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Furrer Jacot

Furrer Jacot (Est. 1858) For over 160 years, Swiss manufacturer Furrer-Jacot has built its worldwide market position by embracing individuality, authenticity, creativity, and a high degree of exclusivity. It is known for its diversified collections of wedding, engagement, and custom made rings.

In addition to the engagement and wedding rings, the inventory includes unique jewelry. No matter whether one chooses goldsmith wedding rings, carbon fiber rings, engagement rings, wedding rings made of platinum or Mémoire jewelry, customers can be sure each piece is made with meticulous craftsmanship.

From the beautiful landscape of Switzerland to the sunny beaches of San Diego, California, Furrer Jacot’s eye-catching designs and scrupulous artistry have been developed over several generations making the brand a leader in unique engagement rings, wedding band sets, men’s wedding bands, individual diamond rings, and carbon fiber rings. The company is the leader in Switzerland in this field and is also very popular in Japan. The company is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

In 1858, goldsmith Jacques Arbenz opened a jewelry shop with a workshop in Schaffhausen, near the German border. The jewelry business was operated by the Arbenz family for three generations. In 1943, it was taken over by Fritz Furrer, an old friend of the family. After his marriage to Lucienne Jacot, Furrer changed the name of the company to Furrer-Jacot.

The company began exporting in 1958. It was not until the late 1960’s that products were exported to Japan for the first time by a Swiss trading company. This decision turned out to be a great success. Part of that success was due the method the brand used to manufacture its products: the products are produced by forging instead of general casting.

Twenty tons or more of pressure is applied on the metal, raw material and then mixed many times. As a result, the hardness is increased by eliminating voids in the metal and maintaining uniformity of the density. This process results in creations that are less likely to be deformed or scratched than in the molding process. The resulting durability is also high.

Manufactured only to customer order and custom designs, all Furrer Jacot jewels are unique and made one by one in the company’s workshop in Switzerland. While goldsmiths, engravers and polishers are trades that have disappeared through mechanization, at Furrer-Jacquard they play a leading role.

The Director of the company is Walter Häusermann who has held that position since 2010.

“It’s important to [us] that design reflects the mood of today,” says Lucas Ruppli, the brand’s head designer. That simple observation is what makes the company’s pieces unique and why Furrer Jacot is a customer favorite.

Ruppli has been the head of the design department for twenty-five years and has been recognized and awarded international honors. When he says that he is able to “reflect the mood of today,” it is all the more impressive because the brand does not lose sight of the traditions that built Furrer Jacot. The brand brings the highest ethical standards, a lifetime warranty, and a tradition in which all pieces are individually made.

A perfect example of this is the Furrer Jacot Carbon Fiber band. Each piece is hand wound around precious metals that include platinum, 18-karat gold, or 950 palladium. There’s not one band that is the same as the next. “The uniqueness and exclusivity of the jewelry are of the highest importance to our clients,” explains Ruppli. “It not only transcends fashion but continues to be unique and carry an aura of mystique.”

Furrer Jacot accomplishes that by assuring that every step of the production process is done by specialists in workshops in Schaffhausen. Under the direction and guidance of the head designer, there is a complete chain of professional craftsmen. From the model makers to the goldsmiths, to the diamond setters, to the turners, and along to the polishers and engravers, every aspect of each piece is in the hands of highly-experienced artisans.

Turn by turn, the designer, then the lathe operators, master jewelers, gem setters, polishers and engravers play their role in a process that combines innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship with each step carried out exclusively by hand and followed by careful inspection. The expertise and constant striving for excellence allows Furrer Jacot, like haute couture fashion houses, to offer jewels imbued with an authentic culture of quality guaranteed for life.

Each ring is made individually to order in its studio and, therefore, each piece is unique and accommodates the individual wishes of customers, whether the designs are simple or complex.

The pieces are easy to individualize by choosing surfaces, more diamonds, colored diamonds, diamonds with different placements, wider or narrower designs, any kind of divides, and/or more complex couture product. The result is that all kinds of changes/adjustments to the brand’s design rings can be made according to customers’ wishes. The brand can work with customized designs from drawings, images or guidelines.

Furrer-Jacot chooses not to use computer CAD tools and industrial production on simple profile rings. Instead it relies on the expertise of its goldsmiths, gem setters, engravers and our head designer in the studio to make consistent rings that are constructed by its staff with real craftsmanship.

When produced from a hand drawings, a signed picture accompanies every ring. Customers can keep the hand drawing and also a signed photo of the jewelry maker. The company will also make initial sketches and models of a customer’s ring.

The customer’s personal jeweler also plays a vital role. As the on-site expert the jeweler gives extensive advice about what is technically possible and looks good. The firm works with specialists local to the customer.

Furrer-Jacot is especially known for rings of one color, multi-colored wedding rings, carbon rings, Gent’s only rings, the Ringdividuall Collection, and the Lucienne Collection of eternity and white rings.

In 1858, when Fritz Furrer married Lucienne Jacot, and together they founded their jewelry house, their loves story was a rich source of inspiration. Today, more than a century and a half later, that story is evidenced by Lucienne, a collection dedicated to the House’s very first muse. Precious symbols of a love to be cherished forever, these artistic creations take the form of delicate structures in gold, encrusted with diamonds and showcasing a magnificent central stone. As the pulsing heart of a ring, a pendant, or a pair of earrings, these gems enhance every gesture with sparkling brilliance.

The range of available designs can be seen in various locations in the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as Japan. The brand’s official website offers a Store finder guide for further information.

In 2016, the brand launched the Furrer Jacot Milgrain Collection. The Milgrain is different from others on the market as it is like a row of small pyramids, which reflect more. At the same time, it is very smooth and elegant.

This 160+ year-old family owned business does it all, from unique engagement rings to wedding rings with a personal touch that could also include a literal fingerprint. Imagination is the only limit in Furrer-Jacot’s wide collections of engagement and wedding rings.

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