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LX Antwerp

LX Antwerp (Est. 2014) is the jewelry brand owned and operated by Belgian jewelry designer, Laurence Bruyninck (pronounced, ‘BROO-nicks’), who spent her childhood living and traveling throughout Africa, Europe, India, and the United States. As she grew older she recognized her love of art and design. She chose to follow her passion and make it a career while she studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Upon graduation she began working in fashion but the lure of gems was too strong to resist.

When Laurence’s first collections appeared in February 2014, National Jeweler wrote. “The idea behind Laurence Bruyninckx’s bridal jewelry is to keep customers coming back for years to come. The Antwerp-based newcomer is the creator of LX, a line of bridal jewelry divided into four collections: Embrace, Enthrall, Entwine and Enrapture.

“…inspired by the joining of two people, the rings evolve as a couple’s relationship grows over time. Customers can start with a simple solitaire and build upon it, adding diamond-set ring guards and pavé eternity bands to mark life’s milestones, such as the birth of children or significant anniversaries.”

Her concept to create an interchangeable system of interlocking, stacking and embracing rings that complement each other seamlessly is one of its most attractive attributes. To commemorate any important event, an additional ring can be added, with the new ring uniting in an embrace that maintains and enriches the style of the first. A third and even a fourth can become part of a design that retains a harmonious yet unique style.

Adding to their significance, most rings are embellished with the highest quality diamonds and select colored stones, all ethically sourced, and mounted in bands of yellow, white, rose 18K gold, or platinum.

All the rings designed by Bruyninck are available in platinum as well as 18-karat rose, white or yellow gold.

The diamonds are, at minimum, F or G color, VS2 clarity, and the collection is distributed by Chicago-based IGC Brand Services, a division of Belgian diamond company IGC Group, a De Beers company. IGC Brand Services donates a portion of all sales to Washington-based Global Giving, an organization that funds high-impact social and environmental programs in the developing world.

Since the initial launch Laurence has added the Enguard collection which is similar to the Enthrall collection in that it has a variety of guard rings which combine to create stunning looks which come under the center stone ring.

Also “new” is the Eternity collection designed so that as love and family grow, owners have the option to add more bands to each of Laurence’s designs and turn every jewel into their a personal history. Buyers can create one-of-a-kind beauty by adding diamonds, different colored metals, and colored gemstones. LX Antwerp offers customization for every buyer.

Simultaneously launched with the jewelry was an online application that enables customers to create their own unique combinations. With the numerous styles of bands, diamonds, settings and gemstones – including emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tourmalines — buyers have a range of possibilities. Every style bears the name of a mythical goddess.

Priced from $1000 to $50,000, the collections offer the ultimate in personalized luxury, style and creative expression.

“My goal for The LX Collection is to enable women to express their life’s milestones – engagement, marriage, childbirth, birthdays and other significant achievements – in a personalized manner. With countless combination possibilities, each ring becomes a unique piece, all while serving as a symbol of love and connectivity.” Laurence Bruyninck

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