the concept of an earring: It draws upwards as if the butterfly were taking flight. The silhouettes of butterflies are filled with openwork.

The maxi necklace, again in yellow and white gold, has diamonds and sapphires that simulate a flock of butterflies. The butterfly depictions flit and play with each other, bringing movement to the piece.

Carrera y Carrera enjoys the support of international stars including Jennifer López, Katy Perry, Demi Moore, Lady GaGa, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Palermo and Christina Hendricks.

The company has an expansive international presence with locations in over 40 countries and subsidiaries in the United States, Japan and Russia, as well as boutiques in Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Kiev, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, among others.

Carrera y Carrera achieved its current status as jewelers to society and aristocracy through the fine workmanship and sculptural design that jeweler, artist, goldsmith master Manuel Carrera. Brought to the brand. He has been at the forefront of Spanish jewelry design since the second half of the twentieth century and is widely acknowledged as one of the most respected designers, creative visionaries, and innovative entrepreneurs of the trade.

Carrera y Carrera has an internal design team of six young, dynamic, inventive people who are passionate about the world of art and design. They understand Carrera y Carrera’s core values and continue to create collections that preserve the brand’s style while reenergizing it with new ideas.

Jeweler of the jewelers, Carrera y Carrera is coveted and appreciated by professionals as well as beautiful, elegant, and passionate women.

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