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Lugano Diamonds, Ltd.

Lugano Diamonds, Ltd. (Est. 1974) Lugano Diamonds, Ltd., is one of the world’s most renowned brands in diamonds and jewelry. Part of its renown includes creating exclusive jewelry from highly regarded and valuable diamonds. The driving force behind the remarkable designs and accomplishments of the brand is its founder, Moti Ferder.

Ferder is a master craftsman and jewelry expert whose fascination with the diamond industry began at an early age. His family’s diamond business, which was established in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1965, provided Ferder with extensive gemological training and gave him the opportunities to develop his skills as a diamond cutter. Through his experiences in diamond cutting and worldwide distribution, Ferder became well known in the diamond and jewelry industries.

Under Ferder’s leadership, Lugano Diamonds opened its Grand Salon and headquarters in 2005 in Newport Beach, California. In the years since, Ferder has built a sales team while personally managing all aspects of the company’s business. He has since opened a salon in Aspen, Colo. and has a new location in Palm Beach, Florida. It is through the latter location that he supports Lugano’s equestrian efforts.

Also its design director, Ferder serves as the creative force behind Lugano’s remarkable, one-of-a-kind pieces. His jewelry designs have earned him and the company recognition from luxury publications worldwide. Ferder’s use of zirconium was honored with the Robb Report’s ‘Best of the Best’ award. The same publication recognized Lugano Diamonds’ designs again in its Ultimate Gift Guide.

The firm’s jewelry collections include Bridal, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches, and men’s Cuff Links. However, the brand is most well-known for its high jewelry pieces. The Lugano Diamonds collection can be seen in one of the brand’s elegant, private Salons or at a client’s preferred location.

Lugano Diamonds’ ongoing search for the world’s most exotic and rare gems has made it a go-to resource for remarkable jewelry. At Lugano Diamonds, the design begins with the stone and it can take years before a piece is completed: it takes time to collect the correct color, size and shapes. The firm’s artisans and craftsmen work closely with the brand’s well-heeled clients to design and produce pieces that brings their visions to life.

Included among the many high jewelry pieces created by Lugano Diamonds is the Carbonium Leaf Necklace in a design that fortifies the company’s tradition of creating wearable works of art. Each leaf in the necklace has its own design, perfectly articulated and moving in harmony with the others. Showcasing more than 73 carats of diamonds, the necklace is a showcase for lightweight metals like Carbonium, Zirconium, Titanium and Gold.

Another standout piece is a rare Pear Shaped Paraiba totaling 18 carats set in Platinum and surrounded by a corona of more than 9 carats of diamonds. The highest quality Paraíba Tourmalines come from an exhausted mine in Brazil where Copper and Gold have integrated into the chemical balance of the stones giving them an unparalleled glow and making them among the rarest gems in the world.

In The Glacier, close to 100 carats are set in a woven mosaic of rose cut diamonds. The artisanship and attention to detail creating this bracelet features a subtle and easy design that can be worn with a gown or jeans with equal allure.

Incorporating one of the rarest diamonds in the world, the Chameleon Diamond Ring changes from its usual olive-green color to a deep yellow depending on light and temperature. With over 3.5 carats of perfectly matched Chameleon diamonds and enhanced with nearly two carats of pink diamonds, the stones in this piece are a highly sought-after addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

Lugano Diamonds highlights serpentine splendor with a flexible Titanium Diamond set Snake Ring, called the Green Eyed Snake that showcases a magnificent 11 carat Opal inlayed with an extremely rare 4.5 carat Intense green diamond.

Lugano Diamonds’ love of horses is displayed in the equestrian-inspired Black Stallion Cuff Bracelet that is hand crafted with black Carbonium and features a sparkling diamond mane and bit.

Not to be ignored is the Fire Opal Flower that is a vibrant flower brooch set with 130 carats of Orange Fire Opals, Peridot, Tsavorite and Diamonds.

With over 8 carats of yellow sliced diamonds, Lugano Diamonds’ Sliced Yellow Diamond Butterfly Ring also features a sparkling mix of yellow, cognac marquise, and round brilliant diamonds, totaling over 4.5 carats.

Showcasing a glittering 5.19-carat fancy light yellow diamond, the firm’s Fancy Light Yellow Ring is accompanied by a mixture of over 2.2 carats of round brilliant and fancy light yellow diamonds, and is set in an 18K white and yellow gold combination.

Lugano Diamonds’ Yellow Pear Rose Cut Earrings feature two magnificent pear-shape diamonds that are over 8.5 carats. These delicate earrings are also the perfect mix of 14.5 carats of briolette, brilliant, and rose cut diamonds, set in 18K yellow gold. Lugano Diamonds’ Fancy Yellow and White Cushion Earrings are also magnificent and feature two fancy yellow cushion diamonds totaling 6 carats. Additional cushion, round brilliant, and yellow pavé diamonds complete the design, and are set in both white and 18K yellow gold.

Men can choose the brand’s black and white jade cuff links that feature perfectly mismatched Black and White Jade Ovals surrounded by Diamonds.

The pieces described above are finished products that were created from the selection of hidden gems Lugano has in its vaults. The extensive inventory of Lugano Diamonds allows its clients to select from a multitude of stone shapes and sizes that can accommodate and marry style preferences and budgets that range from “modest” to “unlimited.”

Potential clients of Lugano Diamonds are asked to call and make a personal appointment and, we’re told, they will have chilled champagne ready to toast the first steps in the design process.

Traveling extensively, Moti Ferder oversees Lugano Diamonds’ operations around the world, studying global markets and pursuing the finest resources to help the brand develop effective marketing campaigns. Ferder is the primary liaison between Lugano Diamonds and international gemological laboratories, and is the company’s leading authority on evaluating inventory, grading stones, appraising jewelry and finding the correct marketing channel for each piece.

Moti Ferder serves as a board member for the American Film Festival and the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County, California. He is involved in the philanthropic community as Lugano Diamonds supports a variety of nonprofit causes, organizations, and events.

From the initial inspiration of gem and design, Lugano’s master craftsmen create each piece of jewelry at the highest standard with scrupulous attention to detail. Their skill and expertise of incorporating the most minute design elements into every Lugano piece results in truly exceptional creations. This is what makes jewelry from Lugano Diamonds unique and unparalleled.

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