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Phillip Gavriel

Phillip Gavriel (Est. 2005) When, in 2015, Phillip Gabriel Maroof was interviewed by The Epoch Times, he said that his aesthetic is very different from many other jewelry designers and that it can be seen in the varied and rich collections he produces.

“Many designers out there have a very specific look and a very specific aesthetic, and you either don’t like it or you like it,” he said. “I find that a little bit boring, because as a person my tastes change from day to day.”

Phillip come from a family of jewelers that goes back two generations, Phillip showed a strong affinity for jewelry at a young age. He remembers picking up ruby and diamond rings in his father’s home office as a boy.

His father, Paul Maroof, is CEO of the Phillip Gavriel parent company, Royal Chain Group. From a young age Phillip developed his tastes as he traveled the world with his family and soaked up the beauty and appeal of highly skilled Italian gold artisans. One of his earliest memories is watching his father at a desk in their home counting and organizing pieces of jewelry.

Phillip’s travels allowed him to see the world’s beauty first-hand. When he was a university student, he moved to Florence where he studied the art and history of the Renaissance. In the nearby towns of Arezzo, and Vicenza he worked with Italian artisans to learn the trade.

Today, each collection he creates tells a story. Each piece reminds him of a place he has been. Many pieces in his collections are still made in Italy where Phillip strives to keep the fine art of the jewelry craft alive for the next generation.

After attending business school, Phillip developed a distaste for mass produced goods and decided to dedicate himself to crafting beautiful handmade jewelry. He designs his jewelry using only the finest materials. Created in precious metals, gold, sterling silver, 18 –carat gold, precious and natural gemstones, all Phillip Gavriel jewelry is rich in value as well as heritage.

Introduced in 2005, the Philip Gavriel lines rapidly became a highly desired name in jewelry stores across the country. Its unique designs, high quality, and exceptional pricing made it desirable to consumer conscious designer retailers.

The collections include the Byzantine, the Designer Collection, the Dragonfly Collection, the Fleur De Lis, the Heritage Collection, the Italian Cable Collection, the Organic Stone Collection, the Men’s Collection, and Pendant Chains, Popcorn, Rock Candy, and Woven Collections.

Notable creations from the collections include Sterling Silver Flexible Cuff Organic Stone Bracelets. These bracelets – part of Phillip Gavriel’s Organic Stone collection – embrace the natural, complex beauty of gemstones. The variety of metals and jewels make them fun to mix and match.

Designs include rutilated quartz in black rhodium plated sterling silver, black onyx in gold plated sterling silver, rock crystal in black rhodium plated sterling silver, lapis lazuli in gold plated sterling silver, aqua chalcedony in rose gold plated sterling silver, and green onyx in yellow gold plated sterling silver.

Phillip Gavriel’s 18k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver 5-Row Byzantine Rings come from the Byzantine Collection inspired by the Byzantine Empire and its capital Constantinople (now Istanbul.) This collection is comprised of intricate, detail-laden pieces. Rings have ruby, yellow sapphire, white sapphire, blue sapphire and pink amethyst in five rows of gemstones encased in a sterling silver filigree.

Another extraordinary group of Women’s rings are the 18k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Filigree Bypass Dragonfly Rings. After a trip to Bali, Phillip became fascinated with dragonflies and inspired his Dragonfly collection. The intricate filigree that dominates much of the collection is made by hand. These exquisite rings are available with blue topaz, citrine, peridot, and amethyst.

Phillip Gavriel also offers a men’s collection that features sterling silver and other more unconventional materials like leather and wood. A silver, wood, and sapphire signet ring features oxidized sterling silver and wood as well as black spinel. Many pieces outside of Phillip Gavriel’s men’s collection are unisex so there is much to choose from.

History lovers can look to Gavriel’s Venice collection which features cameos made in Murano glass from molds excavated at the ruins of Pompeii. Similar pieces to the necklaces and rings can be found in museums around the world but in different colors.

A September 2015 article in The Epoch Times described solid gold and silver cuff bracelets, extravagant gold and silver belts, and an intricate gold eyepiece from a then new Phillip Gavriel collection. The cuffs, belts, and eyepiece were from the Mantis collection, a capsule collection in the designer’s Privé line. Privé also featured striking gold hair pieces, as well as more subtle statement bracelets, rings, and necklaces that draw their inspiration from the bolder pieces.

Phillip Gavriel’s second capsule collection within Privé is Persian-inspired. Called Isfahan, it draws on the intricate art and architecture of Iran’s third largest city. This capsule collection is perhaps Gavriel’s most extravagant. It showcases the filigree gold weaving technique native to the Mediterranean and Middle East, where threads of gold are scrolled and styled into intricate designs.

The subtler pieces in the collection draw their artistic inspiration from two centerpieces: a gold filigree corset and a gold headdress. The headdress is similar in shape and length to the traditional burqa worn by Islamic women and can make an impressive adornment to it. The corset is intricate filigree gold metalwork woven together into something resembling a bustier entirely of gold.

In the article, Phillip said, “The…Privé collection is where I really want people to see the extreme creativity that I have. I would like that people see it in a different light, realizing that it’s not for everybody and it’s not for the faint of heart, but in that sense, I would like people to also see how creative me and my team can be at putting things together.”

In June 2017, Instore Magazine published a Phillip Gavriel press release that highlighted the brand’s most recent press notices. The luxury digital publication Beverly Hills Magazine featured several of the company’s new pieces from the Men’s Collection, including a brown leather, braided bracelet with sterling silver accents and a 14K yellow gold woven bracelet.

In May 2017, the designer was highlighted in six online and print placements covering New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania including the Asbury Park Press, The Record and Herald News, and The Journal News. The article, “Jewelry and Perfume She Will Love for Mother’s Day,” showcased multiple pendant necklaces from the Popcorn Collection.

The brand also made appearances in both the April and May issues of Harper’s Bazaar. A yellow gold Omega bracelet from the Heritage Collection was included in “The Extras” section of the publication in April. In May, the magazine chose a gold necklace from the same collection for its “Fabulous at Every Age” feature.

The Heritage Collection is pure 14K gold jewelry inspired by its parent company Royal Chain Group and its earliest collections dating back to the late seventies. Pieces are all made in Italy and are modern interpretations of classic pieces from that period.

Celebrities who have gravitated to Gavriel creations include Christina Aguilera who wore pieces from the Rock Candy Collection on “The Voice,” notably a golden rutilant quartz ring with citrines cut in an asymmetrical way. Actress Regina King, model Jessica White, and singer Jennifer Hudson, have also worn Phillip Gavriel pieces.

Before introducing the Privé Line, Phillip Gavriel bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings traditionally retailed for an average of $500 to $600. Privé price points now average around $1500 with some of the larger pieces likely to exceed the $20,000 mark.

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